Brighton’s Top 20 Cafes

As a city Brighton spends more on coffee per capita than any other part of the UK, we also have the highest number of freelancers and contractors. Are the two things connected? We suspect so. What makes for the Best Cafe is down to you; powerful wifi and comfy chairs, good cake, fresh lunches and friendly staff might all come into it, but you’ve got to start with seriously good coffee.

Urban Food Service sponsored the BRAVO award for Best Cafe and they join us in raising their latte to the top 20.

1st place

In a city drenched in coffee, it is impressive to see how a small independent business, in an out of the way location can garner tremendous support. Starfish and Coffee is such a venue, achieving first place in a BRAVO for the third year in a row and proving they deliver time and again what it takes to win our hearts and loyalty; even to the extent that we are willing to face the hills of Hanover for the perfect cafe experience.

2nd place

This fond favourite has shown us just what it takes to be one of the best cafes in Brighton. Moksha’s family friendly all inclusive approach to cafe culture, extensive yet delicious menu and their relaxed atmosphere, constantly makes them stand out from the crowds and bullseye your cafe sweet spot.

Black Mocha
3rd place

Black Mocha

Black Mocha not only slot perfectly into the bustling streets of Brighton’s North Laines, but they also dazzle here in the top three of the BRAVO awards for Best Cafe. This gem of a cafe is an independent, modern and social venue. They have ample seating and an impressive selection of tasty treats. They’re quickly becoming the go-to place for a grab and go coffee and they really do serve some of the best mochas in town!

Marmalade Best Tea and Cake Brighton restaurant awards BRAVO
4th place


Cafe Rust Brighton. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
5th place

Cafe Rust

10th place


Treacle & Ginger. afternoon tea brighton.Brighton Restaurant Awards
11th place

Treacle & Ginger

Cafe Coho
12th place

Cafe Coho

13th place

This Little Piggy

Fika Hove BRAVO
14th place

Fika Hove

Pelicano Brighton. Best cafes Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
17th place