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Brighton & Hove

Step aside fast food and welcome the flavours of (South) America that are well worth savouring at this Hove restaurant. LatinoAmerica in Hove was the first Argentinian restaurant to open in East Sussex. Here you’ll find beef and full-bodied wines from South America, a country famed for both. Indulge in prime cut steak with fries and classic Argie sauces over a glass of robust Malbec, amid authentic Argentinian hospitality.

Drawing inspiration from global flavours, Social Board’s sandwiches showcase a fusion of tastes, with a nod to American classics. Their Beef Philly, boasting roasted rump pan-fried to perfection, is a standout, complemented by whole grain mustard mayo, gherkins, watercress, and red onion marmalade. Equally enticing is the Mother Clucker, featuring Southern-style boneless chicken tenders bursting with flavour. Paired with your choice of loaded fries, it’s a lunch that transports you to America with every bite.

Lost Boys Land on York Place is the chicken shop from locally acclaimed Lost Boys Chicken. Here they’ve taken what people have grown to know and live since they first started serving out of local pubs in 2017 and really run with it. All their chicken is soaked in buttermilk before being breaded with their secret Southern spice mix. Their home made sauces also take their offering to another level, where you’ll be offered the option to dip, drizzle or drench your choice of drumstick, breast or strips. We recommend the meal deal which includes a bit of each with hot honey and gravy. 

LA indie style coffee house meets New York bar and diner. The food is of superb local quality and the décor and atmosphere cool, stylish and relaxed. If what you need is a big meaty burger, this is definitely a good choice. Although they feature a range of other dishes in their menu, their ‘Dirty Burger’ is fast becoming legendary as one of the best in Brighton.

London’s successful Breakfast Club dining experience has ventured into Brighton’s Lanes after much anticipation. The Breakfast Club has brought a bit of Miami Vice and Art Deco to Brighton. Painted bright yellow with baby blue seats outside, it’s hard to miss! With an extensive menu featuring American dishes such as Beef Chilli, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork it is definitely the place to be if you’re hungry! 


Bar-B-Q Shack at The Worlds End

The Worlds End pub houses the renowned Bar-B-Q Shack famed for some of the best Texan Ribs around. Award-winning chef, John Hargate spent some time in Texas where he perfected the skill of proper ‘dirty’ Texas Barbeque. Luckily for Brighton, he came back and decided to share this skill. The ribs are smoked nearby then properly basted in John’s homemade sticky sauce, Texas-style. Be prepared to go through a lot of napkins!