Best Sunday Roast Brighton

The Sunday roast Brighton tradition is long-standing and its best contenders fiercely debated. The Brighton Restaurant Awards gave you six glorious Sundays to find the fluffiest, crispiest roast potatoes, choicest veg, richest gravy and a show-stopping main event, and you did us proud.

Michael Wilcox Media sponsors the Best Sunday Roast Brighton category for the BRAVO awards 2019. Get ready to book your tables; these guys are going to be busy.

1st place
Brightonians in pursuit of the perfect Sunday roast move like the murmurations of starlings over the city, and landed this year amongst The Geese on Southover. Their winning formula continues to back the trend towards straight forward basics that this year's BRAVOs seems to reflect, with fresh, seasonal ingredients treated with respect and served in generous quantities winning the day.
2nd place
Holding steady for a second year is Russell Tisbury in the kitchen at The Ladies Mile; the roasts here promise two things: quality and consistency. To do a job well is challenge enough, to do it to unwavering standards, multiple times in a single afternoon is nothing short of genius.
3rd place
It's a bold move in a city where roasts rule the Sunday dining scene to offer only a single roast option. Nevertheless The Coal Shed do precisely this with their Sharing Roast Platter of 35-day aged Black Angus sirloin steak cooked to perfection on a Josper Grill and served with local, seasonal trimmings. The vote itself indicates a growing trend in preference to smaller menus that offer higher quality and integrity of production.

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