Meet Apostolos Tanakas, Sous Chef, Browns Brighton

Originating from Greece I am extremely passionate about food. There are some many different flavours and textures that I enjoy collaborating with and I find my job very exciting. Being a chef has its difficulties, i.e. long hours, however the rewards exceed all effects and I am lucky to be able to work in an industry that I love.

Sous Chef Apostolos Tanakas Browns Brasserie

How Would You Describe Your Style Of Food?

At home I cook authentic Greek inspired dishes. At work my style is British Brassiere.

How Did You Come To Be Working In Brighton?

I have travelled all over the world cooking in many different restaurants. I was working at Browns Mayfair in London and transferred the Browns Brighton for a new challenge in a new area and I do not regret it one bit…. Brighton is a fantastic place.

What Is Your Signature Dish?

I am extremely passionate about all foods and I hope every dish I present has my “signature” of approval. If not…. it doesn’t leave my kitchen.

Where Do You Go To Eat On Your Night Off?

Being a chef it is very difficult to get nights off most of the time and when I do I love nothing more than cooking at home with my family. Being a vegetarian I have visited many restaurants in Brighton who have offered fantastic selections to cater to my needs.

Did You Cook When You Were Growing Up, If So Who Inspired You?

My Mum has always been my inspiration. Original recipes from my mum’s kitchen are still in my head and I use then all the time.

Dessert puddings at Browns Restaurant Brighton

Best Piece Of Advice You Would Give A Home Enthusiast?

Experiment with flavours and dishes you like to eat and create your own “cook book” to pass on to your families and loved ones. Food is a fantastic way to bring families together.

What Is Your Guilty Food Pleasure?

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us About?

With the new menu launch for this summer at Browns I really look forward to you all coming in and trying our new dishes as well as our improved “Browns classics”. Also the NEW pre-theatre menu being served Mon-Thur 4pm – 7pm is a huge hit in Brighton so don’t miss out.

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