My Favourite Local Haunt

If you are in the London Road area and fancy something fresh and yummy, then Al Campo is the place for you.

It arrived on the scene two years ago and it never disappoints. Situated in the old Blockbusters building on the north side of the newly converted Co-op site, it is a big and airy place. So often with restaurants at the moment tables are packed in making for an uncomfortable and noisy dining experience. But here the tables are far apart, the music is soft and ambience is oh so gentle.

The décor is eclectic to say the least, with vintage furniture scattered around and bespoke portrait artwork gracing the walls.

Al Campo Lounge, London Road, Brighton, cafe and restaurant

There are various games (such as snakes and ladders, ludo, jenga etc etc) to help the time pass by and this is great if you are with younger ones who often need some distraction whilst waiting for their food or for their parents to stop nattering with whoever they are dining with!

Air Conditioned Restaurant

Myself and my dining companion met on a weekday morning for breakfast. It was the hottest 1st July on record and being pregnant my friend was not in the best of moods to be critiquing food with me. However, as soon as we were in the building her mood was lifted – it wasn’t busy, there was a lovely window table available and most importantly, the air-con was on!

Al Campo Lounge, London Road, Brighton, cafe and restaurant

Something For Everyone

The menu is large, but well laid out and easy to read and there would most definitely be something to suit all tastes. Items are well labelled too so if you have any dietary requirements then the menu would also be easy to navigate for particular dishes.

Extra Decadent

I decided upon the Triple Stack Pancakes with Streaky bacon and Maple Syrup (£6.25), and being extra decadent I requested some extra Maple syrup on the side (I have a sweet tooth and like my pancakes to be saturated!), my friend chose the Lounge Eggs which consisted of Two poached eggs served with Hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin. You then have the option of back bacon, mushrooms, spinach or smoked salmon to accompany the eggs. My friend chose the smoked salmon (£6.75).

The plates when they arrived looked delicious, and were beautifully presented.

Al Campo Lounge, London Road, Brighton, cafe and restaurant

American Style Pancakes

My pancake stack consisted of three good sized American style pancakes with well cooked bacon draped across and then the Maple syrup had been drizzled over the top – amazing. Taste wise these do not disappoint and you get exactly what you want. The portion size is just right, and I could finish the whole plate without feeling underfed or overly stuffed!

Al Campo Lounge, London Road, Brighton, cafe and restaurant

Lounge Eggs

My friend adored her Lounge Eggs. The muffins were toasted well – crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside, and the eggs were perfectly cooked and ran across the plate as she cut into them. The Hollandaise, a sauce that can often overpower a dish, was just right and complemented the eggs and salmon beautifully.

Refreshing Iced Drinks

Being the hottest day rather than opting for our usual coffee and hot chocolates we opted for ice cold drinks instead. My companion chose the Berries Delight (apple juice, Frobishers bumbleberry juice and freshly squeezed lime, Al Campo Lounge, London Road, Brighton, cafe and restaurant£3.75), and I decided upon the Watermelon Iced Tea (ice cold tea & watermelon gomme shaken with fresh lemon juice and topped with soda, £3.75).Both were served in tall glasses over plenty of ice and were just perfect for the morning that it was. The Watermelon tea was a revelation, who knew that would be a good combination, but it worked so well and clearly is a popular drink (our server informed us he had made 32 of this particular drink the previous day!).

Something For Everyone

In summary, this really is a great place to go no matter of your age or if you want just a quick coffee, a full breakfast or a three course meal and a glass of wine. This place suits everyone and the clientele that particular morning proves that everyone goes there.

Myself and my companion left building feeling very satisfied, refreshed and ready for the rest of our day.

I shall most definitely be back.

What Next?

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