Case study: SAVING ENERGY, Nostos Restaurant Hove

Our Sustainability Change: Ditch The Ice Machine

Making ice in the freezer saves Nostos around £3000 in energy costs every year.

“We did an energy audit and identified equipment that was spending a lot of energy and obviously a lot of money. One of them was the ice machine.” – Kyriakos, owner


  1. Complete an energy audit
  2. See which appliances take the most energy to run
  3. Decide if these appliances can be used more efficiently or not used at all
  4. Make the change

how Nostos made the change

We turned the ice machine off, filled gastronomers (catering trays) with water and make ice in the freezers which were already in use. These sheets of ice are broken up into ice cubes.

About Nostos

  • contemporary Greek and Mediterranean fusion restaurant
  • Opened 2019
  • 75 seat (50 inside and 25 outside)

“You just need to commit to making that small improvement on a daily basis. Get out there. Make a difference. Make a change.” – Kyriakos Baxevanis, owner


Coming soon: sustainability checklist

A short piece of text about the sustainability checklist.



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