Brighton Restaurant Awards

Now in its fourth year, the BRAVOs (Brighton Restaurant Awards Vote Online) are a celebration of the independent food and drink scene that gives Brighton, Hove and Sussex so much of its character. As the only entirely publicly voted for awards, the BRAVO top 20 winners are tried, tested and voted for by locals, making it your go-to list for where to go-to.

Here are all 16 categories, covering you for all occasions from a simple cup of coffee to a special occasion meal.

This is the biggie, Brighton’s best restaurant by popular vote. The restaurants on this list are the jewels in the crown of our city’s food and drink scene, each one has earned a place in this list and in our hearts.

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We asked you to explore the bounty of our county and tell us which pubs, cafes and restaurants painted the fairest pictures of Sussex. Now more than ever we are exploring what’s on our doorstep, so for the tastiest staycation check out these winners.

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Brunch is the meal that’s also a party. We wanted to know who serves the fluffiest pancakes the heartiest hashes, the best bacon and the tastiest scrambled tofu. Now, go forth and fill your tumms with this list of brunch Dons.

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Gone are the days when plant-based cuisine was dismissed as “rabbit food”, “bland” or “unsatisfying”, and good riddance! Of course, it was never true, but thankfully now the vegetarian and vegan options cover everything from dirty junk food to fine dining. The whole rainbow is featured on this list, for you to munch your way through.

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Well done, all of you, for going out and drinking fabulous cocktails in gorgeous settings (and remembering to vote for them afterwards). In a city full of genius stirrers, shakers and potion makers these venues had you calling for another round.

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With more pubs and bars than days of the year, there’s no shortage of boozers in Brighton and Hove. The ones on this list though are different, because almost any building can be a pub, but it takes something special to be a “local”.

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Brighton is a giant playground whatever your age, but when it comes to feeding the family we all get serious. This list of family-friendly winners is full of kid-friendly parent-approved venues; made by families, for families.

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We wanted to know which venues vibe with the sense that the team is a family, where you’re welcomed into the joy and feel the pride they radiate. This award goes out to all the undersung hard working team members who collectively make your experience great.

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We asked you to tell us which cafes in Brighton are buzzing like an over-caffeinated freelancer on a deadline? And you got to it in a similar vein. Cafes are big business in Brighton and Hove each with its own style and ambience. From hipster-pits with equally strong wifi and coffee, to cute and homely nooks perfect for a gossip over cake, all the best make the list.

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Afternoon Tea is the quintessential English treat, best enjoyed leisurely. We wanted to know where fulfils your Downton Abbey fantasy with tiny cakes and teacups providing the much-needed tonic to our hectic world. “Shall I be mother and pour?”

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The Brighton roast is big business because on Sundays we take lunch seriously. Winners of a place on this serve the crispiest roasties, the freshest veg, are generous with the gravy and serve the main event that will have enthusiasts travelling from Hove to Hanover (or vice versa).

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We wanted to know where has the best wine list? Where has staff who know their grapes and offer a selection that is accessible to varying budgets and tastes? There’s no vinegar in sight in this selection of venerable vintages.

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Take your tastebuds on a tour with this celebration of the world’s cuisines. Food has the power to unite all people and you were united in determining which restaurants transported you from the South coast to distant shores.

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This list required a little research on your behalf. The venues listed in Sustainable Eats do more than offer you paper straws, these venues take climate change and diminishing resources seriously and are making brave choices about how they can address them. Eating and drinking from these sustainably focussed bars and restaurants means you’re also helping address the environmental crisis.

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Cheap eats doesn’t mean poor quality or sub-standard ingredients. We wanted to know where is clever with their overheads and pass the savings onto you. The winners featured in this list help you eat on a budget without scrimping on taste.

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When we set this category at the start of the year we had no idea that almost all restaurants would be pivoting their business to bring their offering to your doors. If this vote was done again there might be some unexpected contenders. As it is, everyone on the Good to Go top 20 was clearly already delivering on your home delivery.

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Fancy a step back in time to when pubs stayed open to midnight and people had mouths that you could see? I’m afraid we don’t have a time machine, but we do have a BRAVO Hall of Fame where you can indulge your nostalgic yearnings by looking at past winners. It’s nearly the same.