Brighton’s Best Restaurant

The Best Restaurant category is the most highly voted for and sought after category in the BRAVOs. This award is for the restaurant that delivers a stand-out standard. They epitomise the Brighton food scene with the ingenuity and creativity of their food offerings and have a drinks menu to match. They are our city’s brightest stars, they dazzle and amaze. They are the restaurant that you highly recommend to your nearest and dearest and where every visit has you planning your next.

Woods Food Service sponsored the BRAVO 2020 award for Best Restaurant.

Here we have listed the twenty go-to venues of the city. Applaud them for their hands down, unbeatable top standards and raise a glass to their victory as Brighton’s best restaurants.

1st place

Leaping from third to first place in this year’s BRAVOs is The Little Fish Market. This is their second year in the top three! Serving a seasonally changing, ingredient-led, set menu from a 20 cover restaurant open only five evenings a week may limit footfall but allows Chef Duncan Ray to deliver culinary excellence every time. Their placement here in the people’s vote for Best Restaurant, despite the self-imposed limitations on footfall, is a testament to their excellence.

2nd place

Rising from fourth to second place, we raise a glass to the team behind Chard. Their tight-knit familial connections have translated into a truly polished restaurant and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. It would be easy to say that the Chard family must have something ‘gastro’ in their DNA, but that would be disingenuous to the unrelenting hard work and commitment to quality that the team of three consistently deliver.

Chard promises us they’re returning, to continue to delight and dazzle us, in the new year.

3rd place

Securing their place in the top three for the second year and showing Brighton that when it comes to restaurants these guys really are the crème de la crème. The former winner of Masterchef the Professionals, Steven Edwards, has been no stranger to success. His restaurant is only three years old but already holds a Michelin Plate, 5 Good Food Guide and three AA Rosettes. In this, the most voted for BRAVO category, you agreed with the industry experts; etch. leaves a lasting impression.