Wolfies of Hove

Wolfies of Hove, Fish and Chip Shop, Chippie, Hove station
Busy and popular – Wolfies of Hove

It was a Monday night, and the last thing that my partner and I felt like doing was cooking.

It was cold and we had no food in the fridge and all I felt like was salty, comforting food to warm me up.

I had heard about Wolfies through social media, plus it features as one of the best fish and chip shops in Brighton – what’s more, with it being near our house I knew this was the perfect night to check it out.

Wolfies of Hove, Fish and Chip Shop, Chippie, Hove station
Wolfies of Hove

Wolfies is located just down the road from Hove train station, making it a popular stop off for commuters and locals nearby.

The shop is small with a communal table with stools for seating, but there are a couple of wooden tables and benches out the front too if you don’t wish to takeaway. 

Sustainably Sourced

They serve sustainably caught fish from Icelandic waters, alongside your classic fish and chip extras, Piglets pies with liquor and mash and exciting news for me – gluten free batter on any fish of your choice!

The shop was really busy, and there was a welcoming vibe when you walk in. The staff were super efficient and friendly, and it seemed like a lot of the clientele were regulars as they knew a few by name and it had a nice familiarity about the place.

Despite the busy-ness, we were served quickly so we went to sit down to wait to be called for our food.

Wolfies of Hove, Fish and Chip Shop, Chippie, Hove station
Large Cod at Wolfies

Carefully Prepared

The interior is clean and simple, with white tiled walls, a blackboard menu and a large fridge for drinks. The chips are served up by the front of house staff, while the fish and extras are cooked carefully behind the warmer by the chefs. 

We were called up to collect our food, it looked and smelt amazing! I watched them handling the gluten free fish carefully, with them making sure it didn’t cross contaminate in order to make it okay for celiacs.

We sat outside as we had prepared ourselves with warm clothing for the cold, and the tables inside were busy and we didn’t think that we could wait to eat at home!

We both ordered a large piece of cod each and a large portion of chips to share.

Gluten Free Options

I ordered the gluten free cod, I have only had gluten free fish and chips a couple of times, and this is only the second place I have heard of in Brighton that make it so I was very excited.

The batter was light and perfectly browned and crispy, and the fish inside was flaky and moist and tasted very fresh as if it had just jumped out of the sea.

The chips were lovely and crunchy, with a rough chunky cut that you can only get with hand cut chips.Wolfies-of-Hove

They provide you with salt, vinegar and plenty of other sauces at the counter and we had a side of curry sauce as well to dip.

The curry sauce was very more-ish, with loads of flavour and peppery spice.

My boyfriends cod also had a light and crispy batter and the fish was the same delicious freshness that you would expect from good fish and chips.

Value For Money

We were very impressed by our experience, and the prices were very reasonable compared to some of the other better fish and chip shops in town – with a large piece of cod coming to £6, and large chips just £2 and they were very decent portions!

Wolfies of Hove, Fish and Chip Shop, Chippie, Hove station
Large Gluten free Cod

I was glad that we shared the chips, as I definitely couldn’t finish that on my own! We will definitely be choosing Wolfies next time we decide on having fish and chips.

If you are heading to Brighton, and you feel like trying traditional fish and chips, I would highly recommend making the time to get to Hove to try these guys out, it really is a treat!

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