Zettle by Paypal

Card payment solutions

Zettle by Paypal offers a complete solution for hospitality businesses seeking efficient and secure card payment acceptance.

Whether in-store, online, or over the phone, its versatility ensures you can accommodate your customers’ preferences with ease and confidence.


No contract or startup costs

Teaming up with diverse integration partners, Zettle expands its platform’s functionalities, empowering you to tailor and refine your payment setup to meet your unique business needs.

Say goodbye to startup expenses, lengthy contracts, and undisclosed charges with Zettle by Paypal.

Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind to scale your business confidently, accepting card payments hassle-free.


Meet David Walters

David Walters is your dedicated strategic account manager focusing on the hospitality sector in Sussex.

With a keen eye for detail, David tailors technology solutions, particularly Point of Sale & Payment systems, to meet the distinct requirements of both large enterprises and independent establishments.

Rest assured, with David’s expertise, your business is in capable hands, poised for seamless technological integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

Maximising profit and efficiency

David adopts a consultative approach, coupled with a knack for pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement and cost-saving measures.

This ensures that his clients receive bespoke solutions finely tuned to optimise their business operations, empowering them to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.


Get in touch with Zettle by Paypal

If you’re a café, restaurant, hotel or conference venue looking to discuss your current payment solutions get in touch with David Walters on 07741672915 or email.