BRAVO 2022 winners

Over six weeks we asked you to tell us where are the best places to eat and drink in 16 categories. The BRAVOs are Brighton and Hove’s only entirely publicly generated food and drink awards. This year, 21,535 votes were cast and 181 venues made it into one of the lists.
So now all the hard work is done, it’s time to go forth to eat, drink and discover who got a BRAVO!

This is the biggie, Brighton’s best restaurant by popular vote. The restaurants that make it on this list are the jewels in the crown of our city’s food and drink scene. These restaurants excel in every way and deliver every time.

The BRAVOs are brought to you by the team behind Restaurants Brighton

Explore the bounty of our county and discover the pubs, cafes and restaurants that paint the best pictures of Sussex. Now more than ever we are exploring what’s on our doorstep, so go forth, intrepid adventurers, and taste the delights of Sussex.

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Brunch is the meal that’s also a party. We wanted to know who serves the fluffiest pancakes the heartiest hashes, the best bacon and the tastiest scrambled tofu. Gather your besties it’s mimosa o’clock with these top-20 brunch champions.

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We wanted to know who’s your go-to for tofu? Who tantalises you with tempeh? Who puts the power into plant? Brighton and Hove is nationally recognised as one of the best places to eat when you’re a herbivore, so this list really is the non-dairy cream of the crop.

We wanted to know where left you stirred not shaken when it came to cocktails. And you bravely took up the mantle in sipping your way through speakeasies and salubrious salons to let the world know where are the best cocktails in Brighton and Hove. Now how should you reward all that hard work…?

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With more pubs and bars than days of the year, there’s no shortage of boozers in Brighton and Hove. But we wanted to know where’s serving a warm atmosphere as well as a cool pint? Because almost any building can be a pub, but it takes something special to be a “local”.

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Brighton is a giant playground whatever your age, but when it comes to feeding the family we all get serious. So when you’re out with the fam’ keep this list to hand, it’s kid-friendly and parent-approved and just the sort of thing you need when hunger strikes.

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Food and drink is only half the experience when we go out. A well-run front of house makes a world of difference. Front of house staff anticipate your needs while juggling tables, they entertain you and make you feel welcome. It’s a profession, not a summer job. For a day or night out that’s really going to make you feel special head over to these award-worthy teams.

Best Team is sponsored by Brighton Cookery School


Cafes are big business in Brighton and Hove, each with its own style and ambience. We wanted to know which cafes in Brighton are buzzing like an over-caffeinated freelancer on a deadline? Which cafes offer an oasis of calm with a side of cake to your day? These venues are your go-to for a lite bite, a restorative brew and of course, a gossip.

Afternoon Tea is the quintessential English treat, best enjoyed leisurely. We wanted to know where fulfils your Downton Abbey fantasy with tiny cakes and teacups providing the much-needed tonic to our hectic world. If you’re going to make time for tea, do it properly with these top-20 winners.

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The Brighton roast is big business because on Sundays we take lunch seriously. The winners in this category serve the crispiest roasties, the freshest veg, are generous with the gravy and serve the main event that will have enthusiasts travelling from Hove to Hanover (or vice versa).

We wanted to know where has the best wine list? Where has staff who know their grapes and offer a selection that is accessible to varying budgets and tastes? Sip, quaff and imbibe your way through this list with confidence that every bottle offered will be a corker.

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Take your tastebuds on a tour with this celebration of the world’s cuisines. Save on Airmiles and lengthy check-in queues with these international restaurants that will transport your taste buds to distant shores.

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This list required a little research on your behalf. The venues listed in the sustainable eats category do more than offer you paper straws. These venues take climate change and diminishing resources seriously and are making brave choices about how they can address them. Eat well and do good with these thoughtful venues.

Where can you eat on a budget but not scrimp on taste? Eat well for less doesn’t mean poor quality or sub-standard ingredients. We wanted to know where’s clever with their overheads and pass the savings onto you. Start eating and saving with these top-20 winners.

Eat Well for Less is sponsored by The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

Gone are the days of substandard takeaways, where the merit of convenience has a cost on quality. Now you can have a restaurant-quality experience delivered to your door or take away a meal worthy of a Michelin. If you’re not going out and don’t fancy cooking scroll through these top-20 who’ll deliver on their promises right to your door.

Good to Go is sponsored by nettl

The winners’ hall of fame is a time capsule of where you’ve loved and continue to love eating and drinking. Revisit forgotten favourites or remind yourself of who’s always served the best.