Where is the best Burger in Brighton and Hove?

The burger boom shows no signs of slowing, and that is good news for the burger lovers of Brighton. Our city boasts a high number of quality burger joints, from street food vendors right through to high end restaurant offerings. So who does scoop the accolade for Best Burger in Brighton?

Lucky Beach Burger - Best Burger in Brighton - Burgers Brighton
Burger Heaven on Brighton’s Seafront – Lucky Beach

The Pick of Brighton’s Best Burgers

The burger craze has been taking this country by storm, and Brighton has responded accordingly. With so many options it can be difficult to choose where to get your fix. Thankfully we are here to help guide you through Brighton’s best burgers. Be warned that this page features some seriously mouth-watering content, and can result in burger cravings within just a few minutes of reading.

Lost Boys Chicken – The Joker, Preston Circus

The Joker Brighton Lost Boys Chicken

Lost Boys Chicken, together with The Joker, won Best Pub Food in the 2017 BRAVO awards, and for good reason. Their free range chicken is treated to some seriously delicious sauces, making this some of the best New York style chicken found outside New York.

Their burger offering is a seriously stacked beast, go for the Chicken Shop Sandwich which in it’s classic simplicity really provides a platform for the chicken to shine.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is a gooey mash up of chicken cooked in one of the four house sauces with blue cheese, Swiss cheese, iceberg and pickles.

For the vegie there’s a beetroot, kidney bean and mushroom burger packing a really meaty plant based taste. Top all of them off with a hearty offering of sides, some craft ales, beers or maybe a cocktail.

The New Club – New York eatery, on Kings Road.

The New Club, Brighton, Restaurant, Diner. Best Burgers Brighton
A five star bite of New York at The New Club, Brighton

Brighton’s little slice of New York, The New Club, is a burger lover’s heaven. With stunning views of the promenade and i360, great food and tasty cocktails this place has got it all. They have been recommended in Shortlist Magazine, Waitrose Magazine and both The Times and Sunday Times as one of Brighton’s best spots. Quality, locally sourced and freshly prepared food is the order of the day.

Their 5 star rated “Dirty Burger” is the stand out option, packed with extras and sloppy sauces to take things up a notch.

If you prefer things a little cleaner then they have other, less dirty, options to choose from. The New Club is one of Brighton’s best loved burger spots, all served with a little bit of New York swagger.

Kooks – Burgers in Brighton’s North Laine

Burger Picture - Kooks

Kooks is a boho-bistro in the North Laine area of Brighton. This popular spot is ideal for a mid-shop bite to eat or weekend meal with a few cocktails.

They take pride in serving freshly prepared and locally sourced dishes that are reasonably priced to boot.

Their classic Kooks burger is a solid offering that does everything it should without messing with a tried and tested formula. Vegetarians are also catered for thanks to the portabello mushroom burger which comes with halloumi, guacamole and blue cheese. Brioche buns and twice cooked chips ensure that your Kooks burger experience is the best that it can be.

Lucky Beach – Burgers on Brighton Beach

Lucky Beach Burger - Best Burger in Brighton - Burgers Brighton
The Lucky Beach Burger (LBB) – receiving national praise

Arguably the most celebrated burger restaurant in Brighton, Lucky Beach are a must visit for any self-respecting burger aficionado.

Their multiple awards include 2017 sustainable restaurant of the year, numerous local best burger awards and national praise from publications such as Delicious Mag, Olive Mag, The Guardian and Waitrose magazine.

They only use Sussex bred grass fed cattle for their burgers with all other meats sourced locally and sustainably. With sides such as lobster bisque fries and Queso mac n cheese, you will be hard pressed to find a more quality burger experience in Brighton.

Side Kick Kitchen/ Mash Tun – Burgers on Brighton’s New Road

Best Burger in Brighton - Sidekick Kitchen at The Mash Tun - Burgers Brighton
The Sunday Roast burger at the Mash Tun

Haters may say that burgers are just for drunks and children, but for some that is one of their strengths. Brighton pub, The Mash Tun, is one of the city’s livelier venues and popular with its student population. Keeping people fed is the Side Kick Kitchen, who are creating some of the more experimental burger offerings around; including their controversial Sunday roast burger. Voted 4th best burger in the inaugural BRAVO awards they are clearly doing something right, and the locally sourced and cooked to order approach is winning plaudits all around town. Buns are sourced from the excellent Flour Pot Bakery and their quirky and fun approach is bound to please many.

The Caxton Arms – Burgers and Booze, North Gardens

Food at Caxton Arms Brighton

The Caxton Arms, takes the fundamentals of an honest good boozer and ever so slightly tickles it into something a bit more fun and contemporary. The same is true of their burgers, served daily from 4-9pm Monday – Thursday and 12-9pm Friday and Saturday. All burgers come with skinny fries and salad as standard and you’ll find all your usual suspects from a Classic beef, Fish and Chicken burgers, but it’s the detail in these burgers that make them come out punching. Nearly half of the burgers can be made gluten free and and inventive vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

32 Duke Street – Burgers in Brighton’s Lanes

32 Duke Street Brighton, restaurant, bar. Best Burger in Brighton - Burgers Brighton
No 32 Classic, Bacon, Monteray Jack, Relish, Pickles

Eat, drink and dance (although not all at the same time) is the strap line for this bar/restaurant/club in the heart of Brighton’s Lanes. The large and spacious venue makes for a stylish lunch and dinner spot, with the outdoor seating a big favourite during the summer months. Their bistro-style menu features a selection of burgers all created using dry-aged chuck steak.

Their menu has everything from a classic burger through to a spicy miso burger or yogurt marinated chicken burger.

If you like your burger with a side of style and topped with a good night out, then 32 Dukes Street could be the venue for you.

The Breakfast Club – Burgers in Brighton’s Lanes

Best Burger in Brighton - The Breakfast Club - Burgers Brighton
Cocktails and Burgers at the popular Breakfast Club

Burgers for breakfast? Well not quite, but The Breakfast Club have a burger based treat on their lunch menu hidden amongst the many other tasty treats. Their bacon cheese burger is a proper slice of stateside eats, or for fans of a chicken burger their “Chicken Dipper” with a side of gravy (for dipping) is seriously good. The Breakfast Club has brought American style dining to Brighton, so be sure to bring a US sized appetite before you visit.

Revelator – Burgers in Brighton, Norfolk Square

Burger at The Revelator - Burgers Brighton
Deep South flavours at the Revelator

Any pub that takes the American deep south as its inspiration must serve some damn fine burgers. Thankfully The Revelator on Western Road has got the goods to back up its claims.

If the idea of washing down a hearty plate of meat with some fine American bourbon appeals to you, then the Revelator should be a must visit. If you are feeling brave, the shotgun burger is the one for you.

The handmade ground chuck steak burgers are as authentic you can get, once topped with any number of delicious goodies this is pure burger heaven. Pull on your cowboy boots and don your Stetson hat and haul ass to the Revelator.

Coal Shed – Quality Burgers from Brighton’s Favourite Steak Restaurant

Steak Burger at The Coal Shed 2016
A seriously high end burger with the best ingredients

If quality is your top concern when it comes to your burger, you can be sure that Brighton’s premier steak restaurant is going to deliver. The Coal Shed may feature a mouth-watering array of sensational steaks, but their burger offering is a serious option for any meal.

The Black Angus steak burger features a prime steak patty with bourbon relish and beef dripping chips on the side. Cooked using their signature josper grill, that infuses the meat with a charcoal smokiness, you will be hard pressed to find a better tasting burger.

The Coal Shed is regularly named in the top 10 restaurants in Brighton, and one of the best in the UK, making this a seriously high-end burger experience.

The Old Bank – Burgers in Kemptown

Best Burgers Brighton, Kemptown steak house
28 day cured British Beef Burgers at The Old Bank House. Photo Credit: The Old Bank, Facebook

Kemptown’s The Old Bank may well be known for its steak and ribs, but when you cook meat this well then burgers must surely be just as delicious. All made using British beef that has been hung for a minimum of 28 days, you can be sure of some quality meat when visiting the Old Bank. For the purist the Banker burger is sure to satisfy, and the pulled pork burger is a taste sensation for fans of American style BBQ. Two chicken burgers also adorn the menu as does a mozzarella and olive burger for the vegetarians on your table. Choose from triple-cooked chips, baked potato or a house salad on the side to complete the meal. The Old Bank is deserving of its place on this list, so why not go check it out today.

Cafe Plenty – Chicken burgers at Preston Circus

Chicken burger - Burgers Brighton
The chicken burger at Café Plenty – Preston Circus

Café Plenty might not immediately spring to mind when you are thinking of Brighton’s best burger options, but perhaps after reading this it will. Their offering may not appeal to purists, mainly due to it being a chicken burger, but the sheer quality on offer cannot be ignored. Plenty is a one stop shop in terms of the amount of food that is produced on site. This bakery, café, coffee house and events space has become a Brighton institution in a very short time. Whether you check out their chicken burger, or just grab a coffee, Plenty is sure to please.

MalMaison – Burgers Brighton Marina

Chez Mal at Malmaison, Cocktail at The Marina - Burgers Brighton
The classic burger at ChezMal – A must visit on Brighton Marina

If you like your burger with a view, then head down to Brighton marina and tuck into some beefy goodness at Malmaison. The Chez Mal Brasserie has been recently refurbished, but the same great views over the marina remain. The Chez Mal burger is a classic offering which everyone will be at home with, but if you want to turn things up to 11 then try The Stack. This combines the classic burger with onion rings, buttermilk fried chicken slider and chipotle slaw to create a platter of burger based beauty. Don’t eat meat, no problem, the mushroom burger at Malmaison is just as hearty and flavoursome as the meat offerings so ticks all round from us.

The Chimney House – Burgers at Brighton’s 7 Dials

Burgers Brighton - The Dirty Burger
Simple and perfectly formed – the ‘Dirty Burger.’

It may have been relegated to the level of bar snack, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the “Dirty Little” burgers at The Chimney House are not a quality offering.

This is a pub that takes it food offering very seriously. Foraged goods and locally sourced seasonal produce is central to The Chimney Houses ethos, and it reflects in the food they produce.

With everything made on site where possible, nothing leaves the kitchen that is not up to scratch. Both the Dirty Little Burger and Dirty Little Rodders feature 35 day-aged beef patties and a homemade brioche bun. If you are looking for a grown-up burger in a relaxed setting, then look no further than The Chimney House.

West Hill Tavern – Burgers Near Brighton Station

Burgers Brighton - Near Brighton station
A new entry and close to Brighton station – The West Hill Tavern

The newly revamped West Hill Tavern offers fantastic views over the city and a warm and family friendly pub for all. When it comes to food their menu is burger lead with no less than four daily options. It is on Tuesdays though where the most burger based options appear, with seven to choose from on a two for one offer. Both Westie options give plenty of appeal for meat eaters, and the two veggie options make for a superb amount of variety. The independent family run pub, sources their beef locally and are veggie and vegan friendly. Once matched with a pint of their cask marque quality ales, you can be sure of a perfect evening all round.

Hove Place – Burgers in Hove

Burger - Hove Place Bistro and Gardens - Burgers Brighton
Gourmet burgers at arguably Hove’s most popular pub

If you like your burger British and bursting with quality ingredients, we think that Hove Place is the pub for you. Their British Wagyu and rump burger with exclusively British ingredients is a bun full of patriotic pride; but not at the price of taste.

Each ingredient has been hand-picked by head chef Phil Bartley, a man who knows his British produce.

This same level of attention has also been levelled on their veggie option with a smoked beetroot and feta burger at its core. Hove Place is a burger option for the gourmet crowd, very much in keeping with its Hove location, actually.

Moksha – Burgers on York Place Brighton

21 day-aged beef at Moksha Caffe on York Place. Best Burger Brighton - Burgers Brighton
Towering high in flavour at Moksha Café

What happens when you take one of Brighton’s best loved cafés and add burgers? Moksha happens is what. Moksha has evolved beyond its coffee shop origins to include a full kitchen operation. Their burger menu focuses around 150g of 21 day-aged beef which has been minced by their friends at The Brighton Sausage Company. This is then matched with toppings such as the award-winning Brighton blue cheese or free-range chorizo to create a menu of succulent burger treats. This family run and ethically minded café/restaurant deserves its place on our best burgers listing, and should please anyone looking for a relaxing break from busy Brighton life.

Cricketers – Burgers in Brighton Centre

The Cricketers, food pub, Golden lion Group, Black Lion Street, The lanes, Brighton - Burgers Brighton
Centrally located – Victorian splendour at the Cricketers

If you like your burger with a slice of Victorian splendour we can highly recommend Brighton icon The Cricketers pub. Situated in the historic Lanes, the pub has an interested history of its own; but you’re not here for a history lesson. Let’s talk burgers. Locally sourced ingredients are packed between a Flour Pot Bakery bun to create a range of burgers worthy of the name.

The short rib and brisket burger leaves most other pub burgers in its shadow, and the Highland wagyu burger elevates the humble burger to new heights.

A traditional pub with a burger offering that can compete with the best, The Cricketers is a highlight of any burger lover’s day.

Bok Shop Chicken Burger

chicken burger with sauce and coleslaw. Best burger Brighton - Burgers Brighton
Fried chicken re-invented at Bok Shop

Driven by the desire to create a chicken shop that is a cut above the questionable late-night eateries we all regret visiting is Bok Shop. If you’re a chicken burger aficionado who is tired of the poultry offerings on offer, then we can highly recommend the chicken burger at Bok Shop. After months of planning and recipe development, they have brought a chicken burger to market that has got the Colonel quaking in his boots. The four flavour options ensure plenty of choice, and with all burgers being offered as vegetarian and vegan alternatives the Bok Shop have something that no other chicken shops offer. Despite being new players on the Brighton burger market, we think that the Bok Shop have created a winning formula.

Earth and Stars – Burgers Brighton

Best burger brighton
Brighton’s eco pub and ethical eatery, The Earth and Stars

The Earth and Stars has long been a Brighton favourite for those looking for some excellent pub grub. Their menu reads like your favourite restaurant menu, and they have put a lot of care and attention into their vegan and veggie options.

When it comes to burgers, everything from the buns to the sauces are made in house. Vegans will be delighted by the delicious Jack Burger and for the meat eaters the classic burger features locally sourced and ethically reared meats.

The Earth and Stars has won a number of local food and drink awards as a result of their ethically sourced and in-house menu; make them your next burger stop and enjoy some superb food in a comfortable pub setting.

The Better Half Hove – Burgers in Hove

Vegetarian burger, food pubs Brighton, Best Burger in Brighton
Smokey vegetarian “Better Burger” at The Better Half

Featuring a locally sourced and seasonal menu, The Better Half is a pub that likes to stick to its traditions but with a contemporary twist. This characterful pub is a hidden gem. The quirky, yet comfortable, interior and warm welcome entice you in; and the quality offerings will keep you coming back. On the menu you will find “The Burger Half” section with a choice of three burgers and optional extras. Everything is 100% homemade, from the buns through to the relish, and you can tell. The classic burger is just that, and their veggie option is a smoky delight. A great pub that serves delicious homemade food is a real treat, and that is what you get at The Better Half.

Bucket and Spade Café – Burgers on Brighton Seafront

burger close up at bucket and spade cafe. Best Burgers Brighton
Family friendly with Sussex sourced food at The Bucket and Spade Café

If you’re after a family friendly venue with a fabulous view, then look no further than the Bucket and Spade Café. Situated in the Victorian arches under the promenade, you benefit from fantastic beach side views. These views are matched with some excellent Sussex produce that has been lovingly crafted into some delicious and honest food. The burger menu is extensive and covers meat, chicken and veggie with ample options; not forgetting the plethora of optional extras.

For those looking for something different, try their Australian burger with grilled pineapple and a fried egg.

The Bucket and Spade Café is a little seaside treat with some delicious burgers.

Coggings and Co – Burgers at The Seven Dials Brighton

Coggings and Co Burger - frequently voted 'Brighton's Best Burger' alongside Burger Brothers - Burgers Brighton
Frequently voted ‘Brighton’s Best Burger’ alongside Burger Brothers

One of Brighton’s best kept secrets, Coggings and Co have dedicated themselves to creating some of Brighton’s best burgers; something that they have achieved in doing so. They believe in doing things simply and well, showcasing the best Sussex produce available. Former winners of Brighton’s best burger at the Brighton and Hove Food Awards, they are also three star rated with The Sustainable Restaurant Association. If you like your burgers local, sustainable and classic then Coggings and Co is the restaurant for you.

Burger Kult at East Street Tap

Burger Kult, Best burgers Brighton
Charismatic and unforgettable, a Kult Leader

Craft beer, punk rock and burgers are the foundations upon which the East Street Tap is built. The burgers come courtesy of their kitchen, Burger Kult, which once tried will convert you to one of their followers. These are burgers with some serious attitude. Chuck steak is at the core of the meat offering, which is then topped with insane extras for a flavour explosion. If you like your burgers big, bold and brash then Burger Kult at East Street Tap could change your life. Ask the staff about the ideal beer pairing to complete the holy trinity of meat, beer and good times.

Burger Brothers – Award Winning

Burger Brothers Bravo
National champions, the Burger Brothers

When you have been named best burger in the UK there is not much else that can be said here. If you’ve not been what are you waiting for? These funky burger brothers have created something so simple that it is beautiful in its simplicity. This take away burger joint focuses solely on the burger itself, controversially neglecting a chip offering on the side. Instead they spent time researching the perfect bun, one that was soft enough to be enjoyable but robust enough not to break under the pressure of its contents. Multi-award winning and unsurpassed for style there is not much more we can add. Quite possibly the best burger in Brighton.

Meat Liquor – Burgers on London Road, Brighton

MEATLIQUOR, Brighton Restaurant, Burger Review, York Place
Hard hitting Meat Liquor is super charged with flavour

When London chain Meat Liquor arrived in Brighton it seemed a match made in meaty heaven. Who could resist the combination of superb burger, ribs and sides and mind numbingly great cocktails…no one, that is who. With their bright and borderline garish interior, harking back to the rad designs of 1990’s skate style, and enough neon and fluorescent light to put the pier to shame they certainly caught the eye. Behind the bright colours you will discover some top-notch food. Catering for both meat eaters and vegetarians, the menu is awash with mouth-watering delights. Their signature “Dead Hippie” burger is not to be missed, as are the vast array of topped fries. With everything cooked to order, and done so with a little pinkness as it should be, this is quality food with flair and a slice of fun.

The Trolls Pantry

Trolls Pantry Best Burgers in Brighton
A street food veteran of the burger craze and Brighton favourite, Trolls Pantry

Brighton street food legend, The Trolls Pantry, has long been one of the city’s favourite burger spots. Their ethical approach utilising locally sourced produce and hand-crafted sauces would be more in keeping with a high end restaurant, but instead you will find them in their shack under the train station. Here you will find their standard core offering of burgers for all budgets, supplemented by seasonal offerings that make the most of seasonal produce and flavours. These zero waste champions and living wage leaders are the burger choice for anyone who chooses to eat with a conscience and are a real contender for best burger in Brighton.

Stock Burger

Stockburger Brighton, best burgers brighton
Perfect marriage of burger and beer at Stockburger

Stock Burger Co are the result of a simple equation, burger + beer = Heaven on Earth. They have created a restaurant that focusses on where it sources its stock (hence the name). Using Glenarm Shorthorn beef, a particularly flavoursome beast, in their burgers is just a part of the puzzle. With carefully sourcing and great beer matches, Stock Burger has got to be tried to be believed. Their extensive menu includes the National Burger Awards winning El Toro, alongside numerous other mouth-watering creations. If you prefer a little more control over the burger then why not create your own with their burger builder menu. With craft beers, cocktails and some seriously exciting desserts you can really go for it at Stock Burger. Did we also mention the boozy speakeasy shakes….