The Lanes Brighton – Iconic & Historic

The Lanes Brighton are one of the city’s most iconic and popular tourist attractions and should not be confused with the North Laine Brighton.

Pictured: Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton’s Lanes

Based around a series of spectacular twisting alleys, The Lanes are what used to be the hub of old Brighton (Brighthelm), when it used to be an old fishing village by the sea.

Plateau. sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
Pictured: Plateau Restaurant

Twittens and Catcreeps – The Lanes Brighton

The twisty and narrow series of passages were once the heart of the historic fishing village of Brighthelmstone, that eventually grew to become the vibrant and colourful city we now know and love.

Donatello's Brighton

The series of twittens and catcreeps are packed with boutique shops and art galleries that make up some of the best shopping in the area.

Hotel Du Vin, Ship St Brighton

Obviously, shopping is tiring work, and The Lanes has the answer for this with a number of great pubs, cafés and restaurants for thirsty shoppers to stop at.

Acclaimed Restaurants

Among these is the city’s most highly acclaimed restaurant 64 Degrees, and one of the country’s top vegetarian restaurants Terre a Terre

Terre A Terre - Winners of Plant Champions 2019

Moshimo is also an amazing venue to look out for, voted as one of Brighton’s most sustainable restaurants and the cities most popular Japanese restaurant. For relaxed dining and drinking, with an emphasis on low yield and organic wines try modern French bistro Plateau.

Moshimo, Japanese Restaurant, Brighton, Vegan Review, Outside

Other highlights in the area include French restaurant Petit Pois, Chinese restaurant Gars, Indian food from Curry Leaf Café Brighton, Indian Summer and delicious food from Italian restaurant Donatello.

Petit Pois Brighton

Vibrant and Diverse – The Lanes Brighton

The Lanes are a vibrant and diverse area of the city that locals and tourists flock to on a daily basis. Their appeal is clear to see, and many an hour can be spent browsing the shops and galleries or just taking in the atmosphere of this historic location.

Inside Coffee Trading Post Roasters Restaurants Brighton

For this reason, they are also a great place to sit back and watch the world go by.

Lunch in Brighton - The Coal Shed exterior Brighton

Everyone likes to indulge in a spot of people watching, and the Lanes Brighton are a superb place to do this. Much like the rest of Brighton, the area is blessed with a number of cafés such as The Trading Post Café or Lost in the Lanes where a coffee and quick bite to eat can be enjoyed with friends whilst watching the world go by. If you’re after arguably the best burger restaurant in Brighton then we introduce Honest Burgers and The Coal Shed for award-winning steaks (voted 31st best steak in the world in 2019).

Honest Burgers Brighton street seating

Brighton’s Lanes at Night

In the evening the area takes on a new persona. Gone are the shoppers and sightseers and in their place you will find revellers enjoying a night out, moving from pub to bar through the twittens and alleyways.

Alleyway to Twisted Lemon Brighton

When the sun goes down you can get a real feel for the area, the change in light brings out a new and exciting character that enhances any evening out. Many great pubs can be located within the Lanes, each with their own rich history and feel. The Black Lion is a popular spot day and night, the same can be said of the neighbouring pub The Cricketers which is a real slice of Brighton history. For sizeable lively venues The Mesmerist and Bohemia offer multiple floors, roof terraces and live music. For something a little more refined Hotel Du Vin can all be found in the historic Brighton Lanes. For those on the hunt for the hidden gems of a city, then Twisted Lemon cocktail bar is the spot for you, hidden down an almost completely missable passageway it’s a really popular spot for locals in the know about where to find great cocktails at affordable prices!

Cricketers, Black Lion Street, Brighton Pub - The Lanes Brighton

Cultural, Shopping or Pleasure

Any visit to Brighton must take in the Lanes as one of its highlights. Whether the purpose of your visit is cultural, shopping or pleasure; you will certainly be able to find something of interest here. The area is as iconic as Brighton Pier or the Pavilion, and with such a variety of shops, restaurants and eateries on offer it is a reflection of the city in one small area of narrow alleys and cobbled walkways.

Things to do in Brighton - the lanes brighton - Royal Pavilion