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BeFries is now permanently closed

We are sorry to hear that this much-loved local venue has had to close and hope it will come again soon in a new incarnation. You can check their website for a message from the team and to keep up with developments.

For more immediate needs we have included some ideas for alternative places to eat nearby:

Double cooked and saucy Belgian Fries

We Brits think we know chips, but it turns out we were wrong all along. Befries Brighton have shown us the light, and that light is crisp, fluffy and covered in sauce.

BeFries Brighton with red wall backdrop

BeFries Brighton – Inspired by the Dutch and the Belgian

Taking inspiration from the Belgian and Dutch chips shops they loved in their youth, this family business has taken the humble potato and elevated it into a cone full of joy. The Belgian method of double cooking, using a special hand built fryer, ensures that every chip is superb.

BeFries Brighton dips and sauces

BeFries Brighton – Brighton Restaurant Award Winner

Add to this a choice of around twenty sauces, many of which are made on site or imported from the continent, and you have got the best takeaway chips in the land. Winner of the Bravo Awards best budget eat 2017 these guys will fill you with delight without making your wallet light.

Tossing Fries - BeFries Brighton

Chips, chips, chips and sauce

Hand chipping the best potatoes available and double frying them to create the best chips you’ve ever eaten. These would be fantastic on their own but when combined with one of their sauces you have got a match made in heaven.

Chips and dips at BeFries Brighton

Sauces include smoked chilli ketchups, copious mayonnaise variations, truffle infused greatness and magnificent mustards. Look out for special one off collaborations and special new sauce varieties. Being a true food for all the people of Brighton they offer special children’s options and vegan friendly sauces.

BeFries Brighton window Sticker

The friendliest chippy in town – BeFries

Befries not only bring you some fabulous fare but they do so with a smile on their face and the friendliest service in town. The team are always happy to discuss chips, sauces and anything else in between whilst you enjoy your chips at the counter or seated at the back of the restaurant. Keep the kids happy with the low level chalkboard which they are welcome to scribble on to their hearts content.

BeFries Brighton restaurant & cafe, chips


  1. malcolm

    BeFries has become a regular place to take a break with the kids while in town for a quick bite to eat. The chips are so good here along with the large selection of sauces. The staff are so friendly and helpful and can’t do enough for us. Each time we go there it’s looks busier and busier so I think the word is out there that the chips are amazing.

  2. Emily Street

    I tried these last year have literally dreamt about them since. I can live without chips but not these ones. The staff are awesome and are brill with the kids. We have organised our next trip to Brighton and our 1st stop will be BeFries

  3. Bob Chambers

    Wow learnt a lot , only found out about these guys thanks to Brighton walking food tour. Will certainly revisit when local.

  4. Caroline

    Love this place! The owners are so friendly and passionate about their sauces and always offer up some interesting and tasty combos. The satay and chilli ketchup are my favourites!

  5. Tom

    5* star chips and dips. The best chips this side of the English channel and such an amazing variety of dips you have to try them all. Love this place and they are such a friendly bunch you cannot help but to enjoy every visit.

  6. Angela Simmonds

    Belgian fries or upmarket chips, whatever you want to call it. Love the guys in hear. Service with a smile every time and incredible dips.

    Well done BeFries, loving your work.

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