Gayle and Paul Newman from The Ladies Mile pub in Patcham. Celebrating 20 years

Meet Gayle Newman

Gayle Newman is the powerhouse behind The Ladies Mile pub in Patcham. With various roles spanning from Licensee and Director to Bar Manager, she’s one of the driving forces behind its success as a community pub. Alongside these professional titles, Gayle also proudly carries the roles of wife and mother.

Recently celebrating an incredible milestone, Gayle has been steering The Ladies Mile pub in Patcham for an impressive 20 years.

Her dedication and passion have undoubtedly contributed to making it a beloved establishment in the community.

You recently completed a HUGE personal milestone at The Ladies Mile pub. Tell us more about this achievement and how did it feel?

20 Years at The Ladies Mile, I feel proud to have served in this wonderful Brighton pub, full of lovely people I regard as friends!

We are lucky to be at the centre of this unique community that Patcham is.

Name a few highlights

Being nominated and winning The Community Hero 2023 and obviously winning the Bravo best Sunday roast award!

The winners of the best Sunday lunch in Brighton in 2024. The team at The Ladies Mile pub

What are the 3 most important things at The Ladies Mile when it comes to the customer experience?

Exceptional service, fantastic food and a wonderful atmosphere.

What do you like best about the team of people you are working with?

My work family – all reliable, hardworking, supportive.

There’s no I in team. We work together.

Your team seems close knit and almost like a collective family unit, what approach do you use to get the most out of people that work with you?

Never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.

What is your biggest accolade?

Work achievement – longevity of running the Ladies Mile.

Charity achievement – amongst the huge amount we have raised over the years topping it all is raising the final 28k funds for Loui Legend to have life changing surgery.

Personal achievement – raising a family while working full time and surviving.

Tell us a little bit about your career journey?

After my A levels I spent a few years in admin, then moved to Spain where I met Paul and ran the bar over there with him and in 2004 moved back to Brighton and took over the Ladies Mile where we have been ever since.

What  touches are there that add to the whole Ladies Mile Sunday roast experience?

The service, the atmosphere – from the welcome you receive on entry, the attention during dinning to us bidding you farewell.

How would you describe the experience at The Ladies Mile?

Warm and welcoming.

For customers that haven’t been before, can you give us more information about the style of your food?

We serve a mix of old and new pub classics alongside a seasonal specials menu all lovingly executed – hopefully there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Favourite dishes on the menu?

Favourite dish on the menu is our twist on Beef Bourguignon pie.

Which ones are the customers enjoying?

Aside from the roasts of course, for a lighter bite during the week our chicken madras wrap is a firm favourite.

When you have time to dine or drink elsewhere, which venues in Brighton (or outside of Brighton) do you enjoy eating at?

The real greek, Adelfia, Zorba etc.. (yes I love greek food lol).

You are making a meal, or getting a meal for yourself, what’s your favourite or go to meal?

Gyros, anything greek, hummus, kebabs.

How do you keep things running so smoothly?

Continuity is key! If it aint broke don’t fix it.

But also moving with the current trend on drinks, food and events.

Why do you enjoy the BRAVO Awards?

The BRAVOs gives recognition for those that go extra lengths in a struggling hospitality sector.

The team celebrating outside The Ladies Mile Pub

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