Bottle of rum and a cocktail.

Goldstone and Gungho! Bar Collaborate on Sustainable White Rum

There is a sustainable addition to Gungho’s shelf a collaboration between the Brighton based cocktail bar and Goldstone Rum! Together, we’ve created a sustainable white rum that perfectly aligns with Gungho! Bar’s commitment to sustainability. Here’s a closer look at this unique partnership and the innovative process behind this unique rum.

About Gungho Bar Brighton

Gungho! is a multi award winning bar located in the vibrant heart of Brighton. Voted third best cocktail in the BRAVOs this year and best Sustainable Practices by Class Bar Awards 2024, the bar is renowned for its eclectic atmosphere and dedication to sustainability.

From their locally sourced ingredients to their zero-waste initiatives, Gungho! Bar is a pioneer in promoting eco-friendly practices within the bar industry.

About Goldstone Rum

Goldstone Rum, is a local scratch rum producer. Based in Henfield we are committed to producing high-quality, artisanal spirits and have won over six awards since we started in December 2022. Our distillation process combines traditional methods with innovative techniques to create rums that are both delicious and local.

We believe in minimising waste and maximising flavour, which is why this collaboration with Gungho! Bar is a perfect match for our ethos.

Georgina and John Bowell. We interview the owners of Goldstone Rum.
The 101 on Distillation

To understand our sustainable white rum, lets talk a bit about about the distillation process.

When we distil rum, there are three distinct liquids that we collect: the heads, hearts, and tails.

The heads are the first to emerge from the still, containing the strongest alcohol content, while the tails come out last with a lower alcohol content. Typically, the heads and tails are discarded and not used in alcohol production.

Georgina and John Bowell from Goldstone Rum in Henfield
The Sustainable Twist

This is where our collaboration with Gungho! Bar comes in. Instead of wasting the heads and tails, we redistill these otherwise discarded liquids to create a sustainable white rum.

By utilising the entire distillation process and minimising waste, we produce a high-quality rum that not only tastes great but also aligns with our shared ethos.

We’re proud to present this sustainable white rum and invite you to join us in raising a glass to innovation and eco-friendly practices. You can find this delicious rum in Gungho!’s Daiquiri and Respect Ur Elders cocktails the bar is open Tuesday – Sunday 5pm-late

Cheers from Goldstone Rum and Gungho! Bar!

Bottle of rum and a cocktail.

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