They say you eat first with your eyes, maybe that’s why everyone seems to want to Instagram their food.

New to 2018, the Best Brighton Instagram category showcases venues whose creativity with a camera got you #hungry.

BRAVO to your favourite Brighton instagrams.

1st place
Fun filled, vegan and vibrant, words that are equally true for Happy Maki's burrito sized sushi as they are for their instagram account. You loved the bright colours and festival vibe from this fantastically ethical and delicious vegan sushi bar
2nd place
If you're wondering how photogenic chips can be then you've clearly not seen the Instagram account for Belgian Fries and sauce dons, BeFries. Be warned, you will want chips.
3rd place
For excellence in making a bakery look like a lifestyle magazine you brought Flour Pot Bakery into 3rd place. Clean white decor with warm coffee and caramel browns make for some very tasty viewing.