Celebrate the Weekend

There’s nothing like going for Brunch on a Saturday morning to celebrate the arrival of the weekend. Like most people, my weekends are so precious I always feel the urge to mark it in some way, and usually this involves food in one way or another.

When I ask my Mum if she fancied joining me for a sophisticated ‘brunch’ in the lovely little village of Lindfield, she jumped at the chance. Neither of us have ever been to ‘Limes Restaurant & Rooms’ before, having only ever driven through Lindfield on occasion.

flower at Limes of Lindfield

As it says in the name, Limes is not only a place to eat, but a place to sleep too. We didn’t quite know where we were going, but with no Wi-Fi on my phone, we relied on the hope that it was a small village and we would see it. Luckily for our hungry, enthusiastic appetites, we did. The outside looks classy but understated. Sandwiched in between lots of little boutiques and bakeries, it had a lovely cosy, country feel about it already. The bay windows at the front are inviting, beckoning you in.

Mum Knows Best

We were sat at a table in the corner by a wall made from brick and grey cement. Simple but effective. My Mum was impressed and rather smug as she had just been arguing with my brother about a similar feature he wanted in his house, persuading him that grey cement would look better than white. In my experience my Mum is right about everything.

Interior at Limes of Lindfield

The breakfast menu (come on, we all know that brunch is just a fancy Americanised word for a late breakfast!), had a good selection ranging from smaller, lighter breakfasts to hearty ‘proper’ feeds. Obligatory for any potential ‘brunch’ venue it also included the sweeter American style breakfasts: pancakes, waffles and French toast.

Our eyes and our smiles got bigger.

Great Choice

The friendly waitress came over and offered us juice and coffee. Freshly squeezed orange juice? Yes please. Despite being extremely healthy it felt decadent and a real treat. And definitely more ‘brunchy’. I also had a cappuccino, and as my first coffee of the day, it was heavenly.

flat white at limes of lindfield

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted to eat, as soon as my eyes fell on the breakfast which included ‘bubble and squeak.’ Bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, bubble and squeak and spinach. This was my ideal breakfast and not something you often see on a menu. My Mum decided to go for the smoked salmon and scrambled egg. Another favourite. We agreed before we made our choices that we must choose something different so that we can swap and try a bit of each other’s. It’s an unwritten rule in our family.

Comfortable Atmosphere

While we were waiting for our food we sat back and took in our surroundings. Other guests included a young couple and a more elderly trio. It wasn’t easy to tell who were overnight guests or just ‘brunchers’ like my Mum and I. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. This may have been the soft, jazzy music playing, the natural décor of the wood flooring and stylishly worn brown leather furnishings. Or it may have been the fact the staff struck just the right balance between friendly and unobtrusive. The beautiful old bay window at the front of the restaurant had heavy deep red curtains hanging, giving the feel of home. Another thing I liked was that unlike many restaurants at this time of day, you couldn’t hear any clangs and crashes made by the staff in the kitchen.

Exterior at Limes of Lindfield

Generous Portions

When our food came we were both very happy. The portions were generous and everything looked vibrant and fresh. The bacon was thick and meaty, the eggs were bright orange and the spinach a glossy green. The bubble and squeak was absolutely delicious. You could tell the produce was locally sourced. Mum’s salmon tasted beautiful and very fresh and laid on a generous mound of scrambled egg on top of chewy brown buttery toast.

Limes of Lindfield salmon and eggs

After having tried each other’s and finished off the last morsels, we both felt very satisfied. However, another ‘unwritten rule’ in our family, is to always finish off a cooked breakfast with something sweet. My Mum usually goes for marmalade on toast or a biscuit. But as this was a treat and we were celebrating the weekend, we decided to go for some pancakes. Please don’t judge us, and I know it’s greedy but sometimes it just has to be done.

Brunch at Limes of Lindfield

Sweet Ending

The blueberry pancakes came out as a beautiful golden mound of 4 wedges. They were the thick American style rather than crepe style French and came with a little jug of maple syrup on the side. As always, eyes too big for our bellies, we could only eat one wedge each. But what a perfectly sweet way to end a beautiful brunch and start the weekend.

Limes of Lindfield pancakes

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