Brighton Mods in the North Laine

As Brightonians, we’re very loyal to our city… which is probably why so many stick around so long after uni! We pity our London dwelling friends, and know they are all secretly planning their escape to the south coast. Who could blame them when you’ve got all this on offer?

1. Naked bike ride & sea swim

Who wouldn’t want to live in a city that celebrates nudity combined with eco-friendly transport? The Naked Bike Ride is an annual event held in June, protesting against car culture. The ride culminates in a refreshing sea swim for those brave enough to get even more chilly. Photo credit: Brighton Source

Naked Bike Ride Brighton

2. Best vegan & vegetarian scene

According to website ‘Munchies‘ Brighton has more plant-based eateries per capita than both London and Manchester! Great news for those who’d rather pass on the bacon sandwich and Sunday Roast and go for something a little less meaty. From vegetarian fine dining to takeaway falafel vans, you’ll never be short of a tasty treat.

Terre à Terre, Vegan review, vegetarian restaurant, gluten free restaurants Brighton,

3. Palatial lunching to the sounds of The Mellow Zebra

Open your sandwiches up in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and our bet would be that things wouldn’t end well. Never mind, as just an hour on the train and you could be reclining in the glorious gardens of the Royal Pavilion, to the quirky piano playing of resident musician, The Mellow Zebra. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mellow Zebra at Brighton Pavilion

4. Dine in style on the seafront

Brighton seafront has had somewhat of a makeover over the last few years, with the arrival of the towering BAi30 bringing plenty of tourists hungry for a post ride meal. Yes we know there’s zillions of amazing restaurants in London – but ours are so close to the beach you can almost smell the salt water that housed your freshly caught lobster!

Copper clam, private dining, seafood, restaurant, Brighton, seafront

5. Pub to people ratio

Brighton’s certainly got a large population, but luckily for us, there’s plenty of pubs to go round. In fact, it’s been reported that we are in the top ten highest pub to people ratios in the UK! No more craning to see the football on a Sunday or fighting for a drink at the bar, come to the south coast and have a nice chilled out pint.

Christmas Dinner Brighton, Clink of wine glasses at Hove PLace

6. Christmas Day swim

As Brightonians, we’re proud of our traditions. One of these being the annual Christmas Day dip. Yes it’s probably raining and minus degrees, but who cares – everyone else is getting involved! Photo credit: Lomokev

Christmas Day swim Brighton Beach

7. We walk everywhere

Adios tubes, see ya Oyster cards we’ve got two legs and we’re gonna use them. From the hills of Muesli Mountain (Hanover) to the joyful flat plains of Hove, walking in the city is a joy – just watch out for renegade Uber cyclists. A clever pair of entrepreneurs have merged their love of walking and food and developed the very popular ‘Brighton Food Tours‘ which take small groups around the best eateries in the city. Pop your trainers on and loosen your belt for that one!

Cat and Ange from Brighton Food tours

8. Brighton Pride

We KNOW other cities have Pride. But Brighton Pride really is something special, seeing as we’re the gay capital of Britain and all. What we love about Pride is the fact that everyone from kids to the elderly come out to watch the parade and there’s plenty going on all over the city – from the vajazzled Preston Park shindig to the quirky Pleasure Gardens on the Old Steine. Photo credit: PinkNews

Brighton Pride Parade

9. Cheaper house prices

…Slightly cheaper house prices. But we’re still claiming that title 😉

Brighton House prices

10. Watch films on the beach

Brighton’s Big Screen pops up in the late summer, offering everything from Disney classics to big blockbusters and arthouse films. There’s even been a showing of Jaws which ended with a few brave (crazy?) souls going for a dip in the sea afterwards. Tasty street food vendors have joined in, and the Ibis even sponsor luxury beds that you are able to recline in and view your film in style. Watching a film in bed on the beach? Sounds pretty Brighton to us.

11. Post work paddleboarding

Call us hippies, but is there anything better than clocking off at 5pm and heading to the sea to snatch an hour of paddleboarding? And seeing as most of Brighton seems to be self employed, you’ll spot happy paddlers out from dawn to dusk, gliding past the West Pier with a look of serene bliss and a much better tan than their London pals.

Paddle boarding at sun rise - Brighton

12. People have the coolest pets

From Daphne the Afghan Hound to Louie the Little Pig, there’s no shortage of interesting wildlife on the streets of Brighton and Hove. There’s nothing better than seeing a pig snuffling it’s way around the beach, paddling in the sea and living it’s best Brighton life. Photo Credit: Louie’s Facebook

Louie the little pig