Brighton just loves to brunch!

Want to know your favourite spot for an early morning snack or a gut busting hangover feed? Friendly welcome compulsory. Brunch is the best way to accomplish three things; meet friends, drink before noon and get up after 11; you dined on eggs and threw back mimosas all in the name of research – this is what you found out.

BRAVO to your favourite Brighton and Hove brunch spots from the Brighton Restaurant Awards in 2018.

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1st place
Either the determination of the masses was high or their allure was great, either way you look at it Starfish and Coffee had to do battle with some pretty formidable hills to win your rewards. Step aside Muesli Mountain, the Brunch Beacon is here.
2nd place
If your breakfast menu runs to two pages and is a matrix of dishes and sizes you deserve this award. For the second year running Joe's cafe has lured in the hungry hordes and sent them forth full of praise and belly.
3rd place
Centrally located with not a hill in sight, Moksha is family run and family friendly. Moksha are big on organic, free range and local produce, you gave these green thinkers a green light.
Best Brunch Brighton Black Mocha
7th place

Black Mocha

Cafe Rust Brighton. welcome brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
13th place


Marmalade Best Tea and Cake Brighton restaurant awards BRAVO
17th place