No More No Shows

Spread the word, discourage no shows. #NoMoreNoShows

Our much loved independent food and drink venues have been suffering a perfect storm for some time now. Brexit, rising business rates and the COVID pandemic have all had a detrimental impact on the dreams and livelihoods of small venues. These are things that we as individuals can do little about, but the impact of No Shows on small businesses is well within our control.

When you don’t show up and don’t tell the venue:

  • Restaurants will turn down other bookings to accommodate your reservation.
  • They lose money.
  • Businesses close.
  • People lose their jobs and livelihoods.
  • Our city becomes full of empty venues. That close down or get bought out by monster brands.


We know you don’t want to be letting venues down.

Come on Brighton and Hove, we are better than this! #NoMoreNoShows

So spread the word, discourage no shows amongst others. Share this content so you can help others understand the impact of their actions.

Our Independent food and drink scene is worth celebrating, let’s not get to the stage where we’re commemorating it instead.

When you book a table you are making a promise

  1. That table is reserved for you and therefore no one else will have it. Social Distancing means that most restaurants are operating at reduced capacity. They have to ensure all diners are safely spaced and this can mean they have to reduce their covers by over half. If a No Show results in an empty table this could have a huge impact on the restaurants’ daily takings.
  2. The venues’ daily food order is based on the expected consumption of its guests. If they’re expecting a table of six and that six fail to show up, that food could go to waste.
  3. The staff are given their working hours. Staffing and hours are adjusted to make sure there is time to prep and cook your meals and waiting staff to deliver a wonderful dining experience.

So please, let’s have #NoMoreNoShows

The Walrus
Waiter clearing away unused glasses.