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When it comes to brilliant cocktail bars Brighton, it’s safe to say, is spoiled for choice. All serving up delicious concoctions for your delectation, our BRAVO winners include dedicated cocktail bars, Brighton bars and many great Brighton restaurants. Plenty of not-so-humble boozers are in on the act too.

The winners of this category tend to offer much more than just great drinks. Unique ambience, flair, flavour, innovation and style, plus a fabulous playlist and talented bartender could all play a part in the winning vote. Expectations are understandably high, and Brighton cocktail bars deliver, with everything from perfectly executed classics to delicious, sin-free mocktails to seasonal hand-crafted stunners.

And the winner of the BRAVO for Best Cocktails goes to – Permit Room. Huge congratulations to the team.

First place

One of Brighton’s hottest new restaurants in 2023, Permit Room has been brought to the city by legendary Dishoom. Unsurprisingly they know exactly what they’re doing, taking the top spot for Best Cocktails less than a year after opening their doors. Occupying a historic building in the heart of The Lanes, Permit Room walks the line between glamour and cool with astonishing ease. The cocktail menu riffs on the colourful history of drinking in Bombay with spice-infused highballs, twisted classics, short and boozy tumblers and frozen lipsters. A standout Permit Room classic is the clarified Mango Lassi Punch. The fruity low-no options are also divine. There is often a DJ playing at the weekend and the food, well lets just say, it would be a real shame to drink on an empty stomach here. Though that – of course – is up to you.

Permit Room has also placed in the Best Team, Best International Food and Best Takeaway categories.

Second place

This gorgeous modern day speakeasy is tucked away down a quiet street in the heart of the city. While it has been setting the standard for hand-crafted cocktails for several years, it still feels like a bit of a secret. Elegantly discreet from the outside, you’re met by a host and led to your table (it is best to book), where you’ll be presented with a menu of The Plotting Parlour’s signature, classic and seasonal cocktails. Drinks are made with the best locally-sourced ingredients and highest quality spirits and liqueurs from around the globe. There is also a small selection of bar nibbles to enjoy with your damn delicious drinks. Order a ‘Fear and Loathing’ or perhaps a ‘Haitian Split’ then plot away happily with your lucky companions. The Plotting Parlour II is now open in Hove.

Third place

Gorgeous GungHo is a unique, sustainable cocktail bar on Brighton’s vibrant Preston Road. Cocktails are created using seasonal produce and locally foraged ingredients and the bar operates a zero-waste policy. But this commitment to sustainability never comes at the expense of the cocktails. The passionate team works hard to create clever flavour pairings which surprise and delight, each one telling its own seasonal story. The 2024 menu parodies a retro 1980s restaurant menu showcasing the influence of culinary techniques on modern cocktail bars. Inside is cosy with exposed brick and low light, there’s a good sound system and the big front window opens up to the street in the summer. Kimchi toastie on the side? OMG Yh.

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The Plotting Parlour is voted best cocktail bar in Brighton according to the 2023 BRAVO (Brighton Restaurant Awards Vote Online) where 56,983 public votes were cast. Other highly rated cocktail venues include Bar Valentino, Burnt Orange, Gung-Ho and Bohemia. 

Cocktails at The No.1 BRAVO rated best cocktail bar in Brighton (The Plotting Parlour) are currently priced between £12 to £20. Bohemia is priced £11 – £15. Bar Valentino is priced £10.50 – £12. Gung-Ho £11.50 – £12. Prices are correct as of May 2023.

Brighton is famous for its nightlife and is considered a mini London by the sea with plenty of award winning cocktail bars and over 340 Brighton and Hove pubs. OhSo, Bohemia and Burnt Orange have DJs on specified evenings. MeatLiquor, Shelter Hall, Coppa Club, Rum Kitchen and Bar Valentino come recommended. Gung-Ho is an award winning and sustainable cocktail bar on Preston Street.