Brighton’s Best Restaurant

The Best Restaurant category is the most highly voted for and sought after category in the BRAVOs. This award is for the restaurant that delivers a stand-out standard. They epitomise the Brighton food scene with the ingenuity and creativity of their food offerings and have a drinks menu to match. They are our city’s brightest stars, they dazzle and amaze. They are the restaurant that you highly recommend to your nearest and dearest and where every visit has you planning your next.

Here we have listed the twenty go-to venues of the city. Applaud them for their hands down, unbeatable top standards and raise a glass to their victory as Brighton’s best restaurants.

1st place

Barely was the paint dry and the Josper oven lit before this youngest member of The Coal Shed/Salt Room family was raking in praise. And you couldn’t agree more. Burnt Orange combines a level of accessibility with exceptional style and quality that catapulted them into the hearts and BRAVOs of the Brighton public. This orange isn’t burnt, it’s on fire!

2nd place

This year Steven Edwards’ restaurant, Etch, celebrates its fifth birthday and consecutive top-three spots in the BRAVO best restaurant category since opening. The MasterChef winner’s menu which uniquely cameos only two ingredients with each plate never fails to keep you showering Etch with BRAVO praise.

3rd place

This is The Little Fish Market’s third year in the top three for Brighton’s best restaurant by public vote. No small feat in itself when you consider the restaurant’s scale and that its set menu, which runs to some 12 plus courses, is seafood focussed. Despite this precise appeal The Little Fish Market still lands worthy adoration.