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Sustainability Toolkit

We’re partnering with the University of Brighton to create a dynamic Sustainability Toolkit. By Earth Day 2025, we aim to demonstrate the tangible impact of this accessible, free, and evolving resource. The toolkit empowers restaurant owners to assess and enhance their environmental and social sustainability practices in collaboration with suppliers and staff. Benefits include improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced brand reputation.

About the project

Foundational phase:

By the end of July 2024, we’ll launch the first version of the toolkit, evaluated for effectiveness. We’ll document and promote 8 foundational case studies and validate a checklist for all hospitality venues.


  • Free at point of use
  • Practical and effective
  • Learn and iterate

Elements to Deliver by the End of July:

  • Roundtable Discussion: On July 9th, a breakfast meeting with venue owners, policymakers, and influencers, including a presentation and facilitated discussion.
  • Online Platform: Hosting the draft toolkit at Sustainability Toolkit.
  • Checklist for Venues: An independent learning and evaluation tool for venues, tested via in-person interviews and hosted online.
  • Eight Case Studies: Foundational case studies with supporting video content.
  • Communication Support: Promoting engagement with the toolkit and gathering input and feedback. About the project

Coming soon: sustainability checklist

A short piece of text about the sustainability checklist.



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