Tips For BRAVO Promotion

The Restaurants Brighton team have put together the following marketing and promotional ideas so you can make the most out of the 2019 Brighton Restaurant Awards.

PROMOTE FROM 28th JAN– Not before as the BRAVO site is inactive for voting until then

FOCUS YOUR CATEGORIES – We recommend choosing a maximum of two or three of our 16 BRAVO categories to focus on – this keeps things simple rather, than your customers votes being diluted across too many categories. View the categories here.

BRAVO ONLINE GRAPHICS – PLEASE USE! Head over to this page to discover what artwork we have put together for you including BRAVO animations, posters, videos, logos, photos and more.

USE YOUR DEDICATED URL – From Monday onwards make sure you use your specific venue url so you can send people straight to YOUR voting page. For example

BE CONSISTENT – Keep posting, reposting or reinventing posts and reminding your customers to vote for you. The more consistently you encourage voting, the more votes you will receive. Post daily across all your social channels until 10th March 2019.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Engage with your followers. Not everyone who loves your venue will be visiting within the 6 week voting period. Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linked In where possible – wherever you have an audience!

TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – Let people know what the BRAVO awards are all about and why it is they should vote for you.

YOUR CUSTOMERS CAN WIN! – Tell your customers about all the prizes they could win when they vote, including a £200 first prize.

EMAIL MARKETING  – Put together a newsletter, mentioning the BRAVO awards and encourage voting from people who have signed up to hear your news!

#BRAVO2019 – Use this year’s hashtag when posting on social media. This way, we can create a BRAVO online community and we can search for your posts and repost them to our huge social media channels!

FAQs – if something is unclear then please have a look here at our FAQs for VENUE OWNERS for more information.

GET IN TOUCH – If all else fails then please get in touch with the BRAVO team via