Soft-drinks for grown-ups

Whatever your reason, going alcohol-free doesn’t have to be all about tap water and fruit juices. In fact, many of Brighton’s non-alcoholic options are more tempting than beers and wines.

Here are our favourite places to find some cracking alcohol alternatives in Brighton.

If going sober has you feeling a little lost for ideas on the night out front, we highly recommend Plateau. They came out on top in the BRAVO 2019 ‘Best Cocktails’ category, and their ‘sans alcohol’ options live up to the award-winning standards we have come to expect from bar manager Jon. A night out at Plateau is a food and drink filled night to remember, and with the ‘sans alcohol’ options you’ll go home capable of remembering the lot.

GungHo provides many non-alcoholic alternatives, from homemade seasonal sodas to mocktails using hedonistic ingredients. Try drinks infused with damiana and lion’s mane mushroom which can provide some natural ‘elevated’ effects; so you can still have a good time off the booze!

Famed by The New York Times as one of the top places to visit in Europe, Redroaster is a bottomless brunch weekend destination that everyone should try. If your off the sauce and had your jittery fill of their exceptional hand-roasted coffee than give one of their many botanical and fruit-infused cold drinks a go, you’ll leave supercharged and buzzing!

Long gone are the days where the only low alcohol option in pubs was a Becks Blue. As local breweries gain in celebrity status and more pubs and bars feature small brews in favour of the big multinationals, we’re also seeing a lot of zero and low alcohol beers hit the taps. From wheat beer to IPA’s and craft lagers, many of Brighton’s best pubs serve interesting low ABV beers well worth asking about.

Although well known in Brighton for its vast selection of fine wines, unusual spirits, and local beer selections, Amathus drinks are worth a visit for non-drinkers too. Alongside the well established non-alcoholic gin brand Seedlip, you will find other low ABV spirits such as Three Spirit and Cedar’s Low. Also to take away is a more unique botanical cordial made with Reisling grapes, giving any soft drink an exciting spin.

A lassi is a seemingly unusual pairing with food in the UK that is rarely considered as a rival for a can of craft beer. We here at RB think otherwise, and advise you to try the Mango and pistachio or coconut and cardamon Lassi options at Curry Leaf Cafe. Deliciously creamy but not overwhelmingly sweet, these non-alcoholic options accompany any dish on the menu at Curry Leaf perfectly.

Trips out of town don’t always trip back in time, with many great country pubs thoroughly embracing trends that are the norm in Brighton, such as veganism and too totalling. Set in the idyllic village of Hurstpierpoint with surrounding Sussex Downs the New Inn have a refreshing menu including mocktails, alcohol-free draft beer, sparkling wine alternative and Seedlip Gin, the worlds first non-alcoholic distilled spirit.