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Worker Friendly Places in Brighton and Hove

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Hotel Du Vin in Brighton is a great choice for remote working. The hotel offers a stylish and comfortable environment with free Wi-Fi, making it laptop-friendly. You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere in their lounge areas or even book a meeting room for a more private workspace. With its central location, it’s convenient for both locals and visitors looking for a productive yet relaxed setting. This is one of our top rated spaces for arranging meetings and working on the laptop. Their Gallery, is a quiet sanctuary on their first floor, overlooking their main bar. 

Vios offers a laptop-friendly environment, making it suitable for remote working. It provides delicious coffee, smoothies, freshly made breakfast options, and authentic Greek meze, creating a welcoming atmosphere for those looking to work while enjoying Mediterranean-inspired delights. Located opposite Donnatello’s in the Lanes

Malmaison on Brighton Marina is a stylish larger boutique hotel offering a chic and comfortable atmosphere, making it a suitable spot for remote working. The hotel provides plenty of lounges and seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and a relatively calm environment compared to busier cafes or food halls. With stunning Brighton marina views and a variety of food and drink options available, it’s a laptop-friendly place ideal for those looking to work remotely while enjoying a pleasant ambiance. A real plus point too is the free parking at Brighton Marina and their afternoon teas.

The Post House Café in Brighton is a cosy and welcoming spot that’s ideal for remote working and is very central. With its comfortable seating, reliable Wi-Fi, and plenty of power outlets, it’s a laptop-friendly environment. The café offers a relaxed atmosphere, making it a great place to focus on tasks or have meetings while enjoying delicious coffee and food.

The Grand Hotel in Brighton offers an elegant and serene atmosphere, making it suitable for remote working. Its lobby and lounge areas provide comfortable seating and a peaceful environment, ideal for focusing on tasks. With reliable Wi-Fi, ample power outlets, and attentive service, The Grand Hotel is a laptop-friendly option for those seeking a productive workspace away from home. Located on Brighton seafront. 

Moksha is a fantastic spot to meet friends or colleagues, featuring an award-winning brunch menu and superb coffee. It’s bustling and vibrant, making it perfect for socialising, though not ideal for a quiet working environment. This is one of our favourite spots and we even buy their inhouse grind coffee blend and take it home.

Shelter Hall in Brighton is a vibrant food hall offering a variety of changing dining options and stunning sea views. While it’s a fantastic seafront spot for enjoying a meal or meeting friends, its bustling atmosphere may not be ideal for remote working or focusing on tasks if you want a quiet working environment. 

LOST in the Lanes in Brighton’s Lanes area is a stylish cafe restaurant that offers a cosy and eclectic atmosphere. While it’s a popular spot for enjoying award winning lunches and drinks, its ambiance may not be super conducive to remote working or prolonged laptop use. It’s more suited for meetings or socialising, relaxing, and enjoying the unique vibes of this trendy part of Brighton.

Trading Post Coffee Roasters in Brighton’s Lanes area is a popular choice for remote working and is laptop-friendly. It offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making it conducive to productivity. As for its style, Trading Post is a modern and trendy coffee shop with a minimalist aesthetic. The coffee quality is excellent, with a variety of specialty blends and single-origin options to choose from. Locations: Western Road, Kensington Gardens, Sydney Street and Lewes

Coppa Club located within a labyrinth of narrow streets is very suitable for remote working and is laptop-friendly. With its spacious and comfortable seating areas, access to power outlets, and free Wi-Fi, it provides an ideal environment for getting work done. Additionally, the venue offers a relaxed atmosphere, good lighting, and a varied menu, making it conducive to productivity while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

The Permit Room in Brighton is suitable for remote working and is laptop friendly. With its cosy yet spacious ambiance, ample seating, and complimentary Wi-Fi, it provides an ideal venue for productivity. Additionally, the quiet atmosphere and attentive service make it a place where you can concentrate and be productive. 

The Chimney House in Seven Dials offers a welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for remote working. With ample seating, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets available, it provides all the essentials for a productive work session. Additionally, its quiet ambiance during the day allows for concentration, while the friendly staff ensures a comfortable experience for remote workers in this popular Brighton pub. 

With Wi-Fi available, Honey Cake by Mary in Hove provides an inviting environment for remote work. Settle in with a delectable slice of artisan cake and a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you tackle your tasks in comfort. The cosy ambiance and welcoming atmosphere make it the perfect spot to focus and be productive while indulging in a treat. Whether you’re catching up on emails, or simply seeking inspiration, Honey Cake by Mary offers a peaceful retreat where you can work efficiently and enjoyably.