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Alcohol-free in Brighton

Are you looking for an alcohol free Brighton? The city is brimming with fabulous restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs in Brighton. And if you don’t drink alcohol it may be easy to feel left out of the fun. Fear not sober citizens, our guide to an alcohol-free lifestyle in Brighton and Hove will help you confidently stride into sobriety.

Alcohol-free cocktails 

Mix it up and order a mocktail from the server at your favourite cocktail bar. Alcohol-free cocktails are often as delicious as their boozy brothers but, minus the liquor and you’ll certainly feel quicker the morning after! 

1920s Deco inspired North Laine based Bar Valentino has cracking offer running as part of Dry-Jan. It includes bespoke alcohol free cocktails, low ABV lager and a first drink for free promotion!

Take a trip to Permit Room in the Lanes where they take pride in their fantastic no alcohol cocktail selection, or Blossoms Brighton, known as the ‘izakaya’ of the Lanes for some Japanese spirit-free cocktails.

Or while you’re in the Lanes you could head to Oculist and peruse their Mocktail menu. The roof terrace is the perfect place to sit in the summer or catch one of the DJ nights for a great night out.

If you are more about fuss-free beverages but still love the flavour of spirit drinking, try ordering a G&T without the G. Most good pubs and Brighton bars will stock a select variety of alcohol-free spirits for you to sup on this season. You’ll also find most bars stock a range of 0% spirits for the flavour without the headache. 

A man with long hair wearing a dark collarless shirt stands behind a bar holding a cocktail shaker, a row of tasseled lamps stretch off into the distance over the bar, into a dark background - Bar Valentino Brighton. Alcohol free Brighton
Best Cocktails in Brighton 2024 - Permit Room Brighton - Permit Room team celebrating and holding BRAVO trophy. A brightly dressed team standing and cheering in front of their brightly coloured facade.


Visiting one of our BRAVO top 20 winners for the best cocktail bar is a sure-fire way to grab a great drink. They may have bagged a BRAVO for their boozy beverages but we bet they’ll be a dab hand at knocking up some equally appetising alcohol-free cocktails for you to knock back.

The permit Rooms scooped the best cocktail bar this year in the 2024 BRAVO Awards. You can see all the BRAVO winners just here. 

bartender preparing alcohol free Brighton cocktails. The bartender is at Gung Ho. The bar is wooden with a back drop of drinks glasses behind.

‘erbal infusions 

Mocktails aren’t just about losing the alcohol. There are some masterful mixologists out there that’ll swap out the booze for a herbal alternative. These herbal infusions are said to stimulate and elevate you in a way that far surpasses the powers of booze. Don’t believe us? Then head to Gungho on Preston Street and see for yourself! 

Twisted Lanes

Twisted Lanes in Brighton is a cocktail specialist known for its incredible selection of mocktails and low-alcohol drinks. With around 60 mocktails on the menu, there’s plenty to choose from, and many cocktails can be made alcohol-free on request. Their small plates menu is designed to complement these delightful drinks, offering a range of tasty options perfect for sharing. This combination of expertly crafted beverages and delicious small plates makes Twisted Lanes a super cool option for you to try and you’ll be able to see, just why it is so popular. 

Honey infused 

Apiary specialises in meticulously crafted cocktails, with honey at the heart of each creation, and offers plenty of non-alcoholic options—just ask Alastair. It’s the perfect spot for drinks, and their small plates menu provides a variety of options to complement your evening, no matter your mood. Whether you’re looking for a lively night out or a relaxed evening, Apiary’s innovative drinks and delectable bites ensure a memorable experience.

Beach House – Alcohol Free

Beach House is a cafe-bar in Worthing which offers an impressive selection of alcohol-free drinks, perfect for those seeking refreshing alternatives in Worthing. Enjoy a zesty Elderflower Fizz, a revitalising Nojito, or a rich Alcohol-Free Beer. These beverages complement their standout dishes, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Highlights from their menu include the Vegan “Moving Mountain” Burger with relish, a vibrant Vegan Buddha Bowl packed with avocado, vegetables, and quinoa, and the flavourful Vegetarian Tagine. With a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences, Beach House provides a satisfying and inclusive environment for all guests to enjoy and great alcohol free options. 

Low ABV Beers – Alcohol Free Brighton

“Afterwork pint, anyone?” no longer has to mean knocking back jugs of high percentage drafts. We’re not denying it’ll be tough prizing your eyes away from your favourite craft beer and local brews but there is an alternative if you’re looking for an alcohol free Brighton. We’re blessed here in Brighton with having local breweries and pubs that offer a fantastic range of low ABV and alcohol-free beer. The sheer quantity of venue choice can be dizzying, so have a peruse through our picks of local watering holes and just make sure you ask for low ABV beer when you get there! 

The Roundhill Pub and Tapestry offer a selection of low/no beers, along with alcohol free cocktails.

inside the bronze
brunch served

Fruit burst 

Perhaps it’s easier to swerve all things alcohol-related? If that’s the case then why not b-line past the booze and head to one of our favourite cafes, where you’ll be able to enjoy fresh juices, smoothies and milkshakes. The natural sugar rush and health kick that can be experienced when indulging in these drinks when not hungover might just be enough to see you through. A very healthy alternative if you’re looking to go alcohol free in Brighton. 

Knoops summer drinks on Brighton beach on a sunny day. Alcohol free brighton

Willy Wonka without the wonk

In the words of the great Willy Wonka himself “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it” and we all know it’s far easier to see if you’re not four pints in!

Knoops is Brighton’s answer to Willy Wonka. The Knoopologists behind this dreamy, Lanes based, chocolate drink cafe have created a truly unique chocolate drinking experience, that simply must be tried by all.

What is knoopology?

Discover your perfect chocolate drink by allowing the Knoopologist to take you through their extensive chocolate selection, discover new depths of flavour and deliver you a drink that has the ability to match, lift and accentuate your mood.

Switch the ritual 

Here at RB we’re suckers for standing on ceremony, we love a great British tradition and when it comes to socials, we seldom turn down an invite! So, this month we’re alternating our afternoon (alcohol-free) pint meet-ups with afternoon tea socials and should you wish to do the same we’ve put together a hit list of venues that serve the most sumptuous high teas in town. For more inspiration, see the top 20 BRAVO winners for the best afternoon tea in Sussex. 

Afternoon tea at Terre A Terre vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. Alcohol free brighton