What do we mean by ‘Sustainable Eats’?

For the folk of Brighton sustainability is a significant issue, we introduced this category to seek out the unsung heroes whose efforts today are helping ensure a better tomorrow. Making good decisions starts with proper research; we wanted to know who was making a serious effort to make positive changes.

Harvey’s Brewery sponsors the Sustainable East category in the 2019 BRAVOs. Here are your winners for the Brighton sustainability champions.

1st place

Ten years ago Moshimo used their position as one of Brighton’s most popular restaurants to create two high profile sustainability campaigns, Fishlove and The Great Moshimo Vegan Challenge. Their placement as Most Sustainable Restaurant in the inaugural year of this category shows the level of impact that they have achieved and recognises their unceasing commitment to our ocean’s future.

2nd place

The world’s first zero-waste restaurant, Silo, proved that sustainability could be a functional business model. Silo has been introducing us to fantastic fermentations and edgy-eco cuisine within a stylish setting since 2014, well earning them this recognition in the BRAVOs. *UPDATE* Silo have now relocated their restaurant to London since July 2019.

3rd place

By intercepting perfectly good food destined for landfill and serving it to communities on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis, The Real Junk Food Project represented so many aspects of what sustainability meant to you. Changing attitudes towards food waste, creating communities and supporting the city’s hungry all made you believe in a better future through positive changes.

infinity foods. sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
7th place

Infinity Foods Kitchen

Perch on Lancing Beach, sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
8th place

Perch on Lancing Beach

Cafe Eden. sustainable Brighton. Brighton Restaurant Awards
11th place

Cafe Eden

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