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Welcome to Lost Boys Land

Local heroes, The Lost Boys

Lost Boys Chicken first started serving its feel-good New York style wings out of The Joker Pub on Preston Circus in 2017. Their quality chicken, lashings of homemade sauce and oh-so-retro curly fries soon began to earn them a cult-like following.

In that first year, Lost Boys Chicken earned itself its first Brighton Restaurant Award (BRAVO) for best pub grub and have gone on to hold a top-three spot every BRAVO since.

In 2018 Lost Boys Chicken joined the Deliveroo Editions kitchens, and subsequently won the 2020 BRAVO for Have at Home (take away or home delivery). Throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 the Lost Boys team kept delivering and keeping Zoom parties well stocked in the sort of comfort food that’s best shared with friends (even if that had to be remote).

In 2018 they were one of the first kitchens to enter Shelter Hall on Brighton seafront with their concept Pan. Lost Boys remains a popular feature at the food and live music venue, reimagining their offering in 2022 as Chick Chick Crew.

The team at Lost Boys Chicken, winner of best pub grub at the 2019 Brighton Restaurant Awards.
Lost Boys Chicken – BRAVOs Winners Best Pub Grub 2019

In 2022 Lost Boys spread their wings opening up two independent chicken shops one in Lewes and the other on the newly regenerated York Place, here in Brighton.

Lost Boys Land – bigger but not grown up

Lost Boys Land gives the Lost Boys crew a chance to create a fully immersive experience. Whereas before they’ve worked in kitchens whose front of house isn’t their own. Now from the moment you cross their threshold you’re in their hands, and they’ve thought of everything.

The Lost Boys, in refusing to grow up, have fixed their aesthetic and restaurant experience firmly in the late 80s and early 90s, peak childhood for them. As the astute will have long-since realised the theme of Lost Boys is more Peter Pan than vampires in Santa Carla, California, but since the latter is an iconic 1987 film, it has an indirect relevance (except you won’t be made to eat maggots).

The Lost Boys Land shop window has been lovingly designed to resemble a gunge ball pit (think Pat Sharp’s Fun House). Inside there’s a vending machine full of 80s and 90s merch and memorabilia from Pogs to Pez dispensers and Disney film toys. Talking about the new shop, owner Tom Samandi said:

I hope our regular and new customers will love and feel the new shop. It’s a place that will continue to evolve as the world around us does too. But it should be their happy place Especially late at night.

The British chicken shop reimagined

Food-wise, the bigger and custom kitchen means Lost Boys Land can still deliver what you’ve come to love but more, more and more of it! It’s not just wings here, they’re making use of the whole bird, including popcorn chicken hearts which are converting sceptics one pop at a time.

The range of sauces has been personified in fun cartoon characters, and yes there’s a Top Trumps theme you can join in with. And you can send your taste buds hurtling into the past with drinks such as Cherry Coke and Orangina.

On the opening of Lost Boys Land, Tom said:

The opening day was overwhelming, we had a queue down the street I couldn’t believe the support we got. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen. After the delays in opening and all the team’s hard work, it felt amazing and helped us achieve our collective goals.

Lost Boys Land is a must experience for grownups looking to get embarrassingly excited about the golden drenched years of the end of the 20th century. For anyone keen on the current fashion return to baggy stonewashed jeans, batwings, neon jewellery and big hair. But most importantly anyone who’s serious about really good chicken but willing to have fun with everything else.

Lost Boys Land is located on 13 York Place and is open Tuesdays from 5pm-10.30pm and Wednesday-Saturday from 12pm until late.

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