Drakes of Brighton

Think of it this way... if Kylie was going to stay anywhere in Brighton, she'd stay in Drakes. In fact, she does...

Drakes of Brighton

Drakes of Brighton

Our excellent customer service is the key which unlocks the ultimate experience at Drakes…

As part of the team at Drakes you’ll share the excitement of the guests coming to stay, dine or celebrate a special occasion and help to create an unforgettable hotel experience for them. Enthusiastic, self-motivated personalities with professional service are what we seek in new candidates looking to join our team. We are pro-active in our approach and work together to ensure guests receive the best experience and memories from their time at Drakes.

If you have these qualities and would like to be part of this special Team, please check our current vacancies.

Cooking out of The Restaurant at Drakes, in Brighton, Chef Andy has an embarrassment of riches at his disposal - and few have made as much of the opportunity.

Positions currently available

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