Nostos Hove

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Nostos Hove

Holland Road in Hove welcomes brand new Greek restaurant Nostos to Brighton, and we couldn’t be more excited. Promising the best Greek food in town, this new restaurant in Brighton offers iconic Greek cuisine amongst lesser known dishes cooked to the highest standard. Here's why you need to visit Nostos Hove immediately.

Nostos Hove

For all the foodies in town

Holland Road sits at the end of Western Road and the beginning of Church Road, so the location couldn’t be more convenient for foodies both in Hove and Brighton. Inside, the restaurant moves away from traditional taverna in style, heading in the direction of a modern and bright interior.

Nostos best greek restaurant in Brighton and Hove

Welcoming to all

Across the front of the restaurant, floor to ceiling windows create an airy atmosphere with a view onto Brighton’s iconic Palmeira Square, while inside stylish tiled floors, simple furniture and suspended wine racks adorned with foliage add something special to feel of this restaurant.

Nostos Hove

Fresh flavours

Nostos Hove guarantees a fresh and full flavour for every dish on the menu, with everything prepared on site daily and the kitchen being dedicated to quality ingredients. The concept behind the menu at Nostos lies with roots deep in rich Greek heritage, taking inspiration from culinary Greece as well as modern day techniques and flavours.

Nostos Hove

Vegetarian and Vegan

Nostos Hove brings a new feel to Greek cuisine in Brighton, by pulling the love the country has for fresh fruit and vegetables and showcasing that on the menu here in the South Coast. Often, Greek food is associated with grilled meats and fish with little thought given to the vast array of vegetable dishes Greek’s eat daily.

Nostos Hove

Traditional Greek with a twist

On the menu at Nostos the love for fresh fruit and vegetables is evident, with over half the dishes being vegan and vegetarian. Dine in true greek style, sharing dishes with friends chosen from each section of the menu. Starters, salads, sides and spreads are available alongside main dishes, meaning visitors to Nostos Hove are in for a real mediterranean feast.

Nostos Hove

Go for the Greek wine

Let’s not forget about the brilliant wine list on offer, with a selection of delicious handpicked wines from all over the world to compliment your meal. Of course, greek wines feature strongly on the drink’s list, however, you will also fine Italian, French and Argentinian wines too. Cocktails, cider, milkshakes, as well as tea and coffee are also available, meaning everyone will find something they are into.

Notsos Hove


Sparing a thought for the little ones, parents will be pleased to hear there are no chicken dippers in sight at Nostos. Choose from fresh fish and chips, tomato pasta or meatballs served in a pita made with fresh ingredients daily.

Nostos Hove

Make a reservation

  • Book a table here
  • Make a reservation on 01273 713059 (Please mention us when you do 🙏)


  1. elena

    The Greek cuisine has finally a new home in Brighton&Hove! Being myself Greek and a foodie, I would highly recommend this gem of modern Greek gastronomy! If you are looking for an authentic Greek dining experience that’s the place!

    1. elena

      As mentioned on my comment is maybe the best Greek restaurant! Sorry my rating was wrong! Totally a five star one!

  2. Nikolaos Baxevanis

    Amazing food by head Chef Alexandros. Great location in Hove, Nostos has the capacity to become one of the best restaurants in Brighton and Hove

  3. magicmike

    A lovely place with the perfect balance of good food and service. Great ambiance as well

  4. may chun

    Superb restaurant in Hove that reinvents Greek food and delivers a unique dining experience

  5. Nata Papa

    Authentic Greek flavors but with a modern feel. We loved everything we tried and the wine (we picked one from Greece) was also exceptional. Everyone on our table was well catered for as the menu includes very interesting options for vegans and vegetarians. Would definitely recommend and will be back 🙂

  6. willy

    Thank you for a great evening . Food was beyond amazing and you were all so friendly . The restaurant looks great I specifically loved the picture on the walls . We are coming back soon

  7. silver fox

    Unexpectedly seriously good food by Greek restaurant Nostos in Hove!

    I am not a fan of the Greek cuisine outside Greece for the simple reason that the ingredients are not the same and not as tasty as the ones grown under the loving Greek sun rays! Today i was proven wrong! Chef Alexandros categorically convinced me that ingredients can be bent to ones will and can indeed deliver an authentic culinary experience! Bravo to the Nostos team for a truly inspiring evening!

  8. Fili Sa

    Really nice restaurant.
    Food it’s really tasty and cooked nicely, good and welcoming service.
    Highly recommended.
    Definitely will came back

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