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Explore the ultimate Mexican street food at Shelter Hall with Crudo Mexican. Founded by Paul and Tom, this dynamic duo has curated not just a restaurant, but an entire cultural experience. With a blend of traditional Mexican street foods and their own unique flair, Crudo brings the essence of Mexico to Shelter Hall. Get ready to savour a mosaic of Mexico’s finest street foods, each dish telling a story of rich culinary heritage.

A man in a blue apron and rainbow bandanna stands outside a cafe called Taquitos Casazul. Mexican street food in Brighton

Casa Azul

Casazul has captured the hearts of Brighton with its authentic, homemade Mexican food. Situated in the historic Brighton Open Market, it secured 1st place in the Good to Go category at the BRAVO Awards. Casazul’s simple menu of tacos and loaded tortillas is complemented by spicy handmade sauces, pickles, and herbs, creating a delightful flavour explosion. Embracing a cutting-edge sustainability ethos, Casazul also claimed the 2nd spot in the BRAVO Sustainable Eats category. Additionally, every dish has a vegan version, and takeaway is served in reusable, returnable glassware.

Halisco - Eat Well For Less 2024 BRAVO - team shot


Halisco on Preston Street invites you to enjoy the bold Latin flavours of Mexico, exciting your taste buds with vibrant colours and tequila-based drinks to put you in the party spirit. If you’re yearning for authentic Mexican cuisine in Brighton, Halisco is the ideal destination. Halisco provides a warm and lively atmosphere. The moment you enter, you’re transported to contemporary Mexico, personalised artwork, and decor that make you feel right at home.

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Carlito Burrito

Carlito Burrito offers an authentic Mexican experience, from the food to the vibrant décor and lively atmosphere nearby to Moksha cafe. Emphasising quality, authenticity, and freshness, they make homemade tacos daily, import chillies from Mexico, and source quality Sussex produce. For those who enjoy variety and sharing, the tapas menu is a highlight. Known for their classic Margherita and Churros, Carlito Burrito consistently ranks at the Brighton Restaurant Awards, often featuring in categories like International cuisine and Eat Well For Less.

Dos Sombreros, Mexican Restaurant, Brighton

Dos Sombreros

Dos Sombreros serves a menu with a slight Tex-Mex influence, offering a mix of Mexican and British dishes to cater to various preferences. The Brighton restaurant features a great selection of cocktails, and for tequila enthusiasts, there’s a dedicated Tequila Bar upstairs with a dance floor for those who want to enjoy a lively Latino-style atmosphere. (Image Credit: Dos Sombreros)

La Choza Best Budget Bites Brighton restaurant awards BRAVO

La Choza

La Choza, recently awarded the ‘Eat Well For Less‘ title in the 2023 BRAVOs, has become a notable presence in Brighton’s North Laine. Owners Aoife and Annie, seasoned visitors to Mexico, encourage guests to “drop in and enjoy affordable, healthy, tasty slow-cooked Mexican street food.” Their menu reflects simplicity and freshness, allowing the vibrant ingredients to speak for themselves.

Wahaca, Brighton, Mexican Restaurant, street, market food


Wahaca, established in 2007, is the brainchild of co-founder Thomasina Miers, whose inspiration derived from extensive travels to Mexico. Thomasina, a Masterchef winner in 2005 with experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant, joined forces with fellow Mexico enthusiast Mark Selby. Together, they envisioned and created a UK restaurant chain that captures the lively colours, rich flavours, and vibrant atmosphere of Mexico’s markets. Located on New Road nearby to Furna restaurant

Tortilla, Mexican food in Brighton


Tortilla, a casual diner-style restaurant, is part of a chain present in London and several other cities. Tortilla has quickly become popular among busy shoppers in areas like Churchill Square and Western Road. The menu centres around Californian burritos and tacos, drawing inspiration from the West Coast burrito bars that the Californian owner, Brandon, holds dear. (Photo credit: Tortilla) Wahaca is a popular Mexican Restaurant Brighton has fell in love with.