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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Spanish small plate dining at Tinto Taperia in Brighton. Located next to the Theatre Royal on New Road, this lively eatery offers an authentic taste of Spain with their tempting selection of tapas. From succulent gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) to indulgent patatas bravas, each dish bursts with traditional Spanish flavours. Explore the menu and discover a tantalising variety of tapas, including crispy croquetas, sizzling chorizo, and refreshing gazpacho. Experience the lively atmosphere, friendly service, and the joy of sharing delicious bites at Tinto Taperia.

Bathed in an illustrious reputation, Burnt Orange shines as a revered gem in Brighton’s culinary landscape and is Brighton’s best restaurant in 2022 and 2023. Its menu, a testament to social feasting, weaves an exquisite tapestry of small plates adorned with captivating flavours and seasonal ingredients that come together to create a masterpiece of modern European dining. With seasonal cocktails and a handpicked wine list of notable merit, there’s an enticing libation to complement every dish.

English’s of Brighton offers a number of delightful options if you’re in the mood to share (minimum two people). There are traditional cold platters of seafood with dressed crab, seafood and a mouthwatering selection of sauce or hot platters with battered oysters, baked fish, seared scallops and more. A Bouillabaisse-influenced seafood stew – tomato bisque with seabass, monkfish and halibut, tiger prawns, scallops, mussels, clams and squid – is served with fresh bread rolls. Order the catch of the day, filleted tableside for your enjoyment. And there’s always the option of two dozen oysters with a bottle of champagne…

Blossoms Brighton, known as the ‘izakaya’ of the Lanes, is your destination for a complete experience of dining and imbibing. The award-winning cocktail bar offers a diverse selection of Japanese small plates, expertly paired with their signature cocktails. From gyozas to bao buns, fresh sushi, and an array of delightful bites, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The cocktail menu boasts innovative flavour combinations that consistently draw back their loyal clientele. For sake enthusiasts, they’ve curated a quality selection alongside a generous variety of wines and Japanese spirits.

Tucked away near Kemptown‘s seafront, DaddyLonglegs beckons with its unwavering dedication to a remarkable small plates menu. Here, you’ll find seasonal dishes that embrace global influences and reimagine traditional favourites. From the vibrant fusion of Asian-inspired street food to the bold complexity of Mediterranean flavours. Wine aficionados, take note: DaddyLonglegs stands as one of Brighton’s best-kept secrets, promising an exquisite selection that will elevate your dining experience. 

Brighton’s original sushi conveyor belt delivers the most tantalising small plates, loaded with the finest in Japanese cuisine to your table at Moshimo. The artistry of the cuisine has been well mastered here, you’ll find all the traditional delicacies ready to accompany you on your culinary journey. As well as hot sake – and other crafted beverages – which will add further to your journey into Eastern dining.

There’s a harmonious marriage of culinary and mixology artistry at Bohemia. Their thoughtfully designed food menu beautifully complements our extraordinary cocktail creations. From Spanish-style small plates for light grazing to satisfying big plates from Europe and enticing sharing options, indulge your palate with a delightful array of flavour in the heart of Brighton Lanes.

Lost, where the ever-evolving menu showcases an array of small plates that exude boldness and global flavours. Each dish is meticulously crafted, delivering a symphony of flavours that captivate the palate. With visually stunning presentations and irresistibly delicious creations, Lost entices diners with its laid-back yet elegant dining experience. Join the many who seek to unravel the mystery of flavours and transform from “Lost In The Lanes” to joyfully “found”.

Perched atop Seven Dials, Brighton Cocktail Company seamlessly meets their elevated positioning with a remarkable beverage and food experience. Designed to enhance your drinking and socialising moments, their menu boasts exquisite small plates creations, delightful deli boards, and tantalising sharing platters. Each dish is meticulously crafted with impeccably sourced produce, ensuring unwavering quality and irresistible flavours.

Step right up to the culinary carnival of flavours at Rum Kitchen, where the small plates selection proudly flaunts their title: “Wings & Things.” These delectable bites are not to be underestimated, as they have earned their rightful place on this prestigious list of petite yet powerful dishes. Within the vibrant walls of their Caribbean cuisine haven, prepare to embark on a taste adventure where audacious, genuine, and vibrant flavours command the spotlight.


For a harmony of flavours and flair visit the acclaimed Terre à Terre. Championing innovative vegetarian cooking this trailblazing restaurant ignited the vegetarian flame in Brightons belly and 30 years later continues to dish out wonderfully unique creations, whether it’s small plates or otherwise you simply must sample the culinary genius of this local treasure! Terre á Terre is consistently voted among the best restaurants in Brighton and in BRAVO 2023 came third in the Brighton Top 20.

Tutto Italian restaurant in Brighton invites you to embrace the art of sharing with their delightful small plate dining experience. Discover the rich and diverse flavours of Italy as you indulge in a range of exquisite dishes designed for communal enjoyment. From traditional antipasti and bruschetta to mouthwatering pasta and wood-fired pizzas, Tutto offers a tempting array of Italian culinary treasures. Gather your loved ones and savour the joy of sharing as you explore the diverse and authentic flavours of Italy, right in the heart of Brighton.

Purezza in Kemptown Brighton tempts diners with their delectable small plate menu, showcasing their innovative plant-based creations. From their famous vegan pizzas to flavourful small plates like arancini, seitan skewers, and truffle fries, each dish bursts with vibrant flavours. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to explore plant-based cuisine, Purezza’s small plate menu offers a diverse range of satisfying options. Indulge in their brunch-inspired dishes or enjoy an evening of sharing plates with friends, all while savouring the deliciousness of their cruelty-free creations.

Experience the art of small plate dining at Cyan restaurant, located at the iconic Grand Hotel on Brighton seafront. Their all-day dining menu features a selection of small plates designed for sharing and savouring. Delight in dishes such as crispy fried squid, tender lamb koftas, and aromatic spiced cauliflower. Each small plate is crafted with precision and showcases the finest flavours and ingredients. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner, Cyan’s small plate dining offers a memorable culinary journey with stunning sea views as the backdrop and the impressive Grand Hotel lounge for pre-dinner cocktails

UnamiNation have created a superb selection of Aisian-inspired small plates for their “East meets West” menu at The Mesmerist. Satay skewers, bao buns and zesty salads set the scene for a feast, while the backdrop of Brighton’s liveliest Lanes based venue, may entice you to venture further to discover their house cocktails and late night vibes when the venue really comes to life.

Experience the charm of small plate dining at Coppa Club, nestled in a prime location in Brighton. Settle into their iconic igloos and embark on a culinary journey with their enticing selection of small plates. From mouthwatering antipasti plate, crispy fried squid, and the pea and broad bean hummus platter, each dish is designed for sharing and savouring. Immerse yourself in the stylish ambiance, sip on delicious cocktails, and enjoy the lively atmosphere as you explore the diverse flavours of their small plate offerings. Coppa Club is the perfect destination for a memorable small plate dining experience in Brighton.

The Permit Room in Brighton’s Lanes serves a fantastic selection of Indian small plates inspired by various regions across the country. The creamy Cauliflower Moilee, paired with fresh tandoor-baked naan, and the Carrot and Chilli Sharp Bites are absolutely delicious—this we can vouch for. Both meat eaters and plant-based enthusiasts are welcome, thanks to a balanced menu offering options for everyone. Whether it’s a quick chai pit-stop or a feast of small plates with friends, you’re welcome day and night

Fumi presents an exquisite seasonal menu, collaborating closely with local suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Their flavour-led small plates embody the true essence of Japanese dining, with each dish meticulously crafted and beautifully presented. Complementing the culinary journey, the bar offers a delightful selection of natural wines and a unique array of expertly crafted cocktails. Fumi offers an array of delectable small plate dishes, ranging from their savoury gyoza dumplings to the flavourful yakitori skewers and mouthwatering sushi rolls.

The Roundhill Pub is all about sharing their love for all things vegan, and their small plates menu is designed to do just that. With accessible vegan favourites like Home-Made Hummus and Patatas Bravas, to their exciting meat inspired plates such as their famous Garlic Butter ‘Scallops’ and Sticky BBQ Ribs, The Roundhill is vegan foodie paradise. If you are dabbling in going plant-based, or just up for trying something new, The Roundhill Pub’s small plate menu is made for you. 

The adage “great things come in small packages” finds its truest expression at Kitgum. This pocket rocket of a restaurant harmoniously blends flavours from the east coast of Africa, the west coast of India and infuses them into Modern British dining, delivering small plates bursting with irresistible flavours. With a menu that evolves regularly, prepare to be delighted by an abundant range of choices that showcase exceptional quality, adapting to the flavours of each season. Pictured, the Kitgum team winning the award for best international cuisine at the BRAVO Awards in 2023. 

Plateau Brighton offers a captivating small plate dining experience with exquisite flavours and a stylish ambiance. Indulge in a bold selection showcasing culinary expertise, complemented by expertly crafted cocktails and an impressive wine list. With a chic atmosphere and delectable offerings, Plateau is the ideal destination for a memorable small plate dining experience in Brighton.

David Marrow and Isaac At. The two Brighton chefs behind Embers which opens in 2023. New Brighton Restaurants

Embers | Wood fire Small Plates

Embers in Brighton offers an intimate dining experience that ignites your taste buds with small plates crafted from exceptional local ingredients, cooked over a crackling wood fire for a smoky flavour. It’s a camping-inspired culinary adventure without the creepy crawlies, where your appetite pitches the only tent. Embers’ drink menu features classic and bespoke cocktails, embodying fiery flavours. Step into the coolest culinary campfire.

Small Plate Dining in Hove

There’s a playful culinary fiesta happening at Market Restaurant, where Spanish spirit thrives in tapas and tantalising small plates. Savour a medley of traditional favourites, locally sourced meats, fish, and vegetables, all expertly crafted with Spanish flair. Vibrant flavours and textures harmonise with superb selection of Spanish wines that create a vibrant and ultimately traditional dining experience. Olé!

Overhead shot of eight assorted plates, including fish and steak and grilled vegetables. Small Plates Brighton
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Discover the culinary artistry at Fourth and Church. Small plates here offer a harmonious fusion of bold, clean flavours crafted with traditional and innovative techniques. Each dish celebrates seasonal ingredients, showcasing ingredient-led creations that are visually stunning and taste sensational. Complementing the cuisine, discover an impeccable wine list, reigning as BRAVO 2023’s Best Wine award winner.

Enjoy a sublime selection of small plates at Rockwater from the exquisite Roof Terrace setting. The Asian influence is sprinkled throughout the menu, and elevates modern European dining. You’ll find a stunning fresh fish selection, along with many great vegetarian, vegan and meat options. Now grab a cocktail or glass of fizz, round up your loved ones and make the most of that incredible view of the Brighton and Hove seafront.

For the epitome of cheese and charcuterie excellence head to Cases. The extraordinary selection of artisanal cheeses sourced from across Britain is accompanied by award-winning cured meats, delectable British pate rillette, and locally sourced breads, which have all been provided by Curds and Whey. As you explore Cases’s opulent wine cellar, revel in a vast collection from around the globe, expertly curated to complement your gastronomic grazing.

Paris Wine Bar boasts a menu of tasty small plates that’s eclectic and draws inspiration from well loved European dishes, with additional daily specials also available. Three dishes per person is about the right amount for most. However, visiting in groups gives you a chance to sample a wider selection of the tempting dishes – provided you’re with people who know how to share! 

The Farm Tavern serves delicious Eastern European inspired small plates Thursday through to Saturdays. These are the perfect accompaniment to your drinks and to share with friends. We love the sound of the Pierogi Dumplings or the Duck Breast with Sour Cherry Sauce. There’s also a dessert available which changes daily for an extra surprise. Take a seat in the cosy pub or outside on their terrace on a sunny day. Whether you’re looking for a small bite or an Eastern European feast, the choice is yours!

Tapestry, Hove’s hidden gem of a neighbourhood bar, is the ideal spot to unwind with friends over drinks and tempting small plates. Its stylish yet cosy atmosphere, and lush, plant-filled street terrace provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Crafted by renowned chef Phil Batley, the menu offers an array of tantalising options, from BBQ Ox Cheek on Flat Bread to Smoked Beetroot, Tuna Tacos, Baba Ganoush, and Pork Belly.