Words from the winners

The BRAVOs are a wonderful way to celebrate and support local businesses in Brighton. You gave them all a big BRAVO and this is what they had to say about it:

All the team at The Little Fish Market are thrilled to have won the BRAVO for Brighton’s Best Restaurant. We’re so grateful to our loyal customers for taking the time to vote for us. So, thank you to you all.

Duncan Ray – The Little Fish Market.

Starfish and Coffee has won three BRAVOs in a row, and we really love being voted as the best by our brilliant customers, so this keeps us on our toes to make sure we’re still right up there each year.

We were less than a year old when we won our first BRAVO for Best Brunch in 2018, and it really put us on the local foodie map. The weekend after winning the award we were completely rushed off our feet, and months later we were still finding that people were visiting us because they’d seen we won the award.

Knowing that the BRAVOs can elevate a new business so quickly has given us the confidence to open our new venture ‘Slicadelica Pizza Co’ on Duke Street.

Tony Marks – Starfish and Coffee

The BRAVOs are a highlight of the hospitality year in Brighton. There’s always lots of buzz in the six weeks of voting and the results are eagerly awaited.

We were so honoured to have won Best Roast and place in the top 20 for a few other categories. We had a huge response from winning the award, making the news in multiple countries.

Our booking increased and added even more credibility to our business as we were only a couple of years open. Also beating the many great roast sites really means anyone can win it if they try hard enough.


Max Aben, The Roundhill Pub

The BRAVOs are Brighton and Hove’s biggest independent awards voted for by the people who really matter – the general public.

It’s a real showcase of amazing restaurants, cafes, bars, and eateries of all shapes and sizes and a true love letter to the Brighton food scene. Any venue can be featured, and anyone can vote – it’s a chance to give some love to the venues you care about… and if that happens to be us at Purezza, then we’d love your vote for 2022!

Rob Trounce – Purezza

We were thrilled to win Eat Well for Less. We are unique in offering food on a pay-as-you-feel basis, and so it’s important to us that we’re accessible to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Winning certainly improved our profile in the city. We find many more people have heard about us because of the BRAVO win, and that was a massive benefit during our recent fundraising efforts

It’s so important to engage with your community, so the BRAVO voting gave us an excuse to keep banging away at our messagIng around fighting food waste.

The folk at the BRAVOs are great at publicising all the winners and, to be frank, it’s a valuable marketing resource for which we’re thankful. I think it also fosters camaraderie with other local businesses which certainly benefited us in our recent fundraiser.

Paul Loman – The Real Junkfood Project.

MOSHIMO is a restaurant that has been founded on ethical and sustainable food. Our goal, policy, and brand is about providing Clear Conscience Eating, and has been for close to 2 decades. We eliminated single-use plastic bottles from the restaurant before David Attenborough brought the issue of plastics to light. We’ve been offering plant-based menus before the word ‘vegan’ ever crossed Beyoncé’s lips. We proudly work directly with local and national government to eliminate food waste, and continue to lobby on a global level to end overfishing through our groundbreaking Fishlove campaign (www.fishlove.co.uk). We work directly with our community of local suppliers to create better and more sustainable supply systems.

We’re overjoyed to have won the BRAVO Sustainable Eats 2019 and 2020 award for all of this. We do what we do because it’s the right thing, but we are incredibly grateful to the Brighton and Hove community for supporting us, and really this is a big ‘thank you’ to them for choosing to eat in a way that better serves this planet.

Nicky Rohl, MOSHIMO

Both our team and our returning guests were very excited about the award, it’s incredibly motivating to be recognised in the BRAVOs and has doubtlessly encouraged new guests to visit to try the best afternoon tea in Brighton!

Winning a BRAVO is a great feeling. It’s been a lovely achievement for my team who create the outstanding components of our very grand tea, and knowing that it’s all voted for publicly makes it an even more valuable accolade for us.

To win this award, we did what we do best, focusing on delivering an exceptional experience for every one of our guests. It’s not just all about the components of the tea here; it’s our whole team and the atmosphere of the Victoria Lounge that makes it such an occasion.

I think having these awards motivates and inspires businesses, and creates a bit of healthy competition amongst the chefs! It’s fun and interactive getting involved, and we enjoy working alongside Restaurants Brighton to help promote the culinary highlights of our city.

Alan White – Executive Chef, The Grand.

Winning the Best Restaurant BRAVO was a very proud moment for the team. Not only to win but to be publicly voted for makes it so much more special. We are in debt to the local support we have received since opening in 2017.

During the competition we campaigned using social media but most importantly verbally to our guests when they dined with us.

Being a small local business has its challenges; by raising awareness of independent restaurants the BRAVOs really help bring in guests who want to support local enterprises. Winning a BRAVO has helped us to establish ourselves in the Brighton & Hove Food Scene. I also believe it has helped get new guests to try our restaurant.

Steven Edwards – etch.

Winning the award for Best Pub was a great feeling, and we were grateful to all of our lovely and loyal customers who voted for the Robin Hood. We knew we had a good customer base, but we didn’t expect them to be so kind and to take the time to vote for us.

We were very proud to win the award, so we decided what was best was to tell as many people as possible, including writing it on the side of our pub on a large blackboard. This caught many people’s eyes who then either congratulated us or decided to check out the best pub in Brighton and Hove.

It’s great to be listed next to such prestigious, reputable and delicious businesses in the Bravo awards. Here’s to Bravo 2020.

Chris Dodd – Landlord, The Robin Hood.

We definitely noticed uplift in the shops after we won, because the BRAVO’s were voted for locally and were very well received. Our staff were super happy to be recognised by the customers they serve every day, so it had a really great impact on the team.

Alan Tomlins, Small Batch Coffee