Award Winning Silo

On Friday 4th September, Silo celebrated their first Brighton award at the prestigious Brighton and Hove Business Awards.

Brighton and Hove Business Awards 2015
The winners – The Brighton and Hove Business Awards 2015

What are the BAHBAS and which category were you nominated for?

The BAHBA’s is a yearly event attended by hundreds of Brighton & Hove’s businesses celebrating success in the local area.

Silo, Restaurant, Brighton

Did you think you were in with a chance and what factors were you judged on?

Our award was for ‘The Best New Kids on the Block. This category was open to all independently owned businesses based in Brighton & Hove and under three years old.

The judges were looking for new businesses and organisations which are really creating waves and we Silo, Restaurant, Brightonwere up against many other great businesses across various different industries.

We believe that we were rewarded for making such an impact and so quickly.

The judges recognised that we are trying to lead the way  in demonstrating truly sustainable restaurant practices, heralded by the zero waste ethos at the core of what we do, but that they were also impressed by the quality of the food that we produce.

Writing the application for this category allowed us to reflect upon what Silo has achieved in the last 11 months, and, being such a new business in Brighton, we were so pleased to make the final itself.

In what way has your business made such an impact so quickly, what makes you so different and how will you keep ahead of the game in the future?

Silo is borne out of a desire to progress the food industry through being both ethical and productive. We

Silo, owner, head chef, Doug McMaster
Silo, owner, head chef, Doug McMaster

ultimately want to create change, growing the concept in more places; inspiring, demonstrating and feeding as many people as possible.

We believe that the world is waking up to the reality of sustainable issues with waste leading the way as one of the biggest topics of recent years.

We also believe that consumer trends mean that people are now more interested in how their food reaches their plates, and the carbon footprint associated with it.

By offering a unique dining experience we believe that Silo is exactly what is needed to promote awareness of these issues.

What has the last 6 months been like for you and the team at Silo?

The last 6 months at Silo have been challenging but so rewarding. We’re really lucky to have such a committed & passionate team working with us from our baker to our brewers, from the fermentation experts to our passionate but welcoming front of house team!

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy (none wasted) discovering the right ecologically minded suppliers that meet our zero waste standards. We are really committed to staying true to our cause and proving that a waste-free restaurant is an innovative and sustainable business in all senses.

What should we look out for in future?

Douglas’ vision is to have different Silo ‘satellites’ across Brighton and Hove.

He envisages a Silo urban cheese room that creates all its cheese from milk that would otherwise have been wasted (coffee houses accumulate vast amounts of waste milk), a bean to bar chocolate shop that has cacao pods delivered by a carbon zero transport (Pirate ship), a wine bar that has no wine bottles (all straight from the barrel), a coffee roastery that is powered by bio-fuel created from coffee waste…  and all achieved with zero waste.

Silo, restaurant, bakery, coffee house, Brighton

He believes that a small scale city food system such as this could successfully demonstrate how a cleverly conceived set of businesses could generate a whole food system that supports the surrounding eco-systems while nourishing the masses.

The good news is that lately Brighton is being mentioned more and more in association with sustainability.

It has recently been described as a ‘sustainable foodie hotspot’, and I do think that this is due in part to Silo.

Silo, Brighton wheatgrass and mushrooms
Silo, Brighton wheatgrass and mushrooms

What changes are taking place?

It’s an exciting time at Silo.

We’re close to celebrating our one year anniversary and we have recently been granted an extended evening license to 11pm.

This means that we’ll be opening in the evenings throughout the week, (at the moment we’re open to 11pm on Thursday – Saturdays) and preparations are already underway…

Silo, restaurant, bakery, coffee house, Brighton
Interactive Dining at Silo

Doug’s working on the new evening menu which is a new format to the lunch menu!

We’re collecting black denim to make some cushions and our stools are on their way so that you’ll be able to sit right in the action up at the pass. This is going to be a brand new experience at Silo and we’re so excited to launch the new evening menu.

What other awards have you won since you started?

Out of 850+  nominations we were delighted to make the final earlier on in the year in the Sustainable Restaurant Awards in both ‘The People’s Favourite’ and ‘The Sustainable Innovation’ awards.

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