Meet the Restaurants Brighton Team

Brighton Food Reviewer, NickMarketing and Photography: Nick
Nick has been in Brighton since 1999 and has a strong background in hospitality and all that comes with it. Local ingredients, simple food and service are high on his agenda and you will often hear of him tucking into a hearty meal with Mrs RB. Industry work in Brighton has seen him at the Drakes Hotel, Stanmer House and the Hilton group for a number of years. Nick is also the founder of Restaurants Brighton.

Beth Dillon Restaurants BrightonRestaurant Marketing & Wine Enthusiast: Beth 

Beth loves the Brighton food scene for its creativity and diversity and enjoys nothing more than a visit to The Sussex Ox, Mange Tout, Cin Cin or Plateau. Also where there’s an incredible wine list Beth will feel really at home. Beth leads on the Restaurant Marketing alongside Nick and is Sussex born and bred.


Content Creation & Social: Rhys
Rhys is a freelance writer and professional artist who divides his time between London and Brighton. He tries not to be an ‘in your face vegan’ but admits it can be hard not telling complete strangers at random, like when travelling on the tube in rush hour. Rhys inspires social and content creation working alongside the rest of the RB team.

Jo Hunt - Photographer
Food Photography: Jo
Jo graduated with a degree in photography from Brighton Uni in 2004 and specialises in Travel, Food and Interiors photography. Jo travelled after Uni and feels very lucky to have photographed cuisines from all over the world. She describes food and photography as a combination of two passions for her and loves photographing fantastic food for Restaurants Brighton.


Lucy Grewcock - Restaurants Brighton Food Reviewer Brighton Food Reviewer & Travel Writer: Lucy
Cooking has always been a big part of Lucy’s life, and working in restaurants throughout her teens and twenties really added to her passion for good food! Lucy is a travel writer, which also helps with broadening her horizons when it comes to food, tasting new flavours is a real highlight of the job!


Jodie Wallis - Brighton Food ReviewerBrighton Food Reviewer: Jodie
Sussex born and bred, Jodie has a strong passion for local produce and her family like to ‘eat like kings’! Join Jodie on her food journey as she helps discover the best of what Sussex has to offer as she hunts for that perfect steak. Jodie would much prefer to eat a mediocre quality meal which is presented by genuinely warm and natural staff who take the time to find out what it is you want. 

Kat Bailey RBFood reviewer: Kat
Kat is absolutely, utterly, 110% obsessed with food. From its source, to the process, to the creative minds that bring it to life in the pan and on the plate, to – surprise surprise – the actual eating of it. She is at her happiest when she is  pouring over the 32-page ramen recipe courtesy of Ivan Ramen she swears one day she will genuinely do. Her favourite food is the humble egg and her most memorable meal to date was at The Gingerman in Kemptown.

Food reviewer and travel enthusiast: Lauren
Writing about food has allowed Lauren to act out a secret compulsion for snooping in restaurants and kitchens, and has led her to literally eat my way around South East Asia and set up Australia’s largest reggae and street food festival. The food Lauren is most passionate about is simple and innovative, and she can’t wait to find even more of it in Brighton and Hove’s independent restaurant scene.

Food reviewer: Gemma
Food and travel are Gemma’s greatest passions in life. She is at her happiest when eating or exploring a new destination and she thinks there really is nothing like sitting on a plastic stool beside a street food stall, surrounded by chattering locals, tucking into freshly cooked pad thai / satay / pho. Wherever Gemma travels she samples the local cuisine. Gemma is exited to see what international delights Brighton had to offer. 

Restaurants Brighton reviewer, EmmaFood Stylist & Photographer: Emma
Emma is a trained photographer with a penchant for baking and Indian food. She runs her own photography blog and loves to try out Brighton’s restaurants whenever possible – taking plenty of photos as she goes. Currently Silo is here favourite place to eat in Brighton due to it’s innovative flair and wine-matching waiters!


Family photo Restaurants BrightonContent Marketing: Malcolm
Being born and bred in Brighton Malcolm has seen the food scene completely transform into a variety of cuisines from around the world. If you’ve just moved to Brighton you would think it has always been a great place to dine out with so many options available – this hasn’t always been the case. Malcolm can always be found perusing the latest family friendly restaurants, particularly Italians!


Food writer, Tom FlintFreelance Food Journalist: Tom
Tom is a freelance food writer who lives in Worthing and writes for a number of Sussex based food and news brands. Tom plans to host his own supper clubs at his house in Worthing as he’d love to cook for people and get feedback from them. Tom cannot stand London and got a pasta machine for Christmas.


Ross - Restaurants BrightonBrighton Food Reviewer: Ross
Food has always been important for Ross and growing up watching his Dad grow fresh vegetables and eating the icing when his Nan made cakes for the local baker has had a strong influence.
Ross is a big fan of the Chilli Pickle, thinks Tom Kerridge is a nice bloke and says food puts a big smile on his face!


Xavier D. Buendia, Food Photography, Restaurants Brighton InterviewPhotographer and Writer: Xavier
Xavier is a food & lifestyle photographer and has been taking pictures all his life. What makes his story special is that he made the decision to leave a career as a sommelier, followed his instincts and became a full time professional photographer. Xavi often writes drink articles and has recently come up with a walking wine route of Brighton – not to be missed!


Ed Hamilton, Restaurants Brighton Reviewer, Profile PictureWriter & Videographer: Ed 
After cutting his teeth as a professional copywriter for 15 years, Ed made a decision to follow his heart and become a videographer with a speciality of making films about food! After working with the likes of the Chilli Pickle we predict Ed will be hugely successful in Brighton so keep an eye out for his unique style!


Finola - Brighton Food ReviewerFreelance Journalist: Finola
Finola is a skilled and experienced writer, editor and journalist who’s spent two decades producing material for print and digital media. Finola has an immense passion for food and comes highly qualified with a long background in food journalism. Finola will let the words do the talking as she entices you to many of Brighton and Hove’s top food destinations as she presents her mouthwatering reviews.


Chloe food reviewer, Restaurants BrightonGluten Free Food Blogger: Chloe
An Englishman lured Chloe to Brighton in 2010, and she fell in love with it’s abundance of restaurants and cafes – similar to Melbourne and Wellington where she lived lived previously. Working for Restaurants Brighton allows Chloe to do more of what she enjoys – share and support local businesses and eat delicious food! Chloe is our Restaurants Brighton gluten free expert.


Lizzie Enfield, Restaurants BrightonTravel and Food Journalist: Lizzie 
Lizzie agrees that we are spoiled for choice here in Brighton and Hove. Just about every pub is a gastro pub, almost every café verges on a deli and so many restaurants are worth writing home about. Lizzie sometimes gets nostalgic for bad food and wonders if there’s anywhere left that serve that serves mince and potatoes, cooked to imperfection? Lizzie Enfield writes for the Guardian and the Great British Food magazine.


Matt - wineWine Expert: Matt
Matt works in the wine trade and has a degree in wine production. He loves wine and food; the two go hand in hand. For reasons unexplainable he likes denim and shirts made from chambray. Grew up just outside the city and moved into the joyous bubble that is Brighton about 20 years ago. Find out what makes Matt happy with views from Restaurants Brightons’ very own wine expert.


Emma Pryke - Head of Content at Restaurants Brighton, Restaurant Marketing Writer and Food Reviewer: Emma
Emma has been involved with the food industry for over a decade and this has given her a good idea of what makes a great dining experience. Her current favourite restaurant in Brighton is Bincho Yakatori – simple concept, buzzy atmosphere and delicious Japanese menu.


Georgie Luxford, Brighton Food ReviewerBrighton Food Reviewer, ex-restaurant industry: Georgie
Georgie has always enjoyed since a young age the excitement of going to a restaurant, the feeling of the unknown – what will she choose, what will it taste like and more importantly, will she have room for pudding! Georgie has worked in the hospitality industry since she was seventeen, so has worked with or been around food her whole career.


Kitty Enfield from Restaurants Brighton Food Reviewer: Kitty
Kitty is our only teenage reviewer and describes herself as a bit a chatterbox. Therefore one of the qualities Kitty looks for in a restaurant is that the  staff are friendly. Kitty also sings and plays guitar at various venues around the city and beyond so good music in bars and cafes is one of the things that draws her to particular places.


Natalie Brook, Restaurants Brighton reviewerBrighton Food Reviewer, vegetarian: Natalie
Natalie is Sussex born and bred and since moving to Brighton 18 months ago has been eating her way around the city’s culinary top (and not so top!) spots.
She loves to cook as much as she loves to eat, and as a vegetarian is always on the look out for her next new recipe or enticing menu.


Carissa Wyten - Restaurants BrightonFood and Lifestyle Writer: Carissa

Carissa has travelled the globe during her 15 year history as a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Director in Magazine Publishing. She is a qualified travel and lifestyle writer and a lover of languages, oceans, wooden sail boats and authentic European cities – whilst always on the hunt for the perfect martini! Carissa has joined the Restaurants Brighton team as a regular contributor and food journalist.


Brighton Food Reviewer - Leigh CarringtonBrighton Food Reviewer: Leigh
Leigh is a mother of two young and very energetic boys and she is always looking for her next food assignment. Sense the relief in her reviews as she manages to duck out the door so nanny Pat can look after her ‘angels’. Leigh is another Brighton local with a great knowledge of the Brighton and Hove restaurant scene. Leigh presents a different perspective with her food views and occasionally takes her boys with her.


Brighton Food ReviewerBrighton Food Reviewer: Sarah
Known as one of our more adventurous diners among reviewers, Sarah has a real taste for strong flavours and well spiced foods, but at the same time is equally fond of the light, delicate nature and detail of Japanese dishes. Sarah is huge fan of Asian food – a passion encouraged through travel and her own cooking. Favourite restaurant – Unithai Noodle Bar in Hove.


Laura, Brighton Food ReviewerBrighton Food Reviewer: Laura
Laura was born in Brighton but was soon whisked off to travel around England and France by her bohemian mother and didn’t return to Brighton until she flew the nest at 18. A huge fan of Tom Kerridge and Yotam Ottolenghi, Laura is also a dab hand in the kitchen herself. Favourite restaurant in Brighton is the fabulous Bistro Du Vin/ Hotel Du Vin which she describes as ‘mouth-watering food in classy surroundings’.


Brittany, Brighton Food Reviewer, Restaurants BrightonBrighton Food Reviewer: Brittany
For the last 8 years Brittany has travelled to 40 countries and has lived in California, Australia, Canada, and now Brighton. Therefore each time Brittany choses a new place to call home it has to be by the sea. Brittany’s family also own shrimp boats on the Mississippi gulf coast, so seafood is her preferred genre of cuisine and she loves trying different styles of seafood all round the world.


Anna, Restaurants Brighton Vegetarian ReviewerBrighton Food Reviewer, vegetarian: Anna
Born and bred in London, Anna has lived in Brighton for over a decade and lives to eat her way around the many restaurants in the city which offer great Vegetarian options. A Digital Marketer by trade and a new mum to twins, Anna is relishing the opportunity to get out and about for lunch dates and the odd night out sans babies!


Lyndsey Stoner and FamilyFamily Reviewer: Lyndsey
Lyndsey has lived in and around Brighton her whole life and now resides in Seaford with her partner and two little girls (2 & 5). Her family reviews focus on the following: buggy space, high chairs, quality of the children’s menu, entertainment, speed of service, rest room facilities, attitude of waiting staff & other diners towards children- ultimately are families welcome? And of course the quality of the food and drink menus for grown ups!


Sharna, Brighton Food Reviewer, Restaurants BrightonBrighton Food Reviewer: Sharna
Sharna’s fondest memory of food is when she used to sit on her grandmothers kitchen counter, taking in the rich aromas, and luxuriate in watching her cook for the whole family. Sharna is a fan of healthy Indian food and Thai cuisine – the latter which she loves to experiment with in her kitchen at home. Sharna would love to travel to India and visit her origins, absorb the culture, take photos, sample the food, and create a blog in the process.


Brighton reviewer, IsabellaBrighton Food Reviewer: Isabella
Also studying Journalism, Isabella has a passion for all things South American after travelling extensively around the continent. Spending a year in Argentina has given her a taste for cerviche, and she is extremely partial to a Pisco sour. Isabella credits her Polish grandparents for developing her ferocious appetite so we’ll be keeping her busy with eating assignments during her time in Brighton!


Brighton Food NutritionistBrighton Food Nutritionist: Jayne
Jayne is an important member of the team and contributes useful educational food posts rather than food reviews. Jayne specialises in food nutrition and more specifically Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. Jayne has found that learning about the therapeutic uses of food and the potential impact it can have on health and lifestyle will increase your fitness and zest for life. Jayne’s favourite restaurant in Brighton is Riddle and Finns.


Restaurants Brighton Food Reviewers

Restaurant or food reviews by food bloggers, food journalists and aspiring foodies mean that you can get a really good feel for where’s good to eat in the Sussex culinary world.

Dessert at Indian Summer

Now of course, everyone has their own opinion, but we hope that our varied panel of foodies will give you a good gastronomic representation of the different restaurant offerings across Sussex. We also hope that our food reviews educates you about the different genres of cuisine, maybe the different price points for restaurants or even answering questions about your specific dietary requirements across Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Some of our food and drink writers have their own active food blogs too and occasionally we accept guest reviews from other aspiring Brighton food reviewers.

wine bars in Brighton and Hove

What next?

There is plenty of inspiration available on Restaurants Brighton and these two lists are a good place to start: