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New Sustainable business launched from Sussex Woods 

Wealden Charcoal – easy lighting, long lasting sustainable Sussex Charcoal

Wealden Charcoal was launched in 2023 by 3 local members of Sussex and Surrey Coppicing Group, keen to support the regeneration of local woods.    

Bob, Clive and Richard are pleased to be entering their 2nd year of trading, and they’re super excited to expand their restaurant customers across Sussex restaurants in 2024.      

 Wealden Charcoal – home grown local coppice charcoal

  • Home grown local charcoal.
  • Produced by  coppice workers and woodsman.
  • From local sustainable coppiced woodland which is increasingly rare, with limited cutting for many years.  

Wealden Charcoal was launched to use local deciduous hardwood species like Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel and Hornbeam to sustainably produce high quality charcoal.   

With 50 new species found in a recently coppiced hornbeam wood Wealden can see the way coppicing creates sustainable resource and biodiversity.  

Their Grown in Britain status helps give them confidence in both their forestry commission approved woodland plans and their sustainability.

Why use Wealden in your restaurant?

Local sourcing is important to differentiate any restaurant, and with Wealden you also get the highest quality product, delivered regularly to your venue.    

Their charcoal is very clean burning, due to the modern retort process that uses waste gases to drive the pyrolysis process to drive off 95 percent of the impurities, leaving a very pure and clean burning lump wood charcoal.  

With 95% of British BBQ charcoal imported, much from Africa and Brazil,  Wealden offer a local, sustainable source of lump wood charcoal.   

Restaurant feedback is excellent, for instance Wild Flor stated: 

“The charcoal burns very cleanly with good heat and minimal smoke, the flavour it imparts on the food is great.”

Wild Flor Restaurant

To find out more about Wealden Charcoal contact Richard Lerner (07884 111589) or Bob Hewitt (07941 573011) or email

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