Comfort food roundup

When it’s nasty on the outside you want something that will help you feel good on the inside. Comfort food is food that makes you feel warm and cosy whatever the weather and may tend to be a bit carb heavy, but nobody cares about your beach bod when you’re wearing a woolly jumper. So brace yourself to hit the cold dark streets, it’ll be worth it because what awaits you is a lovely big comfort food cuddle.

Individual meat free pie with vegetables and a glass of beer

Hearty, Home cooked and Homegrown

The first meals that spring to mind when seeking absolute comfort are the dishes that we associate with warm, round bellies that are full of the meals cooked by mum or dad. The home cooked pies and best of British sausages are certainly one of the most sought after cuisines. Luckily for you, many Brighton pubs (and we have about nine hundred) have taken the “home cooked” approach and run with it. For a list of venues serving the best and most comforting gastro classics, head here.

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Smorls kitchen brighton

Plant Power

Whilst some associate hot, filling, carb heavy meals with being the food equivalent of a snuggly duvet and settle on those dishes for winter comfort. Others, will sway more to the fresher, leaner and let’s face it greener pastures of cuisine. If you’re looking for a plant based lunch that will warm your cockles and give you the nutrients that your body is craving, then head to the Open Market and check out Smorl’s. Their dishes are made fresh daily, with deliciously organic goodness layered on fresh vibrant flavours. Roundhill, is another great option for plant based nutrients that leave you tummy singing. They’re an inclusive community pub with an exclusively plant based menu and bar. If you’re looking for a more high end plant fix, then Terre a Terre is the one. Their menu is fit for a king and offers its diners a sensual feast of flavours, colours, textures and taste like no other place around. Here’s a list of plant based restaurants in Brighton and Hove.

A row of tables with red parasols facing out on the Brighton marina front


For those not familiar with the Danish concept, “hygge” is a state of cosiness accompanied by feelings of wellbeing, contentment and comfort. To achieve instant hygge head down to the seafront for views of the steely cold sea while you tuck into locally sourced burgers at Lucky Beach Cafe. Or, The Salt Rooms to experience the winning combo of fresh sea views from warm venues full of enticing food aromas. If you’re flexing nautical down by Brighton Marina, then you’ll want to make sure you scope out The Watershed. They have a large sun terrace, set right on the harbour. Yacht side, fish and chips dining at its best. Ohso Social offers its diners some of the best views in Brighton. It’s set right on the seafront and the large alfresco dining area ensures panoramic views of the sea and top-quality, freshly prepared pub classics. 

Lost Boys Chicken Brighton. Gastro Pubs Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards - Bank Holiday Brighton - Brighton Festival

Messy food

Go paleo and eat with your hands, food that demands contact (and lots of napkins) is great for the feel-good factor. Go big with The Mesmerist on Prince Albert St, where their Southern Smokehouse inspired menu grants you a fistful of nachos in one hand and smoked ribs in the other. Or, head to Lost Boys Chicken at The Joker for American style wings and some indulgent BBQ sauce smothering.

Head down to Black Lion Street for a taste of the Caribbean at Rum Kitchen. Nothing says comfort like the warm spices and chargrilled flavour of jerk barbecue, or a delicious rum glazed pulled pork burger (or jackfruit for veggies and vegans) with scotch bonnet heat, warming your core. Rum cocktails are a speciality here with happy hour running daily until 7 pm. There’s a carefully selected playlist to put you in the carnival mood and live DJs every weekend. Comfort, in this case, might just get elevated to a party.

Curry Leaf cafe kemptonw


As a comfort food, there’s nothing quite like dahl, easy on the digestion, wholesome and warming. The combination of chilli, ginger, turmeric and garlic are also well known to stave off winter ailments. Brighton is lucky to have some great authentic Indian restaurants, all offering their take on the ubiquitous Indian favourite. See our selection of the best Indian Restaurants in town.

Image: Curry Leaf Kitchen  

Waiter holding a pepperoni and vegetarian pizza

Italian Influence

From pasta to pizza and seafood to sundaes, the Italians know how to conjure deep stomach contentment. Nuposto, are setting constant high standards for their authentic Italian dishes and offer a fantastic service for the little ens. Vegan’s and pasta fiends will be pleased to hear that the lively Black Lion Pub has recently added vegan meatballs to their menu. Hungry for more Italian options? Here’s our pick of local Italian restaurants.  

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Roast-ess with the mostess

Brightonians are known for their love of the ‘Sunday session’, the hearty meal accompanied by good friends and maybe a craft ale makes winter worthwhile and can definitely add the comfort we crave during those bleaker months. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a pub roast. Step aside Aunt Bessie the gloves are off! Have a look at our selection of must try Sunday Roast deliveries in Brighton. Most of these are finish at home so it eliminates prep and the pressure of the dreaded timings. If you’re eating out then you have tons of fantastic options. Here are our top picks of local venues serving premium Sunday Roasts. 

Image: The Coal Shed 

Julien Plumart Brighton

Comforting Candy

If a day shopping is called for but the weather isn’t making it a joy, best sugar the experience with frequent stops for a cuppa and a cake. In the North Laines head to Kooks or Cafe Moksha for a fresh slice, or the Trading Post is handily located across the city and serves plenty of fresh cakes and pastries. If you really want to push the boat out then head to the prize jewel on sweet treat crown; Julien Plumart is a perfectly Parisian patisserie in central Brighton. If the tantalising window display of rainbow macarons doesn’t hit the sweet spot, then we don’t know what will!