Top 20 Cocktail Bars Brighton

Cocktail bars are thriving, and each is looking to carve a niche for itself on the Brighton drinks scene. We asked you to searched high and low for the cocktail venue with a unique flair, ambience and flavour, inventive cocktails, stylish classics and bartending excellence. You drank your way through Brighton’s bars and voted in the thousands for the venues that left you stirred, not shaken.


Brighton Gin sponsored the BRAVO 2020 award for Best Cocktail and they join us in raising a martini to the winners.

1st place

Back for more and back with full power. L’Atelier du Vin have climbed from third place to first and it is with great pride we name them the head honchos of the Brighton cocktail scene. Your lust for cocktails made with rare and prohibition strength spirits to authentic historical recipes had you on this secretive prohibition bar like bloodhounds.

2nd place

New to our top three is The Golden Pineapple. This hidden gem of a cocktail bar has an intimate ambience that is especially targeted at the true devoted cocktail lovers out there. Their perfectly mixed beverages have earned them second place in the BRAVO awards for Best Cocktail and boy oh boy do they deserve it! 

3rd place

When it came to picking the Best cocktails Brighton is serving; you valued authenticity and integrity above the brouhaha of sparklers and innuendo-based names. In third place and celebrating their second year in the top three of Best Cocktails is Plateau. They believe in starting with the finest quality ingredients, the most respectful methods of preparation and relaxed, unpretentious presentation; you declared it the perfect mix.

An orange cocktail photographed on the bar with bottles of alcohol in the background.
10th place

Bar Valentino

Bartender pouring a cocktail at a height in front of a botanical themes bar.
16th place

The Fix Bar

Daddy Long Legs
18th place

Daddy Long Legs