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Healthy Restaurants in Brighton

Welcome to our quick guide to healthy eating and healthy restaurants in Brighton and Hove.

As the seasons change, so do our dietary preferences. While fresh salads and beach BBQs may be popular in one season, hearty stews and cosy pub fires take the stage in a quintessentially British manner.

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Let’s explore the diverse cuisines available in the city while offering insights on making healthier choices when dining out. Additionally, we’ll take a look at the Sussex produce available on our doorstep, so we can enjoy the health benefits of produce, while considering the food miles of what we are eating.

Embrace the health benefits of indian cuisine

Let’s embark on a journey into an age-old diet experiencing a renaissance found in the Ayurvedic teachings of Indian Philosophy. While the full practice embraces one’s entire lifestyle, we can extract some culinary nuggets of ancient wisdom that we can all enjoy. There are plenty of wonderful Indian restaurants on our doorstep, offering a rich tapestry of flavours and health benefits.

Metabolism Boosting Spices

Many key spices in Indian cuisine offer medical and dietary advantages. Chilli, for instance, aids in boosting metabolism, making it great for weight management. Coriander and turmeric, the new super spices, boast antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, known for enhancing immunity and combating winter bugs.

Check out our guide to Indian restaurants and included in this, dont forget to have a look at Majahma who offer Indian food delivered to your home via sustainable tiffin boxes.

Pictured, the delicious paneer skewer at Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton’s Lanes.

Go with your gut.

The gut has been under appreciated for a long time but is at last getting its due respect. Whilst fermenting food has been used in the production of alcohol and for preserving produce naturally for hundreds of years, the health benefits are really getting the spotlight lately, aiding digestion through their beneficial enzymes, as well as supplying b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various probiotics.

Asian cuisine is a healthy dining choice

With pickles and tempeh high on the fermented food list, Asian cuisine is a natural choice. Eating at Moshimo sushi bar, Wabi Sabi or new to Brighton FUMI are wonderful recommendations if you haven’t visited already. 

Poke Bowls are also proving a popular choice, being full of variety and fresh flavours; they’re normally a great lunchtime or quick healthy option just like Ramen.

Pictured: sharing boat platter at Moshimo

Plant Power and Plant Pioneers

A massively growing trend and one that Brighton has always championed, the vegetarian and vegan diet has seen more than a few green shoots go up of late. Most restaurants will offer more than a handful of plant-based dishes, helping you achieve healthy, happy and environmental wellbeing.

Smorl’s Kitchen is a family-run, friendly cafe at Brighton Open market that is 100% plant-based specialising in falafel pitta pockets, salads and delicious hot dishes. A 10 minute walk from Smorl’s is The Roundhill, an award-winning vegan pub serving lunch, dinner and their famous Sunday roasts.

Terre a Terre is both a long established and highly acclaimed vegetarian restaurant and while we wouldn’t normally pitch as healthy eating per se you can eat lavishly with less guilt.

Moshimo’s Vegan VVednesday is a great way to get your pickles, your greens and Japanese food in one sitting while many of the dishes at Purezza are kind to the planet at this plant based pizza restaurant.

Pictured, Smorl’s Kitchen in Brighton Open Market

fish restaurants

The health benefits of fish are widely acknowledged, as they play a crucial role in a healthy, well-balanced diet. Fish are an excellent source of protein and vitamins, serving as a primary dietary source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

excelling by the sea

Explore our comprehensive guide to fish or seafood restaurants in Brighton, presenting impressive options such as The Salt Room , The Little Fish Market and Market (Anglo-Spanish) restaurant in Hove.  These establishments offer standout choices for those seeking the nutritional goodness and exquisite flavours of seafood.

If you love the taste of the sea too and you’re happy to go further afield we’d love to recommend a Worthing restaurant called Crabshack. Voted the best Sussex restaurant in 2023 at the BRAVO awards and well worth a visit. You may also like our guide to lobster restaurants in Brighton

Pictured, outside at Crabshack restaurant in Worthing

tastes of the mediterranean in Brighton

Mediterranean cuisine, encompassing Greek, Italian, Spanish, and French influences, is well-known for its health benefits. A typical Mediterranean diet includes fish, nuts, plant oils, fruits, and vegetables, contributing to lower inflammation, improved blood vessel function, and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Healthy restaurants Brighton

Our recommendations for health-conscious dining include Nostos Greek restaurant in Hove, Petit Pois, Burnt Orange and Hotel Du Vin on Ship Street. You may also like to try Lost in The Lanes on Nile street with their Mediterranean inspired lunch menu. 

You can also explore our guide to Italian restaurants for a variety of options that align with health-conscious choices.

Pictured, the lunch set menu at Hotel Du Vin

Honey Infused – Apiary

New in 2024, Apiary café and bar on the Brighton and Hove border at Norfolk Square is a must-visit. With a health-conscious, honey-infused menu featuring Black Tiger Prawns, Wild Mushrooms, and Grilled Aubergine, this venue stands out with their small plates. Owned by passionate beekeepers, Apiary is the go-to spot for quality cocktails, wine, mead, and local honey. Their imaginative honey-infused food menu is available throughout the day, making it a delightful addition to your list.

Indulging well | Healthy Restaurants Brighton

A walk through Brighton’s busy streets reveals a plethora of dining options and things to do in Brighton, some riding on the tide of current trends some rebuking them, most finding themselves somewhere in between.

Something all diets require is variety and Brighton restaurants have a lot of that on offer. Whilst moderation isn’t quite so much in keeping with our city’s ethos, we are lucky enough to have the option to ‘indulge well’. 

low sulphite and biodynamic wines.

This even extends to our wine selection with venues such as Plateau and Mange Tout specialising in low sulphite and biodynamic wines.

Pictured, small plates at Mange Tout in Brighton’s North Laine