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Quick set up

We know you’re busy, and we know that having a vacancy can be like a hole in your business that’s leaking money.

Which is why we’ve made recruiting via Restaurants Brighton Jobs as quick and easy as possible.

Restaurants Brighton has been established in Brighton as the number one website for all things hospitality since 2011, putting us in the perfect place to connect you with the best local candidates.

Here are 6 steps to posting your first job.

Registering your account only takes a few seconds, fill in your name email address, choose a password and select the recruiter button. Here you can tick the email alerts box to get notifications of applications. Once submitted we’ll email you a confirmation with a link to your account. Create your account now.

Depending on your recruitment need you can choose between posting a single vacancy, or post as many jobs as you wish. For example you may need a head chef and waiting staff at the same time. Jobs are live for 30 days and we can extend the application period further, just let us know.

You’ll be posting jobs in minutes with our easy to use post editor. For your first post, you’ll also be able to add a bit about your company, this information will automatically be included in future posts, but you can change it too. This is how your job posts will appear once they are live. Get in touch if you recruit regularly and you want a recruiters/ employers profile page like this. 

Once you’re happy with your post just press submit. You’ll get an email to let you know the post has been received and again when it has been approved.

We’ll shout about your listing through a combination of social media engagements across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and with targeted email marketing. Make sure you tag us in your own social media posts and we’ll share the content to our massive audiences on RB Jobs and Restaurants Brighton.

Connect now with Restaurants Brighton Jobs. 

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If you’ve switched on email notifications you’ll get updates every 24 hours on new applications. You can view all your applicants, edit your jobs and even view its stats from your account.

Congratulations on posting your first position on RB Jobs.

Should you have any questions then please get in touch

Trial offer

New for summer 2023, Restaurants Brighton Jobs is set to be the number one destination for hospitality industry recruitment in Brighton and Sussex. From June to August recruiters can trial this new service for free.

To start recruiting for free contact us on for a trial code.

Create an account to make applying for jobs quick and easy.

(It will also be quicker to post a job if you have to recruit too.)

Once you have an account you can:

  1. Set up notifications for the kind of job *you* are looking for.
  2. Add your contact details to make applying for jobs quick and easy.
  3. Upload different versions of your CV.
  4. Be ready for when that perfect job shows up.
  5. (Post a job)

As a recruiter you can use your account to post jobs, receive applications, and keep an eye on what everyone else is doing;

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