Cheap Restaurants in Brighton – Best quality food at fantastic prices

Budget bites doesn’t mean a sorry looking three day old sandwich, it means great flavour, quality ingredients and keen price. You’re a discerning lot, this is what you discerned.

BRAVO to you best bites on a budget or cheapest places to eat in Brighton.

Have your say and vote for your favourite in the 2019 Brighton Restaurant Awards.

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1st place

The Japanese delicacy meets Latin fever in an explosion of taste, colour and character. You decided Brighton’s first introduction to Latin American-Japanese fusion sushi was big on everything except price.

2nd place

Long standing answer to the sudden strike of hunger, Pompoko certainly is high turnover, but it’s quick, affordable and always tasty. Don’t go changing, Pompoko, Brighton needs you.

3rd place

Pizza is a budget bite of choice and since the pizza revolution hit us we’re all after an affordable slice of authentic Italy. With restaurants in Brighton and Hove, Fatto a Mano’s success earns it a well deserved 3rd place.