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A Fiesta of Flavours – New Tex-Mex Menu at The Mesmerist

The Mesmerist is a weekend staple for any and all, but did you know they also do exceptional Tex-Mex? Exciting, right! A few weeks ago my little family and I were invited to try The Mesmerists banging new Tex-Mex menu and this California girl was thrilled. 

exterior shot of the Mesmerist building

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of The Mesmerist Bar in central Brighton. Known for their epic dance nights, killer live music, and unique roof terrace, it’s one of those cant-be-missed venues for weekend frivolity but it is also a surprising haven for foodie families. Don’t cock your eyebrow at me, this Mum knows a thing or two about feeding the tiny beasts and The Mesmerist nailed it. 

Feeding Tiny Beasties

First of all, as a mum of two pretty feral boys, I really appreciate that the music was just loud enough for my kids to be themselves without bothering the other diners. There is nothing worse than having to shoosh your kids every two minutes because ‘Doris’ at the next table is tutting. 

Brittany with her two kids

Second, my kids were able to spontaneously break out into dance moves whenever the music moved them. The boys were up and grooving, showing us their ‘cool dude moves’ and it was positively encouraged! See, I told you I know what I’m on about. 

Third, the kids menu is accessible to even the fussiest eaters with fab staples like fish fingers, cheese quesadillas, vegan burgers, or mini nachos. These also come with dessert for only £8 – a total bargain in the beating heart of the Brighton Lanes! 

But enough about d’em kids, let’s talk grownup goodies!

Oooo-weee do The Mesmerist mixologists know a thing or two about kicking cocktails! I have ‘recently’ rekindled my love affair with tequila, and have decided to take on the task of being Brighton’s unofficial margarita tester and boy does The Mesmerist’s Coconut Margarita hit the spot! I was a bit wary that it might be too sweet, so our friendly bartender turned up the lime for me and totally nailed it. Zesty, fresh, and bright, I could happily drink a dozen of these on a sunlounger in Mexico…another round please kind Sir!

The Mesmerist cocktail - The Mesmerist Coconut Margarita

Cheater Cheater Quesadilla Eater

While we awaited our mains we dealt out the cards and played a few heated games of Trash. You gotta watch the little one, he looks angelic, but he cheats like a fiend! Luckily, before anyone whipped out their fisty cuffs, the kid’s food arrived and they tucked in straight away. 

Aven (7) ordered the crisp and crunchy Fish Fingers and Chips, and little-Liam-the-cheat (5) snarfed down the ooey-gooey cheesy kids quesadilla. The best sound in the world to a parent is the silence that full mouths provide, and you could’ve heard a pin drop (if it weren’t for the banging tunes!). Happy kids, Happy Mum!

Brittanys husband and two kids enjoying tex Mex menu at The Mesmerist

As the kids tucked in, Rich and I shared a veritable feast of Tex-Mex magic! We ordered the immense Buffalo Chicken Burger which was roughly the size of Rich’s head. Exceptionally crunchy and juicy fried chicken thighs, piled high in a golden bun covered in a tangy, spicy buffalo sauce, delish. 

buffalo burger with chips, a dish of the tex menu at The Mesmerist

Next time we’ll order two!

Technically we were meant to share the Quesabirria Tacos, but Rich barely got a look in. No word of a lie Birria is the flavour I have been missing the most living in the UK. This traditional Mexican dish is one of my favourites and The Mesmerist did an absolutely cracking job.

For those that don’t know, Quesabirria are dipped tortillas filled with a ridiculously generous amount of tender slow cooked braised beef deliciousness. The Tacos are more like Quesadillas and are served alongside Birria dipping sauce which gets a solid 11/10 for dunkability. I sank absolutely everything in it, nachos, burgers, chips, literally anything would be good dunked in Birria sauce, and I enjoyed every chin-drippy mouthful. Soz Rich, next time mate!

Hands off! That’s Nacho cheese! Hee hee…

Who doesn’t love a bowl of sexy Nachos? Seriously, what’s not to love? Crispy golden tortilla chips smothered in mozzarella and monterey jack, fresh pico de gallo (tomato+onion+coriander+lime), a dollop of salsa, pickled jalapenos, and sour cream to cool – yum! The Mesmerist chef understands the magic of cheese layering!

Chips, then cheese, then chips, then cheese, then melt, then topping = bangerang! Toss some juicy slow cooked pulled pork on top, and you’ve got yourself some seriously sexy nachos ‘Arrrrrrrrriba!’. Top Tip: Order a side of The Mesmerist’s light-as-air, ultra-crunchy Chicherones and sprinkle them on top for added oomph, you’re welcome. 

But that’s not all…

After our mains we took a little break before dessert and headed over to the Mesmerist’s famous photobooth. Loads of places have them, but I have been using this particular photo booth since well before I had babies, and it holds extra nostalgia for hubs and I. The kids loved all the prompts and we could have easily spent an hour (and a small fortune) taking a zillion pics, such great memory maker and would recommend it to anyone on a day out with kiddos.

We headed back to our booth to have another Coconut Margarita, as the kids tucked into their desserts. An ooey-gooey chocolate brownie and a perfect pile of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Sharing is mandatory in the Hart house, so we split it up and dug in, a perfect finish to a fab family lunch.

chocolate brownie at The Mesmerist served in white plate

The Mesmerist Tex-Mex lunch was just the thing we needed before heading to crazy golf and everyone absolutely loved it. Thank you to the team at The Mesmerist for looking after us so well, it was a real treat and we’ll be back soon for more Birria!

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