I’m never drinking again…

…so goes the drinker’s reproach. You’ve woken up with a marching band playing in your head, and a mouth like sandpaper. Somehow you’ve got to get back to a semblance of normality, you need the right food, or drink, but decision making is tough.

Every morning after is as unique as the night before, so here’s something for every type of emergency particularly if you’ve had a busy bank holiday weekend.

It’s a classic for a reason, a big old cup of coffee to kick the sense back into you and give you that boost of energy to get you to the nearest dark, quiet place. Our top picks? Small Batch Coffee, Trading Post Coffee or Flour Pot Bakery make a seriously good hit a guarantee. For more suggestions, check out this page for the top 20 winners of our ‘Cafe Culture’ BRAVO 2019 category.

The emotional investment in food when you’re tired and not feeling your best can be pretty intense and making a bad food call can feel like the end of the world. Enter the Eggs Benedict, the Full English, the Shakshuka. You voted for your favourite brunch in Brighton, and here’s who came out on top.

Hair of the dog, kill or cure – if you’re going in, you may as well go in well. Go for the Spanish fusion at Market Restaurant and Bar, their Bloody Mary with a sherry hit that gives quick reprise to prior transgressions. GungHo bar offers zero waste, alcohol-free ‘mocktails’ infused with damiana and lion’s mane mushroom which can provide some natural ‘elevated’ effects.

Need to eat but find even the largest of venues to be cloying and airless? Fill your lungs with sea air, use the click and collect service from NuPosto to order your authentic Neapolitan pizza and designate the least damaged friend to make the collection from the bottom of Western Road.

For food that is fun and for sharing, Lost Boys Chicken should be where you are headed on a hangover. Serving up award-winning wings and sandwiches, all coated in a secret hot sauce of your choice made by the owner and chef Tom. Play it safe with the original sauce, or ramp things up to ridiculous with the insanely spicy and tear-inducing shadow sauce.

Bringing the big flavours and portions of Californian brunch and Texan barbecue to the rescue, whatever time you roll out of bed. Tuck in to the holy trinity of carbs, meat and cheese with this menu of supersized burgers, hot dogs, loaded potato skins and nachos. Elasticated waist trousers are advisable.

If your poor broken body is crying out for something substantial that is also healthy then a vegan or veggie dish is a surprisingly good call. The cool fresh flavours of Moshimos Japanese dishes actually feels like they’re pouring goodness into your bloodstream, whilst slow release carbs fill you up without a crash. For something nutritious but satisfying beyond belief, check out Smorls down at the Open Market. Their ‘Biggie Smorls’ is to die for; tried and tested!

Taiwanese street food at The Pond is brought to us by Baby Bao and hits that sweet spot of umami flavours with sticky, sweet sauce and fresh vegetables all hugged in a steamed bun. It’s a left field move for a hangover cure – but one we stand by.