Lockdown Lunchtime Survival Guide

For many, the idea of working from home (or WFH, as we freelancers like to call it) has seemed luxurious and possibly even a bit like light tasking. Stick at it for any time though and you’ll soon find that work time and non-work time start to bleed into each other, and sooner or later work time gets the upper hand. Before you know you’ll be looking up from your computer at 8 pm and you’re still in your dressing gown having just sat down before breakfast to check your emails.

The key to a good WFH practice is maintaining a good regime, and lunch is an important part of that, providing an opportunity to recharge and get some time away from the screen. Here are some ideas inspired by some of our favourite Brighton venues.

Step away from the computer and get in the kitchen! We love a Smorl’s at lunch but during the lockdown, the lovely team have closed the cafe to focus on getting their amazing houmous to as many local shops as possible. Luckily we shot this falafel pitta masterclass with Sarah a little while ago, so you can build your own. Keep an eye on Kindling Restaurant’s social media, they’re adding loads of great recipes using seasonal and foraged-for ingredients – like this three-cornered leek pesto tart. Or tune into IGTV for regular easy Indian dishes from everyone’s favourite octogenarian chef, Manju!

Sometimes you gotta get down and dirty with your lunch, which is difficult, or just plain embarrassing when you’re dining with colleagues (all depending on your profession of course). Well, during lockdown you can forget being worried about getting filthy or having to resist the temptation to suck your fingers clean. If you’re looking for a torrid messy lunchtime love affair we recommend Lost Boys Chicken for seriously saucy wings and Social Board for sandwiches that will ruin you for anything else, forever. Both available delivered to your door.

Nostos in Hove have set up an extensive online grocery shop, that also feels a bit like an authentic Greek produce shop, so you needn’t miss out on the opportunity to dine like you’re in the Med. Traditional baked goods like delicious filo leek pie and Greek favourites like dolmades are available together with fresh fruit and vegetables. So lean out of a window for a sea view if you have to and indulge in a little Greek mezze lunch (psst, they also deliver wine!)

BRAVO Best Brunch Winner 2018 and Best Cafe Winner 2019 Starfish and Coffee are delivering to the Hanover area with daily changing tray bakes. So the team that brought you #BrunchLikeABoss can now help you power through the working week and #LunchLikeABoss. Follow Starfish and Coffee on Instagram for the daily meals or join the WhatsApp group for updates by sending a message to 07934 785501 to join the mailing list. Also for Hanover and Kemptown, Woodbox Pizzeria is prepping delicious pasta sauces, and selling quality pasta, with deliveries made daily before midday. Both Starfish and Coffee and Woodbox are also providing meals for NHS key workers supported by their local delivery sales.

It was true of the era of the yuppie and it is true of today; sushi is the lunch that impresses and is destined to promise you that promotion*. If you’ve got a zoom business lunch with your boss flashing on your calendar you need to embrace the “you are what you eat” mentality and order from some of these winners: Moshimo (BRAVO 2019, Sustainable Eats Winner), Kujira (BRAVO 2019, Best International Winner) Tropical Sushi (BRAVO 2018, Eat Well for Less Winner). Business lunch #NailedIt

*eating sushi is no guarantee of career advancement

Leftover takeaway is no longer a guilty pleasure reserved for the morning after – hooray! Brighton has some super authentic Indian restaurants offering takeaway, the Curry Leaf Cafe “Have at Home” option is great for stocking up on chilled, heat at home meals (and chilled drink-at-home craft beers). They have options from meals for one or two, to family meals and subscriptions. Planet India in Richmond place is serving up a coronavirus curry special just £7.50 for curry and rice, Tuesday to Sunday, collection or delivery. For Indian fine dining, Indian Summer is also open for collection and delivery.