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E39 – A Relaxed and Delicious Family Brunch at E Thirty Nine in Hove

Parenthood changes your perspective on lots of things. Going out for food with kids in tow is one of them. It always seems totally doable – we can have a grown up catch up – the kids will be well fed – and crucially we’ll be OUT. Right? Then it all seems like a terrible idea when reality bites. The kids don’t like the food, you feel the hard stares from the other customers groaning as you take your seat next to them and you wish you’d stayed at home and opened a can of beans…

exterior shot of e39

Not so at E39, thank goodness. What a joyous brunch we had with our six and nine year olds! Authentically Italian, this beautifully designed restaurant in Hove did what others so often fail to do when you come out with the family ‘en masse’.

Watching The World Go By

We were met with a warm welcome by our host and invited to sit wherever we fancied. With our menus in hand, we admired the view of the buzzing world beyond the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that front this smart, yet relaxed, Mediterranean restaurant.

family brunch at e39, shot of the Becs and her kids sitting at the table in the restaurant

As the kids cracked open their pens and paper (classic restaurant entertainment), we enjoyed the laid-back vibes and gentle Euro-disco bubbling away in the background, all the while feeling quietly smug at our choice of restaurant.

father and daughter sitting at the table and colouring paper

The kids were immediately tended to with their own menus – pitched perfectly to their taste – a simple offering of pizza or pasta, orange or apple juice, followed by strawberry, chocolate or vanilla gelato. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to remove the drama of too much choice (sauces, spices, the unknown…). The only ‘ask’ we had was whether we could add ham to the pizza. When this was met with an immediate yes, it was music to our ears.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

With the kids’ food ordered, it was time to tend to our own growling stomachs. The brunch menu at E39  has something for everyone, all freshly prepared with love by the Italian team behind this little gem on Western Road. There was no question for my other half who opted straight for the English Breakfast. I however was undecided between the Eggs Royal and the Shakshuka. I opted for the latter and was not disappointed.

shakshuka served with flat bread on the white table

The food came quickly, with the kids’ meals arriving first, another big tick on the family front. The pizzas, whilst priced and pitched for children, were enormous. They were met with wows from across the table and “look at that delicious crust” from our youngest. Obviously, I had to sample them to be sure, and I can attest these wood-fired wonders were delicious.

English breakfast served at e39, family brunch

The pizzas were swiftly followed by our meals. The Full English was presented stacked like a mouth-watering sculpture, whilst the shakshuka was cooked to perfection, topped with perfectly poached eggs, pea shoots and a crispy, herby, homemade flatbread. As the eggs oozed over the gooey mix of tomatoes, peppers and bites of chorizo I was most happy with my choice.

over head shot of the delicious looking pizza at e39

Our brunch was washed down with a glass of refreshing cucumber and lemon water, accompanied by a flat white and espresso. This is very much my mid-morning happy place. With the kids unusually quiet as they worked their way through their pizzas, we could hold an actual conversation, a rare delight.

over head shot of the e39 coffee

How Could We Say No? Tiramisu – A Secret Family Recipe

Of course, we could have just had our brunch and headed off to enjoy the rest of our day. But as the kids were having desert as part of their meal deal, it would have been rude for us not to join them.

family sharing tiramisu

A tiramisu made from a 70-year-old family recipe was a resounding hit with the adults and kids alike. The salted caramel, Valencia orange and chocolate gelato that accompanied the cheesecake was heavenly. Oh, and because the kids had a good go at our desserts it was only fair that we tried theirs. You can’t beat a scoop of gelato topped with a fresh strawberry.

cheesecake with gelato, dessert. family brunch

Safe to say our brunch with the kids at E39 was an absolute winner.

Though, having also spotted the folks who were relaxing on the sunny, alfresco bistro tables, entirely unencumbered by children, I plan to – sneak in there for a mid-week catch up with friends too. Just don’t tell the kids…

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