Case study: SAVING Water, Moshimo, Sushi Restaurant Brighton

Our Sustainability Change: not automatically putting water on the table

In 9 years, MOSHIMO have saved £115,000 and stopped 1,860,000 litres of water from being poured down the drain.

“First we looked at how much we were using and then we started looking at costs.” – Karl, MOSHIMO


  1. Understand how much water you use
  2. Look at where waste is occurring
  3. Trial ideas for nonessential water usage
  4. Make the change
“Some stuff you can’t get around. We are always going to be washing hands, washing rice, flushing toilets, doing the things restaurants do every day.” – Karl, MOSHIMO

how Moshimo made the change

The introduction of water meters forced MOSHIMO to understand how much water they were using at the restaurant. They conducted small studies and found that each week, staff were providing customers with 5,760 litres of water, of which 4,000 litres would not be consumed and would be poured away. Rather than simply putting water on the table, when MOSHIMO customers ask for water, they are now given as many glasses as they would like, one at a time.

“Of course, to save time and energy for staff they would automatically put down a carafe and some glasses.” – Karl, MOSHIMO

About Moshimo

  • Sustainable sushi restaurant
  • Open for 24 years
  • 315 covers

“It was kind of difficult in the beginning to work out how to do it. The decision, once we started seeing the numbers and started to see the waste was just to stop putting water on tables. Have it available for guests who ask for it by the glass. But not by the jug load.” – Karl, MOSHIMO


Coming soon: sustainability checklist

A short piece of text about the sustainability checklist.



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