Commencing 1st February


A Guide to the 18 BRAVO Categories this year

Welcome to BRAVO 2024 and we are delighted to announce our 18 food and drink categories for 2024. Please have a read through each category, what the category entails and get ready for voting this Thursday 1st February.

Please note the following stipulations for venues:

  • Sussex venues can only be entered into these 5 categories: Sussex Restaurant, Sussex Pub, Most Sustainable, Best Team and Best Sunday Roast.
  • Any venue can only be nominated in a maximum of 5 categories but we recommend that you focus on perhaps 3.
  • Brighton venues can be any of 16 categories but not in the Sussex pub or Sussex Restaurant categories.
  • Please have a look through our BRAVO FAQ guide to answer any other questions you may have. 
Please do email us at if you can’t find what you are looking for.

These are the BRAVO categories for 2024. 

BRAVO Best Restaurant Award - Chef's head

BRAVO 2024

Best Brighton Restaurant

Selecting Brighton’s Best Restaurant for 2024 is an exciting task, as Brighton’s restaurants are rich with diversity, innovation, and creativity. This coveted prize not only celebrates culinary excellence but also captures the essence of the vibrant local community, highlighting dedication to exceptional hospitality, sustainability, and innovative approaches. As you cast your vote for the best restaurant in Brighton and Hove, consider the venue that consistently delivers exceptional dining experiences, embodies the spirit of the city, and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Whether it’s for its outstanding cuisine, impeccable service, inviting atmosphere, or commitment to sustainability. Choose the restaurant that truly represents the epitome of dining excellence in Brighton and Hove.

BRAVO Best Brighton Restaurant is sponsored by Uber Eats.

BRAVO Best Restaurant Award - Chef's head

BRAVO 2024

Best Sussex Restaurant

The Best Sussex Restaurant category marks a long awaited addition, spotlighting the culinary richness of Sussex, from East to West, encompassing the diverse hospitality landscapes from the South Downs to the Seven Sisters and beyond.

Selecting the best restaurant in Sussex for 2024 is a new endeavour for the BRAVOs, celebrating the region’s culinary diversity, innovation, and creativity. This prestigious accolade not only investigates culinary excellence but also reflects the essence of vibrant local communities, showcasing dedication to exceptional hospitality, sustainability, and innovative approaches. As you cast your vote, consider the venue that consistently delivers exceptional dining experiences, embodies the spirit of the Sussex landscape, and leaves a lasting impression on guests, defining the epitome of dining excellence in Sussex.

Best Sussex Restaurant is sponsored by the Menu Partners.

BRAVO 2024

Best Brunch

Brunch in Brighton and Hove is a brunch lover’s paradise encompassing breakfast, lunch, or a fusion of both, reflecting the huge selection of brunches on offer with inspiration and zest.

Ranging from classic English dishes to wholesome whole food offerings or indulgent bottomless brunch menus, Brighton’s commitment to this leisurely meal means it is here to stay. The Best Brunch category in the BRAVOs is fiercely contested year on year, highlighting the city’s passion for this culinary tradition. Who will you vote for for best brunch in Brighton and Hove in 2024?

Best Brunch is sponsored by Tip Jar.

BRAVO 2019 - Plant Champions - vegetables

BRAVO 2024

Best Vegan Food

As plant-based dining gains momentum, chefs in Brighton and Hove are redefining cuisine to cater to the modern palate, ensuring that veggie diners enjoy exceptional, innovative food. Brighton’s reputation as the vegan capital of the UK promises hot contenders in this growing category. Whether the venue is solely dedicated to vegan fare or offers exceptional vegan options, the choice is yours to decide your favourite. All we ask is that you vote for your favourite vegan foods in all of Brighton and Hove, celebrating the diverse and delicious plant-based offerings that make Brighton a haven for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Best Vegan Food is sponsored by The Sussex Shortlist.

BRAVO 2024

Best Cocktail

In the realm of great cocktails, the criteria encompass more than just the drink itself—it’s about the unique ambience, flair, flavour, innovation, style, and even the fabulous playlists and talented mixologists that contribute to the overall experience. As you consider which venue will receive your vote for the best cocktails in 2024, explore the eclectic mix of bars and lounges across Brighton and Hove, each offering its own distinct blend of creativity and craftsmanship. 

Best Cocktail is sponsored by Goldstone Rum.

BRAVO 2024

Best Brighton Pub

The BRAVO Best pubs in Brighton are scattered across the city and you’re likely to find yourself within strolling distance of at least one of them at any given time. These brilliant Brighton and Hove pubs each offer their own unique charm, atmosphere, and selection of libations. As you explore the vibrant pub scene in Brighton, take the time to carefully consider each establishment, as they all contribute to the diverse tapestry of drinking spots that make this city so beloved by locals and visitors alike. Cheers to voting for your favorite pub in Brighton and Hove!

Best Brighton Pub is sponsored by The Cheese Hut.

BRAVO 2024

Best For The Family

In Brighton and Hove, finding a venue that caters to the whole family, from Grandpa Bill to the little ones in high chairs, is essential. This category focuses on the family experience, seeking venues that provide the ideal backdrop for memorable family dining. Whether it’s a welcoming atmosphere, a diverse menu suitable for all ages, or accommodating staff, the best family dining venue embodies warmth, inclusivity, and enjoyment for all generations. Take your time exploring the options and select the venue that resonates most with your family’s preferences and needs for an unforgettable dining experience together.Best For The Family is sponsored by Brighton Fringe.

BRAVO 2024

Best Team

In the quest for the best team, a venue must seamlessly integrate all its working parts to deliver exceptional results and an unforgettable experience. From the front of house to the back of house, it’s the synergy and dedication of every team member that sets the venue apart. The winning team consistently goes the extra mile, demonstrating unparalleled teamwork, professionalism, and commitment to service excellence. Their attention to detail, genuine hospitality, and passion for their craft elevate the overall dining experience, leaving patrons with lasting impressions. When considering which team stands out above the rest, look for consistency, togetherness, and a shared commitment to exceeding expectations at every turn.

Best Team is sponsored by Table Talk Foundation.

BRAVO 2024

Brighton’s vibrant cafe scene, deeply rooted in European-style cafe culture, embodies the city’s ‘hipster’ charm and allure. Renowned for its plethora of independent coffee shops, Brighton boasts a deep appreciation for quality coffee and inviting cafe atmospheres. As patrons, we relish the opportunity to indulge in delicious cakes, beautiful brunches, tasty lunches, and, of course, seriously good coffee. When selecting the best cafe in Brighton and Hove for 2024, consider the venue that consistently delivers on all fronts: impeccable coffee, delectable treats, inviting ambiance, and a friendly team dedicated to creating memorable experiences for every guest.

Best Brighton Cafe is sponsored by Woodfire Camping.

Best Coffee - BRAVO Awards Icon

BRAVO 2024

As the BRAVO best coffee category makes its much-anticipated return, the competition is expected to be fierce in Brighton’s vibrant coffee scene. With numerous standout cafes vying for the top spot, the criteria for the best coffee extend beyond just taste and flavour—it encompasses the overall atmosphere, quality of beans, vibes, and stellar service. When casting your vote in 2024, consider the cafe that consistently delivers on every cup of coffee, ensuring an exceptional experience from the first sip to the last. Look for a venue that embodies passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of coffee culture.

Best Coffee is sponsored by Hospitality Industry Discounts.

BRAVO 2024

The Sunday roast holds a special place as a cherished weekend institution across Brighton, Hove, and Sussex. Divided into neighborhood traditions, it sparks lively discussions and insights within popular Facebook groups. Yet, the ultimate question remains: Who delivers the best Sunday roast experience? It’s about more than just a perfectly cooked and consistent showstopper with all the trimmings—yorkshire puddings, gravy, and a variety of vegetables. It’s also about value for money, attentive service, and the overall dining experience. When casting your vote for the best Sunday roast in 2024, consider the venue that consistently exceeds expectations, creating memorable moments and leaving diners craving for more.

Best Sunday Roast is sponsored by Preston Insurance Brokers.

BRAVO 2024

In today’s wine culture, understanding the origin, production, and personal stories behind each bottle enriches the overall experience. Brighton and Hove’s wine venues are at the forefront of championing English Wine, with Sussex being a prominent producer. When selecting the best wine list in 2024, consider the venue that offers not only a standout selection of wines but also impeccable service and a variety that complements the food menu seamlessly. Look for a wine list curated with care, featuring diverse options to suit every palate and occasion, and where each bottle tells a story, creating a memorable and enriching wine experience for patrons.

Best Wine List is sponsored by Gusbourne Wine.

BRAVO 2024

Best International Cuisine

When pondering where to eat out, Brighton and Hove present an international selection of cuisines unrivalled by most cities. Your favourite international cuisine venue might whisk you away to foreign shores, evoke memories of your favourite holiday, or simply tick all the boxes for you every time when dining out. We’re not just searching for the best of British fare; instead, we’re casting our net internationally to discover your favourite international restaurant in Brighton and Hove. Whether it’s Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, or any other global cuisine, Brighton and Hove offer a diverse culinary landscape that promises to satisfy every craving and transport you to culinary destinations around the world.

Best International Cuisine is sponsored by Restaurants Brighton Jobs.

BRAVO 2024

Most Sustainable

In selecting the most sustainable venue in Brighton, Hove, and Sussex, it’s crucial to consider establishments that prioritise the planet’s well-being above profit and demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. These venues go beyond lip service, actively addressing issues such as sustainable farming, reducing their carbon footprint, shortening supply chains, minimising food wastage, adopting eco-friendly packaging, conserving water and energy, implementing recycling programmes, and more. By embodying these principles, they set a standard for environmentally conscious dining and inspire others to follow suit. When casting your vote, consider the venue that exemplifies true sustainability practices and leads by example in creating a greener future for our planet.

Most Sustainable is sponsored by Designs Woodcraft.

BRAVO 2024

The “Eat Well for Less” category winners in Brighton will spotlight affordable dining experiences across the city, emphasising good value, quality, and attentive service. These venues offer carefully packaged menus, tasty treats, and possibly promotions that make dining out a budget-friendly option without compromising on taste or experience. In today’s economic climate, these value-focused options provide a welcome list of choices for individuals and families looking to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a casual meal with friends or a special occasion, these venues ensure that delicious dining experiences are accessible to all.

Eat Well For Less is sponsored by Restaurants Brighton Weekly Special Offers.

Best Brighton Takeaway icon sponsored by Uber Eats

BRAVO 2024

From healthy options to indulgent treats, delivered to your doorstep or picked up on the go, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s your regular sandwich shop, go-to sushi spot, favourite Indian cuisine, pizza joint, burger bar, or Thai restaurant, every takeaway experience offers a unique blend of flavours, convenience, and satisfaction. When casting your vote, consider the venue that consistently exceeds your expectations, delivering delicious food with prompt service and a memorable takeaway experience that leaves you craving more. The results of this category are eagerly anticipated, reflecting Brighton’s vibrant takeaway culture and the variety of culinary delights available to residents and visitors alike.

Best Takeaway is sponsored by Uber Eats.

BRAVO 2024

Selecting a winning Sussex pub for 2024 will be a hard one to predict, considering the charm and character found in the region’s village pubs, countryside retreats, and Sunday roast destinations. Whether it’s your cherished local, a weekend getaway spot from Brighton for a sumptuous Sunday roast, or a pub conveniently nestled near your favourite countryside walk, the best Sussex pub embodies a combination of great food, inviting atmosphere, attentive service, and a complete package that keeps you coming back for more. When casting your vote, consider the venue that consistently delivers on all fronts, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment with each visit.

Best Sussex Pub is sponsored by Alliance South East.

Best lunch in Brighton category BRAVO 2024.

BRAVO 2024

Selecting a favourite lunch spot in Brighton and Hove is a seemingly impossible task, considering the variety of delectable menus and inviting atmospheres the city offers. Whether it’s a prix fixe, dish of the day, or your go-to favourite, the best lunch spot holds a special place in your heart for its taste, experience, and value. It might be your weekly routine during lunch breaks or the perfect venue for weekend outings with friends. When considering which places deserve your vote in this new category for 2024, reflect on the venues that consistently deliver exceptional lunches and a place that is worthy of this accolade to be crowned best lunch in Brighton and Hove?

Best Lunch is sponsored by Good Noise.


Running since 2017, the BRAVOs stand for Brighton Restaurant Awards Vote Online. The awards are a democratic award, voted for by the people for the people. In 2023 56,983 votes were recorded, making it the biggest awards with 600 Brighton, Hove and Sussex venues featured. 

Burnt Orange won best restaurant, Moksha caffe won best brunch, Oeuf cafe won best cafe, Nostos won best for the family, Fourth and Church won best wine list. There were 16 2023 BRAVO winners in total in the awards sixth year.

The next BRAVO Awards commence 1st February 2024 when there will be 6 weeks of voting on the BRAVO website. 2024 winners across 18 categories will be announced in April 2024.

2023 best restaurant winners include Burnt Orange who have won the best restaurant category twice. Moksha caffe, The Grand Hotel, Starfish and Coffee, and The Shepherd and Dog have won a BRAVO award more than once. Here are all the winners since 2017 in the BRAVO Hall of Fame.