BRAVO’s Best Sunday Roast

The ‘Sunday session’ is big business in Brighton and much-contested, as many a Facebook group can testify. When news of a good roast spreads, people will travel from Kemptown to Hove and vice versa to give it a try.
We asked you and your flock to find the perfect mix of crispy golden roasties, tasty veg, rich gravy and the perfect main event. You flew, you fed and you have gleefully praised your favourites.

1st place

You had six weeks to go forth and find the best roast in Brighton, Hove and Sussex. And it seems even the daunting prospect of the ear-popping climb of Southover Street didn’t put you off. The Haus on the Hill earns best roast in the 2022 BRAVOs, it’s a beast of a feast best washed down with some quality ales from Brighton Bier. You’ll be satisfied, full and ready to let gravity do its work as you descend that hill to spread the word.

2nd place

Claiming a top spot for a second year running is vegan pub, The Roundhill. It’s a testament both to the quality of this family-run pub’s offering and the strength of the plant-based movement in Brighton for an entirely vegan pub to score so highly for a traditionally meat-centric meal.

3rd place

The Geese won Best Roast in 2019 and return this year with another top three spot. It seems Hanover pubs are the place to be! During the week it’s a bangers and mash pub, but come Sunday those taters go crispy and the meat goes from banger to banging!

8th place

The Signalman

11th place

The Westbourne

14th place

Daddy Long Legs

17th place

The Garden Bar