Restaurant Brighton's guide to

Sussex Suppliers to the Hospitality Industry

Wholesale Brands and Suppliers

Fruit and Veg Suppliers

Specialising in sourcing the very best fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the UK from over fifty small scale farms. Shrub supply their ethical produce to London, Brighton and Hove restaurants and Sussex restaurants. Shrub focus on small-scale, high quality agriculture Sussex food and the farmers behind it.  Shrub understands the unique needs of restaurants, providing tailored solutions, efficient delivery, and excellent customer service. By partnering with Shrub, Sussex restaurants can delight their patrons with exquisite flavours and demonstrate a commitment to supporting local and sustainable businesses.

A Share of the Crop is a remarkable business that is redefining the concept of sustainable agriculture. With a focus on urban farming, they bring fresh and organic produce directly to the community. Their innovative approach combines technology and agriculture to create vertical farming systems, ensuring optimal growth and minimal environmental impact. From nutrient-rich microgreens to flavorful herbs, A Share of the Crop offers a diverse range of locally grown produce. With their dedication to sustainability and quality, they are transforming the way we think about food production and fostering a healthier future for all.

Barcombe Nurseries is not only a haven for plant lovers, but also a hub for fresh and sustainable produce. With their focus on supporting local communities, they offer a range of veg boxes filled with seasonal and organic vegetables, sourced directly from their nursery and local suppliers. Their commitment to quality extends beyond individuals to restaurants, as they supply top-notch vegetables to culinary establishments, ensuring chefs have access to the freshest ingredients. Barcombe Nurseries is bridging the gap between farm and table, providing both individuals and restaurants with a bountiful supply of delicious and nourishing vegetables.

Florence Road Market is a thriving business that takes pride in connecting communities with fresh and locally sourced produce. Their veg boxes are a testament to their commitment to quality and sustainability, offering a delightful assortment of seasonal and organic vegetables. Not only do they cater to individuals, but they also supply restaurants with a bounty of flavorful vegetables, ensuring chefs have access to the finest ingredients. Florence Road Market’s dedication to supporting local farmers and providing exceptional produce makes them a trusted source for veg boxes and a vital contributor to the vibrant culinary scene in their community.

Chefs Farms provides a daily supply of premium, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables to its customers. With an efficient and user-friendly system, complete supply chain transparency, and product marketing, customers can seamlessly integrate us into their marketing strategies. Our daily presence on the farms enables us to offer a reliable forecast of upcoming produce, whether it’s a small quantity or a large order. From a single kilo to a ton, we offer volume, reliability, and customizable packaging solutions to help our customers make the most of the incredible produce we supply.

Meat and Fish Suppliers

Great British Charcuterie offers an exceptional wholesale service for restaurants in Brighton and Sussex.

With their passion for artisanal charcuterie, they provide a range of premium-quality cured meats sourced from independent British producers. Their commitment to quality and flavor ensures that restaurants can elevate their menus with a selection of exquisite charcuterie offerings. Whether it’s succulent salamis, flavorful hams, or tantalising pâtés, Great British Charcuterie delivers excellence to the dining tables of Brighton and Sussex, providing a true taste of British craftsmanship.

Trenchmore Farm is a family run mixed farm, producing award winning Sussex Wagyu beef, hen eggs from their orchard and farmhouse cider.

Andrew and his daughter Rachel rear their herd & flock on 350 acres of pasture in Cowfold, just 30 mins north of Brighton.

Silly Moo Cider is made from apples grown in their orchard and sold in bottles, cans and draught.

BNFS (Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales) is a trusted name in the wholesale seafood industry, supplying top-quality fish and seafood to restaurants and chefs in Brighton and Sussex.

Located at Shoreham Harbour, their Sussex base allows for quick and efficient delivery of the freshest catch. With their vast selection of sustainably sourced fish and seafood, BNFS ensures that establishments can serve their customers the finest culinary delights from the sea.

Embrace the ocean’s bounty with BNFS as your trusted seafood partner in the vibrant culinary scene of Brighton and Sussex.

Fish Galore is a trusted supplier of wholesale fish and seafood, catering to the needs of restaurants and chefs in Brighton and Sussex. From their Sussex location, they provide a diverse range of fresh and sustainable catch, ensuring the highest quality products reach the dining tables of establishments. With their efficient delivery service and a wide selection of seafood options, Fish Galore supports the culinary creativity of chefs, helping them create unforgettable seafood dishes for their customers. Rely on Fish Galore for exceptional seafood sourcing and supply in the vibrant culinary scene of Brighton and Sussex.

Stuart Mack Photography. Beals Farm Pigs

Beal’s Farm has produced award winning charcuterie in Sussex from their own herd of Mangalitsa pigs since 2012. Now located on the Eridge Estate, the oldest deer park in England, they also supply raw venison and venison charcuterie. Whole animal butchery to order fulfillment is carried out in house, ensuring the highest standards every step from field to fork. Hence why you’ll find Michelin star chefs, Top 50 Gastropubs and a number of England’s finest vineyards among their customers. Photo credit Stuart Mack Photography.

Born in Brighton – Curing Rebels is a creative butchery collective focusing on all things smoked, cured and fermented. High welfare British produce is at their forefront working alongside our ethical packaging and processing principles.

They produce a range of multi award winning charcuterie products in whole kilo formats as well as pre packaged retail solutions shipped nationwide.

Dairy Suppliers

The Cheese Man is a family run, local business who are passionate about cheese. With over 30 years of experience in the industry. The Cheese Man in began in 1995. And supplies Restaurants, Pub, Farm shops, Deli’s & Outside Caterers all over the South East. Their product list consists of over 350 varieties of cheese from Local to across the world. As well as Local & Continental Charcuterie, Olives, Chutney, Olive Oil and much much more!

A first choice supplier for cheese for many Brighton and Sussex restaurants. Showcasing artisan businesses from Brighton, Sussex, and beyond, GB Charcuterie celebrates the fine cheese, wine, and charcuterie produced in Britain and Ireland. Numerous venues in Brighton and Hove proudly serve the GBC range. Additionally, their products are available for wholesale purchase at competitive prices, allowing you to order cheese in whole truckles by weight or individually – great for retail.

Macs Farm is a trusted name in the realm of sustainable agriculture, offering a remarkable dairy and egg delivery service for restaurants. Known for their organic and free-range eggs, Macs Farm ensures that restaurants receive the highest quality produce straight from their happy hens. With a focus on animal welfare and organic farming practices, their eggs embody the essence of freshness and taste. Restaurants partnering with Macs Farm can serve their customers with confidence, knowing that they are supporting ethical and sustainable farming while providing exceptional ingredients for their dishes.

Caroline’s Dairy makes Great Taste Award winning luxury ice cream in a variety of all year-round flavours plus seasonal, limited- edition flavours. The Dairy Parlour uses only fresh milk from the farm’s own dairy cows who graze the grasslands and meadows around Pagham and Chichester
harbours, giving the ice cream a deliciously creamy taste. The product comes in 120ml, 500ml and 4 litre tubs and is delivered weekly to pubs, restaurants, farm shops and village shops across East and West

Sweet Treats & Baked Goods

Fika Bakery is Brighton and Hove’s newest wholesale and retail bakery, creating artisan Swedish baked goods. They supply cafes across the city and to a number of villages in Sussex with traditional cinnamon buns, cardamon buns and vanilla buns.

The Flour Pot’s ethos is simple, quality products made with skill and passion by people who really care. The bakery started with their first wholesale customer in 2014 and has rapidly expanded, currently producing up to 2000 kilos of bread a day for their huge wholesale list across Brighton, Hove and Worthing

As the business has grown, the team have worked hard to maintain their artisanal quality and hands on dough ability, while delivering the best bread around for 363 days of the year. Their team of skilled bakers rotate shifts, with production going on 24 hours a day to ensure their products are delivered to wholesale customers in the early hours of the morning, in time for breakfast.

Julien Plumart is a true master of cake making, bringing his exceptional expertise to Sussex restaurants. With a passion for creating exquisite and visually stunning cakes, Julien offers a service that elevates the dessert experience in restaurants. From intricate designs to tantalising flavours, each cake is a work of art that delights both the eyes and the taste buds. Restaurants partnering with Julien Plumart can expect nothing short of perfection, with his dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and personalised service. Indulge your diners with the culinary mastery of Julien Plumart’s cakes, adding a touch of elegance to any dining experience.

Coburn and Baker are the go-to experts when it comes to providing a wholesale bakery service for restaurants and cafes. With their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, they offer a range of exceptional bakery products that elevate any dining experience. From delectable pastries and bread to mouthwatering cakes and confections, Coburn and Baker deliver excellence with every bite. Their trade service ensures that restaurants and cafes receive the finest baked goods, reliably and efficiently. 

The Protein Ball Company, an award-winning brand, was established in 2015 by Matt & Hayley Hunt, driven by the desire to provide convenient and healthy protein snacks.
Their range, consisting of 100% natural and refined sugar-free protein balls, has grown to include 10 delicious flavors across three ranges.
With a focus on nourishing ingredients and great taste, The Protein Ball Co offers a guilt-free and nutritious snacking option for all.

Home of the original Chewy Brown™, Brighton’s oldest and best loved bakery has delighted customers with artisan breads, tarts and savouries since 1998. From its new, state-of-the-art bakery in Southwick, Real Patisserie today serves restaurants, shops, hotels and cafés throughout Sussex and beyond. 

Honouring traditional techniques, every loaf is hand crafted and baked fresh each morning in stone decked ovens. Founder Alastair Gourlay says: “There’s a real authenticity to our product. We bake good, honest bread that brings pleasure.”

Tea and Coffee

Proudly roasting coffee in Brighton for nearly 25 years, Redroaster can supply you with specialty organic single estate coffee and train your team to make the best flat white ever.
Pending Bcorp and boasting 8 years of 3 star sustainable restaurants awards, we will help you boost your sustainable credentials by delivering our coffee to you without carbon and embrace the circular economy with our reusable packaging.
Our coffee is roasted and packed by young adults with learning difficulties and every year we donate profits to our projects for our farmers families in Rwanda. If you would like any information about partnering with us on coffee, or for info on our community projects please get in touch with Diana.

Trading Post Coffee offers an outstanding wholesale coffee service, making them an excellent choice for restaurants and coffee shops in Brighton and Sussex. With their passion for ethically sourced and expertly roasted beans, they provide a range of exceptional coffees that cater to diverse preferences. From single-origin beans to carefully crafted blends, Trading Post Coffee ensures a memorable coffee experience for customers. Their commitment to quality extends to their personalised support and training, helping establishments serve coffee of the highest standard. For Brighton and Sussex venues seeking excellence in their coffee offerings, Trading Post Coffee is the ultimate partner.

If you’re looking to partner with a roaster you can work well with to build your coffee business, you’ve found the right place. The Milk Shed team roast centrally in Brighton, and the business is built on years of coffee and hospitality experience, both in roasting and operating successful coffee shops, with ties to their sister company, The Flour Pot Bakery.  The team guarantees quality, sustainably roasted coffee for all of their wholesale customers. All of this coffee originates from direct trade relationships with farmers, and the beans are carefully sourced and meticulously roasted each time.

For wholesale customers, their strong relationship with LaMarzocco means that they can offer the best coffee making equipment, alongside providing an in-depth coffee education with advice on design, menu development and staff training.

MDTea supplies the finest teas and infusions for hotels, spas,  restaurants – and, in fact, any establishment whose guests value quality.

We help businesses like yours create superior bespoke offerings – both loose leaf and in bags – from our 31 beautifully-crafted single estate teas, blends and infusions, driving up their positive online reviews.

As our client, you will benefit from a personal relationship with your tea supplier. We’ll appoint an account manager to support you seven days a week and we’ll train your staff and keep them enthused and informed about your blends.

Tea and Coffee

Bird & Blend began life as Blue Bird Tea Co. operating as a two-person team blending and bagging up tea to sell at local markets. Quick fast-forward and a name change and Bird & Blend is a successful tea shop full of heart and ethical values, with multiple retail outlets and a presence in many restaurants, cafes and hotels around the city.

With their extensive range of innovative and artisanal tea blends, they provide establishments with a unique and delightful tea experience. From classic favourites to imaginative and bold flavours, Bird and Blend Tea ensures there is something for every palate. Their exceptional customer service and support make partnering with them a seamless experience, guaranteeing that restaurants and cafes can offer their customers the finest teas from a trusted and beloved brand.

A one-stop shop for all your coffee and tea needs, Black Rock Coffee is a
family-run business with an emphasis on first class customer service.

Our espressos are hand-roasted by highly experienced second generation
roasters, while we wholesale premium ethical teas and infusions from Hampstead Organic and Birchall.

We also sell, rent and service coffee shop equipment for any application, from espresso machines and grinders to blenders and filter machines.

In addition, our offering includes a range of healthy soft drinks, syrups, chocolate and frappes. Everything for the coffee shop!


Gusbourne Estate produces top quality English Sparkling wine in the West Sussex countryside. This Sussex vineyard have an uncompromising quest for quality and a vision to create the finest wines possible. Gusbourne supplies some of the UK’s leading restaurants and is the official English Sparkling Wine supplier of the Goodwood Estate. Their wine is also found in many retailers and specialist wine merchants across the UK.

The Secret Vineyard in Herstmonceux is run by sisters Helen and Vicky Tate and one of Sussex’s newest vineyards.

Their wines are available wholesale, including a delicious Chardonnay and Rose.

These are available to restaurants to stock and serve to their diners. The wine is served in a beautifully labelled bottle which adds an extra special touch.

This family-owned Sussex vineyard and winery is just 8 miles from Brighton in the heart of the beautiful South Downs. With a terroir similar to Champagne circa 1990, Albourne is in the perfect position to produce top quality wines. The estate makes small quantities of white, rose and red plus a range of delicious traditional method sparkling wines using only their own sustainably-grown grapes. Also available is a semi-dry English vermouth, perfect for making craft cocktails. Visit the estate for tastings with expert guidance.

The Mannings Heath Estate is the UK home of Benguela Cove’s award-winning South African wines. Benguela Cove’s vineyard is located on the southern coast of South Africa where the sea breeze is chilled by the Antarctic current resulting in superb, cool climate wines. A carefully curated selection of these wines, vintage and rare bottles can be tasted and bought at Mannings Heath. New vines have also been planted in the beautiful parkland at the Sussex estate which will soon be producing its own English sparkling wine.

Rathfinny’s Sussex vines are planted on a sunny south-facing slope overlooking the stunning Cuckmere Valley and the English Channel beyond. The unique micro-climate and chalky soils of the South Downs create ideal conditions for growing grapes. Rathfinny makes traditional method, vintage Sussex sparkling wines. The wine is produced using low-intervention techniques; the grapes hand-harvested and whole-bunch pressed to emphasise the wonderful flavours of the fruit and express Rathfinny’s very special terroir.

Stopham Vineyard is a 15 acre site part of Stopham Estate, nestled in the beautiful South Downs National Park near Pulborough in West Sussex. We are specialists in crafting aromatic still whitewines from Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Bacchus and classic method sparkling wine from the champagne varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Passion, precision, craft and sustainability lie at the heart of their Sussex wine making and grape growing. Visitors to the estate can enjoy vineyard, winery and wine tasting tours on Saturdays at 11am or 2pm between April and October.

Oastbrook is an award winning English vineyard voted one of the best wineries in Europe nestled into the Rother valley near to Bodiam Castle. Run by Nick and America Brewer, Oastbrook produces both sparkling and still wines including white, rose and red wines. Oastbrook can ship wines direct to your establishment from the winery from individual cases to larger deliveries. We prefer direct relationships with local businesses and we are happy to support your business with hosted tastings with the owners.

We proudly wholesale wines to many fantastic restaurants, bars and pubs in Brighton and Hove, Lewes and further afield in West Sussex too. We have great relationships with these venues and offer bespoke lists depending on their requirements. 

We offer team training sessions and events too. We love collaborating on wine lists, wine flights and strive to seek out new and interesting wines and spirits for each account. We have an extremely wide range of wines, many exclusive to us in this area/country, so are effectively a one stop shop. 
We are very conscious of no one having the same wines if close to one another and are very transparent on how we work and who we work with. Our aim is to provide a personal, efficient and great service with likeminded people. 

Beer and Cider

Harvey’s Brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex. Founded in 1790 by John Harvey and is still operated by his descendants today.

Renowned for our flagship ‘Sussex Best Bitter’ but also producing a variety of other award-winning premium cask, keg and bottled beers, the quality of which are fabled across Sussex and beyond.

Harvey’s have also been a wine merchant since 1794, and offers an exclusive selection of wines and spirits to compliment their range of drinks.

Ascension Cide Sussex Supplier of Cider. Pictured their four cans of cider against the backdrop of their orchards.

Ascension ciders showcase the apple, as well as blending with other fruits and flavours to create a core range of ciders of differing tastes and strengths, plus ciders and blends that change with the seasons.

Their cider is made from 100% fresh eating and cooking apples, principally those rejected by the supermarkets because of their unsuitable shape and size. All are also gluten free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  Ascension supports local growers around Sussex and Kent wherever possible.

Three Acre Brewery was founded by three best mates, set on reimagining the future of cask beer.

​By breathing new life into a historic, artisanal craft, their award-winning beers are ‘modernising the traditional’.

From their Sussex Best Bitter, to the Blood Orange Pale Ale, to the Hayloft Lager, Three Acre brews every style in small, handcrafted batches to ensure the very highest quality.

Silly Moo Cider is made at Trenchmore Farm in Cowfold, just 30 mins north of Brighton. Rachel & her dad Andrew blend apples from their 4 acre cider orchard with garden apples swapped for cider by their neighbours and fruit from a farm in East Sussex to create a beautifully balanced full-juice cider. They supply Sussex pubs directly with bottles, cans & draught and work with wholesalers such as Pig’s Ears, Real Al Company, LWC & Latin Spirits. The Moo Tap is open in their farmyard every Saturday, where you can enjoy a pint of the good stuff right where it was grown & made.


Goldstone rum is a new Sussex rum distillery making rum from scratch using jaggery, panela, molasses and fresh sugarcane juice. They’ve won a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition.

Goldstone rum believe in doing things properly and their range of five rums white, spiced, coffee, amber and ginger and lime contain natural ingredients with no artificial colours or additives. 

They welcome guests to their distillery to show how they make their rum and would be delighted to chat about bespoke labelling and contract distilling.

Wildling Water Kefir kombucha’s wildchild twin. Low alcohol, low sugar, caffeine free and full of friendly gut bacteria. This drink is a must to have on your cocktail menu as a low alcohol drink or mixer. Proudly made at the ‘Potion Shed’ in the heart of Sussex.

This drink is for health and pleasure – perfect for a low-alcohol offering

It comes in three delicious AWARD WINNING flavours – lime & mint ‘mojito’, elderflower and rhubarb & ginger. In either 275ml or 750ml bottles.

Serving suggestion – with a lime slice in the neck of the bottle.

Brighton Gin is an independent, female/queer-founded company that makes delicious, award-winning gin at their little distillery in Portslade. Every bottle of Brighton Gin is even filled, wax-sealed, and labelled by hand, by founder Kathy’s 80 year old mum, no less. Their focus is on quality and sustainability, using a base of organic ethanol to produce super smooth gin, having a bottle refill scheme in place to stop waste and even doing local deliveries by e-cargo bike!

Madame Jennifer distillery is an urban small batch distillery producing spirits and liqueurs. Established in 2018 making in part of what used to be a coffin manufacturer in Poets Corner, Hove. Their ever-increasing line-up includes a range of gins, vodka, cold-brew coffee liqueur, limoncello and Amaro. For contract distilling and white label products, please contact us if you would like to discuss further. Previous contract distilling projects includes a custom gin made from Christmas trees for a farm. 

G&H Spirits are based in Steyning, West Sussex.  We produce small batch craft spirits that look as good as they taste. 

There are three gins in the range, including our LDN (London Dry Gin), voted the best in Sussex by the IWSC.  We also have a selection of lower ABV drinks which have become legendary and have a strong following in Sussex including our Lemon Gino and Choc Chilli Vodka.  

Madame Jennifer distillery is an urban small batch distillery producing spirits and liqueurs. Established in 2018 making in part of what used to be a coffin manufacturer in Poets Corner, Hove. Their ever-increasing line-up includes a range of gins, vodka, cold-brew coffee liqueur, limoncello and Amaro. For contract distilling and white label products, please contact us if you would like to discuss further. Previous contract distilling projects includes a custom gin made from Christmas trees for a farm. 

Slake Spirits is for discerning drinkers and natural pleasure seekers who need a little taste of adventure and wonder in their lives.

Our distinctly unique recipes are born from working with nature to create deeply satisfying, wild inspired spirits that celebrate the independent culture and heritage of Sussex and our passion for the sustainable pursuit of pleasure.


Experience the flavours of Smorls’ secret houmous, a coveted delight based in Brighton Open Market. As a trusted and an award winning Sussex wholesale supplier, Sarah and her team craft this incredible houmous that has everyone craving for more. Their sumptuous creation is a must-have for restaurants, cafes, health food stores, wholefood shops and pubs across Brighton and Sussex, elevating every dish it graces. With Smorls’ houmous, you get the finest quality from a dedicated vegan Sussex supplier, making it a delightful addition to any menu, promising to impress even the most discerning palates. Visit their vegan cafe to discover it for yourself. 

In 2015, Purezza launched Europe’s first all-vegan pizzeria in Brighton.
Unhappy with existing vegan mozzarella, they spent 8 years perfecting their recipe. Based in Brighton, their factory crafts delicious allergen-free mozzarella, stracciatella, & more.
Now tested on 1.2 million pizzas, these cheeses have also adorned award-winning creations.
Elevate your menu with high-quality vegan cheeses, certain to delight customers, no matter their dietary preferences.
Bringing a taste of Mexico to the south coast, Casazul’s range of ambient and fresh salsas and taco kits are made at Brighton Open Market with love and pride. 
Created using locally produced ingredients, almost entirely organic, fully gluten free and vegan, our salsas will keep you coming back, for all the right reasons.  Our taco fillings meet the same requirements and boast vegan versions of every recipe. We also work closely with stockists, creating opportunities for returns to reduce food waste and improve reducing, reusing and recycling.

Catering Equipment and Disposables

Alliance provide catering equipment and catering disposables.

Alliance stands as the foremost supplier of non-food catering equipment and disposables in the UK and Ireland. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has been driven by a unique vision – to create a distinct business dedicated to serving its customer base with flair and fairness. The primary focus is on ensuring customer happiness and satisfaction.

Mitchell & Cooper Ltd.

Established in 1879, Mitchell & Cooper Ltd. design, manufacture and distribute catering equipment in the hospitality industry including their world renowned Bonzer® brand. Working with large global brand campaigns, and delivering professional cocktail equipment worldwide. They are always looking to support local businesses and have partnered with many restaurants and bars across Brighton. 


Preston Insurance Brokers supply insurance policies, programmes and services to the hospitality industry. Working with clients across Brighton, Hove and the whole of Sussex including restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, hotels, event spaces, visitor attractions & experiences. They bring their expertise, experience and knowledge to the insurance requirements in the hospitality sector. Managing Partner Noel Preston is also a Trustee of the Table Talk Foundation who provide support programmes in respect of mental & physical health and financial assistance to our local hospitality industry.

Nettl inc Face Media Group is a leading provider of print, web design, and marketing services in the Brighton and Hove area. Their team of experienced professionals are committed to providing the local restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs with the resources they need to enhance their online presence. From website development and improving social media, to design and printing marketing materials – they’ll help you every step of the way.

We are passionate about customer satisfaction within the hospitality and leisure industries. We want to support your business to offer customers the very best experience you can, ensuring continued customer loyalty.

Our secret shoppers are tailored to your business to ensure you get the information you want from your target demographic. We work with you so that the data you receive is relevant, measurable and can provide a solid basis for any changes you make to your business.

A small Sussex-based business that has been operating for 12 years, Total Clean Exteriors undertakes all aspects of exterior cleaning for restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Whether it’s weathering, vandalism or organic build-up, Total Clean Exteriors is there for you. From patios and decking to roof cleaning and driveways, they are the problem solvers.

Designs Woodcraft is a family-run company situated at the foot of the South Downs National Park. With years of experience, they specialise in creating bespoke, handmade furniture with a strong ethos around sustainability. They’re in the process of becoming carbon negative and are able to tell you exactly where the timber they’re using has been felled. Designs Woodcraft works with a number of hospitality companies including restaurants, bars, and cafes, designing and making elements for their interiors.

Letting customers order from their favourite restaurants and cafes, either online or with the Uber Eats app. Uber Eats make a positive impact on the hospitality industry – when your food is featured in the app, new customers can discover it, and loyal customers can enjoy it more. Partnering with incredible local favourites as well as established chains, Uber Eats are working to increase the visibility of venues in Brighton, and across the South Coast.

Dojo provides super fast payments up and down the UK highstreet. They’re empowering more than 110,000 businesses to thrive in the experience of economy. Whether it’s with tech that makes smarter decisions faster, or serving up insights that enrich everyday interactions. Dojo doesn’t see the tap of a card as the end of a sale, but the start of something real – the next wave of the experience economy.

Creative Pod is a multi-award-winning Google Search partner and Drum Recommended agency, providing marketing, design, and website services for clients across the Southeast. We work with our clients to become their outsourced creative department for a fixed monthly fee and we work across a diverse range of markets, ranging from entrepreneurs and SMEs to worldwide brands. Our mission is to provide excellent service and valuable advice whilst being mindful of cost and exceeding clients’ expectations. 

As the top food and drink guide in the region, Restaurants Brighton offer unparalleled visibility to their extensive online audience of hospitality partners. Their range of online marketing services helps restaurants, pubs, and cafes thrive in the digital space. From featured listings (like this for Furna restaurant) and targeted promotions to captivating content and social media campaigns, Restaurants Brighton ensures that businesses can effectively reach and engage with local customers. Partnering with Restaurants Brighton means gaining access to a vast online community of food enthusiasts, solidifying a strong online presence, and driving success in the vibrant culinary scene of Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Restaurants Brighton Jobs offers a FREE online hospitality recruitment service for businesses in Brighton, Hove, and Sussex. Their platform allows employers to post jobs for free, connecting them with a pool of talented individuals in the industry.

Post a job for free now using TrialRBJ

Chef jobs, restaurant jobs, bar jobs, waiting jobs, cafe jobs, hotel jobs

Find a new job just here.

Job seekers benefit from industry discounts across Brighton and Hove, access to the latest industry news, and the opportunity to subscribe to the informative newsletter, TipJar. With Restaurants Brighton Jobs, finding the perfect match for hospitality positions becomes effortless, creating a thriving and well-informed culinary community.

Brighton Restaurant Awards Vote Online. The BRAVO Awards are Brighton’s biggest annual food and drink awards and they are the publicly voted awards. The awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of businesses in the local hospitality industry.

in 2023 the public voted 56,983 times and 600 + venues participated across 16 different categories.

The BRAVOs honour excellence across various categories, including restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels, showcasing the best that Brighton has to offer. The awards serve as a platform to commend and support the vibrant culinary scene, inspiring innovation and fostering a sense of community.

If you would like to sponsor a category in 2024 to get your brand in front of our huge audience then we would love to hear from you. Here are the 16 winners from 2023 including best restaurant, best brunch, best cocktails, best cafe and much more. 

Table Talk Foundation is a Sussex based charity, creating a healthier future through food education and hospitality empowerment. Our Purpose is to:

  • Deliver high quality food education and an insight to the hospitality industry to the children of our community.
  • Provide mental and physical health support and financial assistance to our local hospitality industry.


Sister duo Weez & Merl recycle waste LDPE plastic from their Hove studio, exploring the beauty of this undervalued material. They are motivated by the desire to utilise waste materials, combined with a fascination and passion for traditional crafts.

On offer for hospitality venues are a range of hand-marbled wares: from branded reusable coasters, to table tops. They provide a highly personalised service, with clients welcomed to choose their own colour palette to match their decor.

An AWARD WINNING Reusable Food Container Service, offering a sustainable alternative to single use packaging.

Our user-friendly vendor and consumer portal allows consumers to borrow containers with delicious food to-go.  Partnering with sustainable businesses, we offer friendly consumer reminders and incentives to ensure hassle-free returns, fostering customer loyalty.

We collect, clean, and circulate containers, promoting a Circular Economy in Sussex.  Collaborating with cafes, restaurants and events, directly addressing the issue of waste at the dining table.

Quick links:


You can find a list of local Sussex suppliers to the hospitality industry on the Sussex Shortlist directory. This directory features Sussex Suppliers such as meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, Sussex sparkling wines and additional services like print, furniture design, menu printing, recruitment, insurance and much more. If you are a Brighton restaurant, hotel, cafe or pub looking for products and services in Sussex and surrounding areas then this is for you. 

The Sussex Shortlist is a go to list of wholesale suppliers for the Brighton and Sussex hospitality industry. The list was created so restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels had all their local suppliers all in one place. The Sussex Shortlist is compiled by Restaurants Brighton

The Sussex Shortlist provides a list of Sussex wholesales and services for the Sussex hospitality industry. With your carbon footprint in mind, this is a local guide which helps Brighton, Hove and Sussex businesses invest in their local economy and use products and services on their doorstep.

You can discover Sussex produce for wholesale on the Sussex Shortlist directory. Sussex produce such as Rathfinny Wine, Redroaster coffee beans, local cheeses from GB Charcuterie, print via Facemedia group, Brighton Gin, the  Madame Jennifer Distillery, Brighton Bier and much more.