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The igloos at Copps Club in Brighton Square, really are a special delight. They’re seasonally transformed into art installations in their own right, festooned with flowers, candles, thick faux fur blankets or lighter throws in the summer. These are coveted spots indeed and booking in advance is absolutely necessary. If you’re planning a special outing and want somewhere really striking the Coppa Club igloos are a perennial hit. Food-wise think modern European dining from Breakfast through to the evening, add fun and very photogenic cocktails – or what better to sip while in your bubble, than bubbles?

Read about Amanda’s evening igloo dinner at The Coppa Club.

OhSo has always been more of outdoor space, sitting bang on Brighton beach, so igloos are a welcome addition, especially on those bright but not so warm days. This is a spot where you can enjoy all-day panoramic sea views between the two piers with table service for you and up to nine of your friends and family. For food, OhSo is open every day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing pairs better with the exclusive sense of being seen in your bubble than cocktails and OhSo have a superb selection to choose from. 

Parties of six or more have exclusive use of an igloo. If you’re in a smaller group you may need to share your igloo, but that’s always been the OhSo social way, and many a friendship has begun that way!

The appeal of Shelter Hall is in its diversity of offering without compromising on quality. It’s a star-studded food hall with the likes of MasterChef champion Kenny Tutt (Ox Block), bumping elbows with everybody’s favourite wingman, Lost Boys Chicken (with their concept Pan). Sup cocktails from master mixologists or coffee from banging baristas. This diversity comes with all-weather alfresco fun thanks to their horde of seafront igloos available for you to style out with food and drink of your choosing. 

Private igloo hire is for parties of two to eight people with all ordering done through the app and table service direct to your little winter wonderland.

Technically these aren’t igloos but they’re so darn cute we had to include them. The Sportsman Pub in Goddards Green has surrounded itself with a curious collection of dining shepherd huts, that looks somewhere between an upturned fishing boat and a Hobbit house. Think glamping but for dinner, with you and yours enjoying these rustic little huts, countryside views and a locally-sourced classic menu. 

The shepherd huts can accommodate up to ten guests for brunch, lunch or dinner and the whole family is welcome. 

Photo credit: Fortune of War
Photo credit: Fortune of War

The Fortune of War

The Fortune of War is one of those iconic seafront bars that attracts a solid crowd throughout the summer, spilling onto the beach in what very much resembles a four month long beer festival. The festival feel goes perennial with their winter pods, strung up with lights and pub benches and stretching out to the beach. They look such a natural part of the Fortune of War that we wonder why they never did it before. One of those cases of necessity breeds creativity, probably.

Photo credit: Brighton Music Hall
Photo credit: Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall is a popular place for live music and drinks, especially in the summer as it boasts quite an extensive stretch of beachfront seating. The current look is a little village of igloos and brightly coloured beach huts, complete with traditional deck chairs, looking out to the sun (hopefully) and sea (definitely). There are five street food vendors to choose from, a cocktail bar (in addition to the main bar) and live music from local talent.

The huts and igloos at Brighton Music Hall are free to hire at weekends. Bookings are advisable but if you’re passing and the mood and music take you, walk-ins are welcome too.