Top tips to make your job advert stand out online.

6 easy-to-achieve steps so you can get the most out of RB Jobs and increase your success rate with online recruitment.

Jobs in Brighton - chef with a tattoo at the Chilli pIckle

Have a simple and strong job title

Keeping it simple is definitely your priority.

  • Put the most important words at the start.
  • Do not use abbreviations.

Put yourself in the shoes of the job seeker: what will they be searching for? A clear job title will also increase the visibility of your job search engines such as Google.

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Be clear with the location

The location of a job vacancy is an essential piece of information for any jobseeker. We all like to know where we will be working.

It is also important for search engines so make the location clear.

Drakes of Brighton

Use strong photography

In modern times everyone has a decent camera on their phone and therefore nobody has an excuse when it comes to looking good on line. Here are a few photography top tips.

We'd recommend trying to include 2 to 3 images within your post; maybe an outside picture of the venue, a shot of the inside and then 1 other which could be of a dish or even a picture of the team they will be joining. Remember candidates may choose 'your job' based on photography alone.

Take time for detail

Avoid duplicating descriptions from elsewhere and take time to make a great first impression.  Always keep the job seeker in mind when you are writing and be true to your brand.

Help jobseekers find you but including a few keywords for search engines where you can, but only use them 2 or 3 times. 

The optimal length

It is important that your job listing strikes a good balance between quantity and quality. Research shows job listings with greater than 700 characters receive 35%+ more applications and it is recommended job titles should be 70 - 80 characters. 

Attract applications by taking the time to paint a picture of the job.

Bar Jobs Brighton - Cocktail and mixology

Be specific, not too general

Listings need to convey the skill set you are after. Nobody is looking for a generic candidate and a generic description will sounds boring to candidates too. By taking time to articulate what you are looking for, you will gain greater interest from the right sort of candidates. Put time aside to write the description a job deserves and ask someone to proof read. 

Create an account to make applying for jobs quick and easy.

(It will also be quicker to post a job if you have to recruit too.)

Once you have an account you can:

  1. Set up notifications for the kind of job *you* are looking for.
  2. Add your contact details to make applying for jobs quick and easy.
  3. Upload different versions of your CV.
  4. Be ready for when that perfect job shows up.
  5. (Post a job)

As a recruiter you can use your account to post jobs, receive applications, and keep an eye on what everyone else is doing;

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