Why do we love Baqueano in Brighton so much?

Newbies on the block, Baqueano in Brighton are paving the way with experimental yet authentic, homemade Argentine cooking in Brighton.

From their family-led team to their Argentine cocktails, these are the reasons we love Baqueano in Brighton so much.

Meet the family… they are the husband, wife, son and daughter team who run Baqueano Brighton. Originally from Córdoba having moved to the UK in 2015, it had been a dream of Adriana and Jorge to open a restaurant welcoming each guest to enjoy the true spirit of Argentina. This you certainly do, as everything from the service to the atmosphere transports you across the globe to South America.

Well known amongst foodies, the tender and flavourful meat produced in Argentina is the only beef you will find on the menu at Baqueano Brighton. Grass-fed on endless fertile flat lands named Las Pampas that thrive in the Argentine climate, the beef produced here contains more omega-3 and is, therefore, healthier for meat lovers.

Unique on the menu to Baqueano Brighton, are Entraña (skirt steak) and Mollejas (sweetbreads). Entraña is a favourite among meat lovers, who love this thin cut of meat for it’s juicy full flavourful. Lesser known, Mollejas are a delicacy in Argentina and make a delicious starter with a subtle, and almost creamy flavour with a soft texture.

Every single item on the menu at Baqueano is homemade, using fresh ingredients for the true Argentine experience. The head chef hails from Argentina itself, meaning dishes served are made with love and authenticity; it’s the next best thing to a trip to Argentina itself!

As well as their a la carte menu, a nine-course tasting menu is also on offer. Allowing guests to fully immerse into the culture and flavours of Argentina, dishes on the menu are picked to ensure guests experience a true taste of the country well known globally for its food.

No good meal is complete without a fantastic glass of wine. Thoughtfully chosen by Adriana and Jorge themselves, the wine list features bottles from all the popular regions renowned for winemaking, including Patagonia, Cuyo and Salta. This makes Baqueano the perfect date night for a wine enthusiast! 

Although Argentina is well known for its wine, a thought must be spared for the cocktails too. A small but well put together menu features Fernet con cola, Clarito and Cynar Julep, well worth a try if you have a taste for the stronger stuff.

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